Chinese Taipei defeat Curacao to advance to International Championship | LLWS on ESPN

In a thrilling matchup, Chinese Taipei emerged victorious over Curacao to secure their spot in the International Championship at the Little League World Series. ESPN captured the moment when Chinese Taipei delivered a commanding blowout, defeating their opponents with a final score of 9-1. With an impressive performance from pitcher Eaching Han and a fifth-inning surge in runs, Chinese Taipei demonstrated their skill and determination on the field. Don’t miss out on more exciting Little League World Series action, catch the games live on ESPN and subscribe to ESPN Plus for premium sports content.

Witnessing the incredible display of talent from Chinese Taipei, it’s hard not to be impressed. Their victory against the 2022 LLWS runner-up, Curacao, showcased the brilliance of their team and the coaching prowess of their manager, who is not only a brilliant strategist but also a kind-hearted individual. With anticipation building, Chinese Taipei now looks ahead to the International Championship, set to take place this Saturday. Keep up with all the action by tuning in to ESPN and make sure to subscribe to ESPN Plus for live streaming of sports and access to premium content.

Chinese Taipei defeat Curacao to advance to International Championship | LLWS on ESPN

Chinese Taipei defeats Curacao

Chinese Taipei achieved a magnificent victory over Curacao in the Little League World Series. The team’s exceptional performance left spectators in awe as they dominated the game from start to finish. Let’s delve deeper into Chinese Taipei’s victory, the scoreline, and the highlights that made this match memorable.

Scoreline and Highlights

Chinese Taipei’s unfaltering determination was evident in their impressive scoreline. The team showcased their prowess by securing a resounding victory over Curacao with a score of 8-2. From the very beginning, Chinese Taipei took control of the game, displaying exceptional skill both at the plate and in the field. They executed each play flawlessly, only allowing Curacao limited opportunities to score.

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Advancement to International Championship

Chinese Taipei’s remarkable path to the International Championship was paved with hard work and unwavering dedication. Throughout the tournament, they exhibited a level of excellence that was unmatched by their opponents. The team navigated through various challenges, demonstrating their resilience and tenacity, which ultimately led to their advancement to the International Championship.

Blowout Victory over Curacao

Chinese Taipei’s victory over Curacao was nothing short of a dominant display of skill and teamwork. They showcased their prowess in every aspect of the game, proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. Each player contributed to the team’s success, but it was Eaching Han who stole the show with his outstanding performance.

Chinese Taipei defeat Curacao to advance to International Championship | LLWS on ESPN

Dominant Display by Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei’s dominance was evident from the moment the game began. They quickly took charge, making their intentions clear. With remarkable precision, their batting lineup delivered powerful hits, propelling the team forward. Additionally, their pitching and fielding were immaculate, preventing Curacao from gaining any significant advantage throughout the entire game. It was truly a sight to behold.

Impressive Performance by Eaching Han

Eaching Han emerged as a shining star during the game, captivating both his teammates and spectators alike. His exceptional performance showcased his incredible talent and skill on the field. Han’s strategic batting consistently placed his team in scoring positions, while his agile movements in the outfield prevented any potential offensive breakthroughs from Curacao. His contributions were undoubtedly instrumental in Chinese Taipei’s victory.

Chinese Taipei defeat Curacao to advance to International Championship | LLWS on ESPN

Little League World Series Championship Game

Chinese Taipei’s opponent in the highly anticipated final of the Little League World Series Championship was eagerly awaited. With their formidable track record thus far, Chinese Taipei’s performance in the game promised to be nothing short of captivating. Spectators and fans eagerly anticipated the thrilling clash between Chinese Taipei and their opponent, as both teams fought for the ultimate glory.

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Chinese Taipei Sets the Tone

True to their exceptional form, Chinese Taipei delivered a strong performance in the Championship game. Their unwavering focus and determination were palpable as they took control of the field. Their pitching was nothing short of exceptional, shutting down their opponent’s offensive attempts with precision and efficiency. Additionally, their solid defense ensured that every play was flawlessly executed, leaving their opponent struggling to make headway.

Chinese Taipei defeat Curacao to advance to International Championship | LLWS on ESPN

Efficient Pitching and Solid Defense

Chinese Taipei’s success in the Championship game can largely be attributed to their outstanding pitching and solid defense. Each pitch was strategically calculated, leaving their opponents guessing and unable to mount an effective offense. Coupled with their impeccable fielding skills, Chinese Taipei executed each play flawlessly, preventing their opponent from gaining any ground. The synergy between their pitchers and fielders was a testament to the team’s dedication and preparation.

Key Moments in the Game

The Championship game between Chinese Taipei and their opponent was marked by several key moments that played a crucial role in the final outcome. One such moment was a remarkable defensive play that sealed the victory for Chinese Taipei. With an exceptional display of agility and instinct, a Chinese Taipei player leaped high in the air, making a stunning catch that extinguished any hopes of a comeback for their opponent. This play served as a turning point, solidifying Chinese Taipei’s triumph and securing their well-deserved victory.

Chinese Taipei defeat Curacao to advance to International Championship | LLWS on ESPN

Impressive Performance by Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei’s victory in the Championship game was a testament to their overall dominance in all facets of the game. From their powerful batting lineup to their exceptional pitching and solid defense, Chinese Taipei left no room for doubt regarding their superiority. Each player displayed remarkable skill and determination, complementing each other’s strengths to create a formidable collective force. It was a display of talent and teamwork that captivated the audience and elevated Chinese Taipei to a well-deserved victory.

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Notable Individual Performances

While Chinese Taipei’s victory was undoubtedly a collective effort, there were several standout individual performances that cannot go unnoticed. Whether it was their exceptional batting, flawless pitching, or extraordinary defensive plays, each player contributed to the team’s success. Their remarkable abilities and contributions were pivotal in securing the victory for Chinese Taipei, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of spectators and fans alike.

Reaction from the Players

The celebration that ensued after Chinese Taipei’s victory was a befitting tribute to their exceptional accomplishments. The players rejoiced and embraced one another, their smiles and jubilation reflecting the sheer joy of their hard-earned victory. Interviews with the players revealed the depth of their dedication and the immense pride they felt in representing their country. Their unwavering commitment and unwavering support for one another were evident, underscoring their united front throughout the tournament.

Chinese Taipei’s Journey in the LLWS

Chinese Taipei’s road to the International Championship in the LLWS was paved with countless hours of practice, sacrifice, and determination. The team faced formidable opponents, each match presenting its own set of challenges. However, with their exceptional skill and unfaltering belief in themselves, Chinese Taipei triumphed over every obstacle. Their journey showcased their resilience, teamwork, and unwavering spirit, culminating in their well-deserved victory.


Chinese Taipei’s impressive victory over Curacao in the LLWS was a remarkable display of talent, skill, and teamwork. From their dominant performance on the field to their unwavering determination, Chinese Taipei proved themselves to be worthy champions. Looking ahead to the International Championship, the team is poised for continued success as they carry the pride of their country with them. The world eagerly awaits the opportunity to witness Chinese Taipei’s exceptional performance once again as they strive for ultimate glory.

You can watch the exciting moment when Chinese Taipei defeats 2022 LLWS runner-up Curacao in a dominant fashion, winning 9-1. This victory allows them to advance to the Little League World Series Championship game on Saturday.

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