Christine Costner Says Luxury Is in Her Kids’ DNA Amid Divorce From Kevin Costner

In the midst of a contentious child support hearing between Christine Costner and Kevin Costner, Christine makes an assertion that luxury is inherently woven into the DNA of their children. As the couple navigates their divorce, challenging questions and financial matters arise. Kevin, who took the stand, appeared composed and calm despite being grilled about his finances. Christine, on the other hand, claims to be financially broke and unable to afford groceries for their three children. She is requesting over $160,000 a month in child support, citing Kevin’s former income from Yellowstone as support, even though he has since left the show. Kevin’s lawyers argue that Christine’s figures are inflated, proposing to pay just under $52,000 a month. Ultimately, the couple is at odds over the lifestyle their children should have, with Christine desiring a more luxurious experience, while Kevin maintains that their current lifestyle is not extravagant. California law does not require the lifestyles of the children with each parent to be exact duplicates, as long as the child enjoys some benefits of having a high-income father.

Christine Costner Says Luxury Is in Her Kids DNA Amid Divorce From Kevin Costner

Day Two of the Costner child support hearing

Kevin takes the stand and is questioned about his finances

On the second day of the Costner child support hearing, Kevin Costner took the stand to testify about his finances. According to witnesses, he appeared calm and composed during the questioning. Despite having to ask Christine’s attorney to repeat questions, Kevin maintained his charismatic demeanor. At one point, the possibility of his return to the show “Yellowstone” was mentioned, but his lawyer shut it down, stating that it should not be considered when determining his income.

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Possible Yellowstone return is shut down by Kevin’s lawyer

When the subject of a possible return to the show “Yellowstone” came up during Kevin’s questioning, his lawyer quickly intervened and shut it down. The lawyer argued that the potential return should not be factored into Kevin’s income for the purposes of determining child support. This decision by the lawyer indicates that Kevin’s legal team is focused on presenting an accurate picture of his current financial situation.

Christine claims to be broke and asks for $160,000 a month

Christine testifies about her financial situation

During her testimony, Christine claimed to be broke and expressed uncertainty about how to afford groceries for their three children. This statement suggests that Christine is seeking financial support from Kevin to meet the needs of their children. Her testimony highlights the importance of the ongoing child support hearing in determining a fair amount of financial assistance.

Her accountant claims Kevin will still earn $730,000 after paying her

According to Christine’s accountant, even after paying her requested monthly sum of just over $160,000, Kevin will still earn around $730,000. This figure suggests that Kevin’s income is substantial and can comfortably accommodate the child support payment. However, it is important to note that Kevin’s lawyers argue that these figures are inflated and may not accurately reflect his normal earnings.

Christine Costner Says Luxury Is in Her Kids DNA Amid Divorce From Kevin Costner

Analysis of Kevin’s income and child support calculations

Christine focuses on a 12-month period of high income

In her calculations, Christine primarily focuses on a specific 12-month period in which Kevin earned over a million dollars a month from his work on the show “Yellowstone.” She argues that this period should be considered when determining the appropriate amount of child support. However, Kevin disputes this, stating that the high income during that period is not indicative of his normal earnings.

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Kevin argues that it is not indicative of his normal earnings

Kevin counters Christine’s claim by arguing that the 12-month period she emphasizes does not accurately reflect his typical earnings. He asserts that his income is subject to fluctuations based on various projects and shouldn’t be solely based on a single year. This disagreement highlights the complexity of determining an appropriate amount of child support and the need for a thorough analysis of Kevin’s income over a longer period.

Debate over including certain expenses in the analysis

Another point of contention in the analysis of Kevin’s income for child support calculation is the inclusion of certain expenses. Kevin’s lawyers argue that certain expenses, possibly related to his work on “Yellowstone” or other projects, should not be included. This ongoing debate underscores the need to carefully consider all relevant financial factors to arrive at a fair child support amount.

Christine Costner Says Luxury Is in Her Kids DNA Amid Divorce From Kevin Costner

Christine plans to move into a $40,000 per month rental home

Christine shares her plans for a new residence

During her testimony, Christine revealed her plans to move into a rental home that costs $40,000 per month. This decision reflects her desire to provide a comfortable and desirable living environment for their children.

She argues it provides a comparable lifestyle for their kids

Christine contends that the new rental home will offer a comparable lifestyle to what the children were accustomed to while living with Kevin. She believes that it is important for their children to have a sense of stability and continuity in their living arrangements.

Desire for extra money for a more luxurious property

In addition to the $40,000 per month rental home, Christine expresses a desire for extra financial support to afford an even more luxurious property. She believes that providing her children with an exceptional living experience is essential and wants the child support amount to reflect that desire.

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Christine Costner Says Luxury Is in Her Kids DNA Amid Divorce From Kevin Costner

Different perspectives on the kids’ lifestyle

Christine believes luxury is in their DNA

Christine firmly believes that luxury is ingrained in their children’s DNA. She argues that their children should continue to live a life of extravagance, mirroring the lifestyle Kevin can offer. This perspective suggests that Christine places significant importance on providing their children with a high standard of living.

Kevin maintains they don’t lead an extravagant lifestyle

On the other hand, Kevin maintains that their children do not lead an extravagant lifestyle. He points out that their two older children attend public school and that the oldest drives a 15-year-old truck. These examples highlight Kevin’s belief that their children’s lives are not defined by opulence but rather by simplicity and practicality.

California law on the lifestyle of the child

In considering the perspectives of both Christine and Kevin, it is essential to understand California law regarding the lifestyle of the child. The law does not require the lifestyle of the child to be an exact duplicate of the lifestyle of either parent. Instead, the child must share in some of the benefits of having a high-income earning father. This legal aspect adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing child support hearing.

Christine Costner Says Luxury Is in Her Kids DNA Amid Divorce From Kevin Costner


The second day of the Costner child support hearing shed light on the financial situation of both Kevin and Christine. While Kevin appeared calm and composed during his questioning, Christine expressed her financial struggles and detailed her plans for a new residence. The ongoing analysis of Kevin’s income and the differing perspectives on their children’s lifestyle further complicate the determination of a fair child support amount. As the hearing continues, it is essential to carefully consider all relevant financial factors and legal considerations to reach a resolution that serves the best interests of the children involved.