Bijou Phillips Responds to Husband Danny Masterson’s 30-Year Prison Sentence (Exclusive)

Bijou Phillips, wife of TV star Danny Masterson, has responded to her husband’s recent 30-year prison sentence for rape. In exclusive video footage obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Bijou can be seen leaving the LA Superior Courthouse shortly after the sentencing took place. The 47-year-old actor, known for his role in That ’70s Show, received the maximum sentence for raping two ex-scientologists in the early 2000s. Despite the solemn atmosphere, Bijou remained stoic throughout the entire sentencing, keeping her sunglasses on. It was a packed courtroom, requiring tickets for entry, and Masterson’s famous family, including his younger brother Chris and his mother Carol, were present. The victims were also given the opportunity to address Masterson directly, with one stating, “You relish in hurting women; it is your addiction. But I forgive you.” Despite the emotional toll, Bijou managed to speak with Leah Remini, a vocal advocate for the victims, who shared her support and highlighted the challenging journey to justice. Additionally, Oscar winner Kevin Costner made headlines today as he scored a victory in his custody battle with his estranged wife Christine. A judge sanctioned Christine, ordering her to reimburse Kevin for more than $14,000 in fees he incurred during the discovery phase. The legal war between the couple is set to continue with a hearing scheduled for September 20th. While it is undoubtedly a challenging situation, it is the reality they are currently facing.

Bijou Phillips Responds to Husband Danny Masterson’s 30-Year Prison Sentence (Exclusive)

Bijou Phillips Responds to Husband Danny Masterson’s 30-Year Prison Sentence (Exclusive)

The recent news of Danny Masterson’s sentencing to 30 years to life in prison has shocked and saddened many, including his wife Bijou Phillips. As the exclusive video obtained by Entertainment Tonight shows, Phillips had a solemn appearance as she left the LA Superior Courthouse just moments after the sentence was handed down. Let’s delve into the background information surrounding this case and explore Phillips’ reaction in more detail.

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Background Information

Danny Masterson, known for his role in “That ’70s Show,” has been sentenced to serve 30 years to life in prison for his heinous crimes of raping two ex-Scientologists in the early 2000s. This sentence, handed down by the court, reflects the seriousness of his actions and serves as a strong deterrent to future perpetrators.

Bijou Phillips, Masterson’s wife, was present at the sentencing, accompanied by her famous family, including actor Chris Masterson and her mother Carol. The courtroom was packed with spectators, and the demand was so high that tickets were required for entry. Bijou’s demeanour throughout the entire process was somber, as evidenced by her solemn appearance while entering the courtroom.

Bijou Phillips’ Solemn Appearance

As Bijou Phillips made her way into the courtroom, she chose to keep her sunglasses on, perhaps to shield herself from the prying eyes and media attention surrounding her husband’s trial. This decision shows her desire to maintain some level of privacy during this difficult time.

Throughout the sentencing, Bijou remained silent, a testament to the immense emotional strain she must be experiencing. It is undoubtedly a challenging situation for her, grappling with the knowledge of her husband’s appalling acts and the gravity of the consequences he now faces.

The Emotions in the Courtroom

The victims of Masterson’s crimes were given the opportunity to address him directly in court, sharing their heartbreaking experiences and expressing their pain and anger. One victim accused Masterson of relishing in hurting women, describing it as his addiction. Despite the profound suffering they have endured, one victim shockingly concluded her statement with forgiveness towards Masterson. This act of forgiveness speaks to the complexity of human emotions and the capacity to heal and move forward.

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Leah Remini’s Struggle for Justice

Leah Remini, a vocal supporter of the victims, was seen outside the courtroom offering her support. Remini has been an outspoken critic of the Church of Scientology, of which Masterson and his alleged victims are connected. As an ex-member herself, Remini previously filed a lawsuit against the organization and has since hosted a docu-series aiming to reveal the church’s secrets to the public.

Remini’s journey to seek justice for the victims has been arduous and emotionally draining. She has faced significant challenges in her pursuit of truth, highlighting the difficulties inherent in confronting powerful individuals and organizations. Her presence at the trial is a testament to her unwavering commitment to providing support and amplifying the voices of those who have suffered.

Leah Remini and Scientology

Leah Remini’s status as a Scientology foe adds another layer of complexity to this case. Her previous legal action against the Church of Scientology indicates her determination to shine a light on the organization’s alleged misconduct and bring accountability to those responsible. Through her docu-series, she has provided a platform for survivors to share their stories and expose what she contends are the secrets and abuses of the church.

Updates on Kevin Costner’s Custody Battle

Away from the courtroom drama surrounding Danny Masterson’s sentencing, Kevin Costner finds himself embroiled in an ongoing custody battle with his estranged wife, Christine. Recent developments in the case have favored Costner, with a judge ruling in his favor. The judge ordered Christine to reimburse Kevin for over fourteen thousand dollars in fees incurred during the discovery phase of the legal proceedings.

Despite this positive outcome, the custody battle continues to pose challenges for both parties involved. With the upcoming hearing regarding legal fees, the contentious dispute between Costner and Christine remains unresolved.

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Costner’s Reaction to the Outcome

Kevin Costner, after the court’s decision in his favor, released a statement expressing his gratitude for the judge’s ruling. However, he acknowledges the ongoing challenges of the custody battle and the emotional toll it takes on all parties involved. Custody battles, particularly those involving public figures, have a way of intensifying emotions and drawing increased scrutiny from the media and the public.


The severity of Danny Masterson’s sentence serves as a powerful reminder that justice will be served, no matter the fame or notoriety of the perpetrator. The impact of his crimes extends beyond the courtroom to the lives of his wife, Bijou Phillips, and their family. It is undoubtedly a painful and difficult time for them as they navigate the aftermath of this trial.

Support for the victims and their healing process should remain at the forefront of our attention. By providing a platform for survivors to share their stories and fostering an environment of empathy and understanding, we can contribute to their journey towards healing and justice.

The presence of Leah Remini and her unwavering support for the victims highlight the importance of allies in the pursuit of justice. Her efforts to expose alleged misconduct within the Church of Scientology have shed light on this organization’s practices and given a voice to those who may have otherwise remained unheard.

As the legal battles surrounding Danny Masterson and Kevin Costner continue, it is crucial to remember that justice is a complex and ongoing process. Whether it be seeking accountability for heinous acts or resolving custody disputes, the legal system plays a crucial role in upholding the principles of fairness and equity in our society.

In conclusion, the case of Danny Masterson’s sentencing serves as a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice. It highlights the importance of standing with survivors, holding individuals accountable for their actions, and shedding light on alleged abuses within influential organizations. As we move forward, let us remember the gravity of these events and the significance of justice being served.

Bijou Phillips Responds to Husband Danny Masterson’s 30-Year Prison Sentence (Exclusive)