Erasing Link From All Timelines

In the thrilling article, “Erasing Link From All Timelines,” GameSpot presents three unique strategies to eliminate Link as a threat. The article explores options to defeat him in combat, put him to sleep, or erase him from the timeline entirely. GameSpot invites readers to contribute their own ideas and improvements in the comments section. The detailed analysis delves into the strengths and weaknesses of various incarnations of Link, outlining tactics to overcome his formidable combat skills and exploit his vulnerabilities. It’s a must-read for any gamer looking to outsmart this iconic hero.

Plan A: Defeat Link in Combat

Brute Force Strategy

When it comes to defeating Link in combat, employing a brute force strategy can be quite effective. Link is renowned for his incredible agility, keen reflexes, and mastery of numerous weapons. However, his weakness lies in the fact that he relies heavily on his offensive abilities, and can sometimes overlook defensive maneuvers. By overpowering him with sheer force, you can catch him off guard and gain the upper hand.

To execute this strategy, it is crucial to equip yourself with powerful weapons and armor. Take advantage of Link’s openings, which are often present after his attacks. By carefully timing your strikes, you can land potent blows that gradually weaken him. However, it’s important to remain cautious, as Link is skilled at adapting to combat situations and can quickly turn the tables if given a chance.

Combat Tactics for Top-Down Links

Top-Down Links, such as those found in classic Legend of Zelda games like A Link to the Past or Link’s Awakening, have a unique style of combat. Their restricted movement allows for specific tactics to be employed. One effective approach is to anticipate their movements and strike from the sides or behind, where their defenses are weaker.

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Another tactic is to utilize the environment to your advantage. These Links often rely on their surroundings to solve puzzles and progress through dungeons. By disrupting their access to these environmental elements, you can limit their options and make it more challenging for them to employ their signature abilities.

Combat Tactics for 3D Links

In recent Legend of Zelda games, such as Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild, Link has taken on a more dynamic 3D form. This three-dimensional combat presents its own set of challenges and requires a slightly different approach.

When facing a 3D Link, it is essential to remain agile and adaptive. 3D Links possess a wide range of advanced combat techniques, such as parrying, dodging, and counterattacking. To overcome these abilities, you must observe their attack patterns and adapt your strategy accordingly. Utilize long-range attacks to create distance and create openings for powerful close-range strikes.

Remember, defeating Link in combat is no small feat. It requires careful observation, quick reflexes, and the ability to adapt to his changing tactics. A victorious battle against him will surely be a testament to your combat prowess.

Erasing Link From All Timelines

Plan B: Put Link to Sleep

Link’s Hypersomnia Weakness

While Link may be a formidable opponent in combat, he harbors a unique vulnerability known as hypersomnia, or excessive sleepiness. This weakness can be exploited to gain an advantage and put him into a deep slumber. In doing so, you can neutralize his combat abilities and render him defenseless.

Lulling Link to Sleep

To lull Link into a deep sleep, you must first identify the optimal conditions for inducing his hypersomnia. Link is known to have a soft spot for comfortable, cozy environments. Find a tranquil setting where he can relax and lower his guard. Utilize soothing melodies or calming scents to enhance the sleep-inducing effect.

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Once Link starts to succumb to his exhaustion, continue to provide a peaceful atmosphere. Shield him from any potential disturbances that may interrupt his slumber. Softly dim the lights and maintain a quiet environment. This ensures that he remains fast asleep, oblivious to the world around him.

Ensuring Link Stays Asleep

Putting Link to sleep is one thing, but ensuring he remains in that state is equally crucial. This requires careful monitoring and protection against any external factors that may awaken him prematurely. Establish a watchful guard to ward off potential threats or allies who might attempt to rouse him. Maintain the calming environment and, if necessary, employ sleep-enhancing potions or spells to prolong his deep sleep.

By taking control of Link’s hypersomnia weakness and ensuring he stays asleep, you effectively strip him of his combat capabilities. Without his usual alertness and reflexes, he becomes an easy target for any subsequent actions you may have in store.

Erasing Link From All Timelines

Plan C: Erase Link from the Timeline

Utilizing Time Travel

Legend of Zelda lore often incorporates the concept of time travel, allowing for alterations in the timeline. By leveraging this aspect, you can eliminate Link from existence by erasing his presence from the timeline altogether. This method requires thorough understanding and manipulation of time-traveling artifacts.

Finding Skyward Sword’s Time Shift Stones

To initiate the erasure of Link from the timeline, the key lies in locating the Time Shift Stones featured in Skyward Sword. These mystical artifacts possess the ability to freeze or shift time, providing the means to alter the events of the past. Intensive research and exploration are required to uncover the whereabouts of these stones.

Once in possession of the Time Shift Stones, carefully consider the moment of Link’s birth or first appearance. By traveling back to that pivotal point in time and interfering with the chain of events that led to his existence, you can effectively remove him from the timeline. Be cautious, though, as tampering with the past may have unforeseen consequences.

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Eliminating Link’s Father

In the Legend of Zelda narrative, Link’s father often plays a significant role in shaping his destiny. To ensure the erasure of Link, it is crucial to prevent his father from ever setting foot on the path that ultimately gives rise to the birth of the Hero of Time.

Disrupting the fateful encounters between Link’s father and the influencers of his hero’s journey can be accomplished through careful manipulation of events. Identify the critical junctures where these interactions take place and introduce alternative circumstances that alter their course. By steering Link’s father onto a different path or preventing his encounters altogether, you can disrupt the chain of events leading to Link’s existence.

Erasing Link From All Timelines


Defeating Link in combat, putting him to sleep, or erasing him from the timeline are three comprehensive plans that can be implemented to neutralize his presence. Each plan requires careful strategizing, knowledge of his weaknesses, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Whether you choose to employ a brute force strategy, exploit Link’s hypersomnia weakness, or manipulate time itself, the key to victory lies in your resourcefulness and skill. As you embark on your mission to conquer Link, remember to approach each plan with thoroughness and caution.

However, take heed, even the most well-devised plans can be met with unpredictability. Link, being the legendary hero he is, may still surprise you with his unwavering determination and resilience. Be prepared to adapt and strategize on the fly, ensuring that your approach remains fluid and flexible.

Ultimately, the goal of defeating Link is within your reach. Arm yourself with knowledge, execute your plans with precision, and who knows, you may just succeed in your quest to emerge victorious against the Hero of Time himself.

This week, you are focused on erasing Link from all timelines using three distinct strategies. Share your thoughts on how to enhance and refine our approach or propose your own methods of obliterating him in the comments section below.


Erasing Link From All Timelines