Causing Mass Pokémon Extinction | How To Destroy

“Causing Mass Pokémon Extinction | How To Destroy” is a video created by GameSpot that explores different strategies to cause the extinction or separation of Pokémon from human life. The article outlines three unique options: Option A involves triggering a meteor impact similar to the one that ended the age of dinosaurs, Option B focuses on using the powers of legendary Pokémon to devolve all wild Pokémon into their pre-embryonic form, and Option C aims to weaponize the ideology of Team Plasma to drive Pokémon out of cities and towns. The article encourages readers to share their thoughts and suggestions on improving these strategies or proposing their own methods of destruction.

Good evening, if you are reading this file, it means that all Pokémon have been marked for destruction. The article provides three different strategies that can potentially lead to their extinction. Option A involves causing a meteor impact, Option B suggests using the powers of legendary Pokémon to devolve all wild Pokémon, and Option C focuses on utilizing the ideology of Team Plasma to separate humanity from Pokémon. The article encourages readers to contribute their own ideas and strategies in the comments section, emphasizing the importance of working together to achieve this goal.

Option A: Deep Impact

Triggering a Meteor Impact

Are you ready for the ultimate spectacle? Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of a meteor hurtling towards Earth, igniting the night sky in a blaze of fiery destruction. Well, with Option A, you can make this heart-stopping scenario a reality. The first step on this incredible journey is to trigger a meteor impact. But how exactly can you achieve this seemingly impossible feat?

Well, luckily for you, there are advanced tools and technologies at your disposal. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge meteor detection systems, you can track the trajectory of potential meteors. Once you have identified a suitable candidate, it’s time to set your plan in motion. With a carefully orchestrated combination of gravitational tugs and precision calculations, you can alter the trajectory of the chosen meteor, directing it towards its intended destination: Earth.

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Using the Dimensional Shifter

Now that you have successfully initiated a meteor’s descent towards Earth, it’s time to take things to the next level. Enter the Dimensional Shifter, a revolutionary device that allows you to bend the fabric of space and time. This extraordinary technology offers unparalleled control over celestial bodies, enabling you to manipulate their paths and destinations with astonishing precision.

By employing the Dimensional Shifter, you can fine-tune the meteor’s trajectory, ensuring it hits its desired target with absolute accuracy. Whether you have a specific location in mind or wish to create a widespread impact, this incredible device will grant you the power to make it happen.

Seizing Control of the Space Center

With the meteor’s path expertly charted and the Dimensional Shifter in hand, it’s time to make your move and seize control of the Space Center. This crucial step will grant you access to a vast array of resources and expertise needed to execute your plan flawlessly. Take command of the mission control room, rally the brilliant minds of scientists and engineers to your cause, and watch as your grand vision unfolds.

But how can you possibly achieve such a feat? Well, it will require a combination of cunning, resourcefulness, and a touch of subterfuge. Blend in with the staff, gain their trust, and slowly but surely, make your way towards the heart of the operation. Once you have established your authority, you can then issue the necessary instructions to ensure the successful implementation of your apocalyptic plan.

Causing Mass Pokémon Extinction | How To Destroy

Option B: De-Evolution

Capturing Legendary Pokémon

Ready to embark on a journey that defies the boundaries of reality? Option B offers you the chance to capture legendary Pokémon, mythical creatures of unimaginable power and prestige. Catching these elusive creatures will not only grant you dominion over an unparalleled force but also provide you with the tools necessary to execute your de-evolution plan.

However, capturing legendary Pokémon requires more than just luck and determination. You must possess an unwavering spirit, unparalleled skill as a trainer, and an understanding of the intricate lore and legends surrounding these extraordinary beings. Marked by their extraordinary abilities and unmatched strength, legendary Pokémon will test your mettle and push you to your utmost limits. But fear not, for with perseverance and a well-honed strategy, capturing these awe-inspiring creatures will be within your grasp.

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Creating a Red Chain

Now that you have successfully captured legendary Pokémon, it is time to channel their power and forge a Red Chain. The Red Chain, an ancient artifact of untold power, has the ability to manipulate the fabric of reality itself. With this mighty tool in your possession, the limits of what can be achieved are shattered, opening up a world of endless possibilities.

The creation of a Red Chain requires the fusion of the captured legendary Pokémon’s energy with ancient, sacred materials. This intricate process demands the utmost care and precision. One wrong step, and the potential power of the Red Chain could remain forever out of reach. So, trust in your abilities as a trainer, respect the ancient traditions, and unlock the true might that lies within this extraordinary artifact.

Devolving Pokémon into Eggs

With the Red Chain forged, you now possess the means to execute your de-evolution plan. By harnessing the immense power of the Red Chain, you can revert Pokémon back to their pre-evolutionary states, effectively devolving them. This process strips them of their advanced abilities and powers, reducing them to mere eggs waiting to be hatched anew.

Unleashing the power of the Red Chain onto the Pokémon world will be an awe-inspiring sight to behold. As the Pokémon undergo their transformation, their strength and capabilities will diminish, leaving them vulnerable and defenseless. Your control over this process will shape the future of the Pokémon world, as creatures once revered for their power are reduced to their humble beginnings.

Causing Mass Pokémon Extinction | How To Destroy

Option C: C Is for Cult

Weaponizing Team Plasma’s Ideology

In Option C, you have the opportunity to weaponize the ideology of Team Plasma, a notorious Pokémon cult. Team Plasma’s passionate beliefs center around the liberation of Pokémon from human control and exploitation. By harnessing their fervor and charismatic leaders, you can seamlessly integrate their ideology into your plan for world domination.

The power of Team Plasma lies not only in their persuasive rhetoric but also in their unwavering dedication to their cause. Their ability to sway hearts and minds is unparalleled, making them the perfect ally in your quest for control. By adopting their message and utilizing their influence, you can mobilize a vast network of followers who will stop at nothing to spread your dark influence.

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Driving Home the Message

To ensure the success of your cult takeover, it is vital to drive the message of Team Plasma deep into the hearts and minds of the general populace. Through carefully crafted propaganda campaigns, you can manipulate public opinion and fuel the flames of unrest and dissent. Whether it be through stirring speeches, compelling writings, or captivating multimedia productions, the goal remains the same: to instill fear and doubt in the existing power structures.

To solidify your hold over the masses, it is crucial to target the vulnerable, the disillusioned, and those yearning for change. Craft your messaging to resonate with these demographics, offering promises of a brighter future and a better life under your rule. By capitalizing on their vulnerabilities and manipulating their emotions, you will create an army of devoted followers who will stop at nothing to ensure your success.

Creating Propaganda and Staged Events

Propaganda and staged events are powerful tools when used strategically. By skillfully manipulating the truth, amplifying fears, and distorting reality, you can mold public perception to align with your nefarious intentions. With skilled propagandists at your side, you can craft intricate narratives that shift the balance of power in your favor.

Staged events play a vital role in this strategy, allowing you to create defining moments that shape public opinion. Organize high-profile incidents that highlight the need for change and exhibit the vulnerabilities of the existing power structures. These events will ignite outrage and discontent, further fueling the cult’s influence and solidifying your grip on power.

Causing Mass Pokémon Extinction | How To Destroy


Whether your ambition lies in triggering a meteor impact, devolving Pokémon, or establishing a cult, each option offers a unique path to world domination. With careful planning, resourcefulness, and a dash of creativity, you can turn your wildest fantasies into reality. But remember, this article is purely for imaginative fun, and bringing any of these options into the real world would have catastrophic consequences. So, enjoy the thrill of these scenarios from the comfort of your own imagination!

This week, you will be learning about three unique strategies that can cause mass Pokémon extinction or effectively separate them from human life. Feel free to provide feedback on how you would enhance and adjust our approach, or share your own methods of destruction in the comments section below.


Causing Mass Pokémon Extinction | How To Destroy