Dwayne Johnson Gives MAJOR Side-Eye After Daughters PRANK HIM

In this entertaining video shared by Entertainment Tonight, Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” reveals the hilarious moment when his two daughters, Jasmine and Tiana, played a prank on him. Dwayne shared the incident on TikTok, where he humorously narrates how his little tornadoes innocently requested to borrow him for a moment. While he asked them not to put anything on his face, technically they followed his instructions. Dwayne takes the prank in stride and expresses how crucial but yet awesome the daddy-daughter relationship is, highlighting his love and dedication as a father. Although he admits to falling for these pranks, it’s all part of the joy and love he has for his girls.

With Jasmine and Tiana known for their playful sense of humor, this prank is just one of many they have pulled on their dad. From giving him makeovers to pretending he’s a girl, these two little mischief-makers keep Dwayne on his toes. Amidst the silly moments, Dwayne cherishes the time spent with his girls, confessing that being a father and daddy to them is his most important role. He wants to provide the stability and love that he may have lacked as a child, ensuring a life filled with positivity and happiness for his daughters.

Dwayne Johnson Gives MAJOR Side-Eye After Daughters PRANK HIM


In a recent TikTok video, Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” showcased his epic side-eye after being pranked by his daughters, seven-year-old Jasmine and five-year-old Tiana. The video quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of fans and highlighting the precious and humorous moments shared between a father and his daughters. This article will delve into the details of the prank, Dwayne’s reaction, and the significance of the daddy-daughter relationship.

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Dwayne’s TikTok Video

Dwayne Johnson took to TikTok to share a hilarious video capturing the aftermath of his daughters’ prank. In the video, he lovingly referred to his daughters as “little tornadoes” and expressed his disbelief at their innocent request to borrow him for just a moment. Dwayne’s charismatic personality shone through as he playfully teased his daughters about not putting anything on his face, even though technically they did listen to his instructions. The video showcased Dwayne’s ability to take pranks in stride, displaying his genuine affection and amusement towards his daughters’ mischievous antics.

The Prank

Jasmine and Tiana, known for their playful nature, decided to prank their father by pretending to be doctors and conducting a medical examination. Dwayne’s reaction to their hilarious antics was caught on camera, capturing his surprise and amusement. The clever twist in the prank involved the girls suggesting the use of a rectal thermometer, leading to Dwayne’s comedic exclamation of gratitude for their choice of instrument. The prank highlighted the lightheartedness and spontaneity of father-daughter interactions, leaving both the audience and Dwayne himself entertained.

Dwayne’s Reaction

Even though Dwayne admitted to feeling like a fool for continuously falling for his daughters’ pranks, he admitted that he relished in the role of a father and enjoyed these memorable moments. His reaction reflected the joy and love he experienced as a dad, expressing that being fooled by his daughters was all part of the job. While Dwayne’s side-eye may have initially appeared as a playful response to the prank, it ultimately conveyed the deep bond and affection he shares with his daughters.

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Dwayne Johnson Gives MAJOR Side-Eye After Daughters PRANK HIM

The Importance of the Daddy-Daughter Relationship

Dwayne Johnson’s reaction to his daughters’ prank underscores the significance of the daddy-daughter relationship. It is a unique and essential connection that contributes greatly to a child’s emotional and psychological development. Studies have shown that positive father-daughter relationships can result in improved self-esteem, enhanced social skills, and a better overall outlook on life. Dwayne’s involvement in his daughters’ lives serves as a reminder of the lasting impact fathers can have on their daughters’ well-being and future success.

Jasmine and Tiana’s Prank History

Jasmine and Tiana’s prank on their father is just one example of their mischievous nature. Dwayne Johnson has often shared anecdotes about their playful antics on social media, revealing the strong bond they share as a family. From innocent pranks to hilarious makeovers, Jasmine and Tiana have found creative ways to bring laughter and joy into their father’s life.

Dwayne Johnson Gives MAJOR Side-Eye After Daughters PRANK HIM

Occasional Makeovers

One of the ways Jasmine and Tiana have showcased their playful side is by giving their father the occasional makeover. Through the use of makeup, accessories, and pure imagination, they transform Dwayne into various characters, revealing their creativity and love for their dad. Dwayne has graciously embraced these makeovers, displaying his humor and appreciation for his daughters’ artistic talents.

Quality Time with His Girls

Dwayne Johnson emphasizes the importance of spending quality time with his daughters. Despite his demanding schedule as a Hollywood actor and public figure, Dwayne prioritizes being present for moments such as pickups, drop-offs, and bedtime routines. He relishes the opportunity to cultivate a stable and loving environment for his girls, offering them the stability he longed for during his own childhood. Dwayne’s commitment to his role as a father showcases his dedication and understanding of the vital influence he has on his daughters’ lives.

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Dwayne Johnson Gives MAJOR Side-Eye After Daughters PRANK HIM

Being a Father

For Dwayne Johnson, being a father is one of the most significant roles he plays in his life. He cherishes the joy and fulfillment that comes with raising his daughters and acknowledges the hard work they have put into reaching this point in their lives. Dwayne’s journey as a father is a testament to the transformative power of parental love and the impact it can have on a child’s growth and development.


Dwayne Johnson’s side-eye reaction to his daughters’ prank not only provided a light-hearted moment of entertainment but also served as a profound reminder of the importance of the daddy-daughter relationship. The video showcased Dwayne’s love, humor, and dedication as a father, highlighting the beautiful bond he shares with his daughters, Jasmine and Tiana. Whether it’s through playful pranks, occasional makeovers, or simply spending quality time together, Dwayne’s commitment to his role as a father exemplifies the positive impact that strong paternal relationships can have on a child’s life. So here’s to Dwayne and all the fathers out there, who play such a vital role in shaping and nurturing the young lives that they hold dear.

Dwayne Johnson Gives MAJOR Side-Eye After Daughters PRANK HIM