Firearms Expert Reacts to Starfield’s Guns

In the latest video by GameSpot, firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson delves into the guns featured in the highly anticipated game Starfield. From the futuristic P90 to the classic Old Earth Pistol, Ferguson provides a detailed analysis of each weapon and compares them to their real-life counterparts. The video, part of the Firearm Expert Reacts series, includes timestamps for easy navigation and hints at a second episode coming soon. Fans of Starfield can even score a discount on the game’s Premium Edition using the code “fanatical17” on GameSpot’s sister site, Fanatical. With its fascinating blend of science fiction and weapon design, this video is a must-watch for any Starfield enthusiast or firearms enthusiast alike.

Jonathan Ferguson, the Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, meticulously dissects the guns found in Bethesda’s Starfield. A self-proclaimed lover of historical weapons, Ferguson provides expertise on various firearms featured in the game, commenting on their unique designs, upgrades, and practicality in futuristic settings. From discussing the potential issues of using conventional firearms in space to highlighting the design influences from real-life guns, Ferguson offers engaging insights into the concept and functionality of the weapons showcased in Starfield. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi games or have a keen interest in firearms, this video offers an entertaining and informative exploration of Starfield’s guns.


Welcome to this comprehensive article where we will be discussing the fascinating analysis conducted by Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, on the guns featured in the game Starfield. In a video by GameSpot, Jonathan examines various guns in the game, including the P90 in space, the Grendel, the Old Earth Pistol (a version of the 1911), and the Solstice (Starfield’s rendition of a ray gun). We will delve into the background of Jonathan’s work, the weapons examined in Starfield, the timestamped breakdown provided in the video, the availability of Jonathan’s work, and the upcoming episodes in the Firearm Expert Reacts series.

Background Information

Firearms Expert Reacts to Starfield’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson and the Firearm Expert Reacts series

Jonathan Ferguson, the expert behind this analysis, is the Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries. His expertise and extensive knowledge in weapons make him the perfect person to scrutinize the guns in Starfield. The Firearm Expert Reacts series, of which this video is a part, compares the guns in different video games to their real-life counterparts. It offers viewers a unique perspective on the accuracy and design choices made by game developers.

Weapons examined in Starfield

In this particular analysis, Jonathan explores various guns found in Starfield. The guns range from futuristic bullet weapons with a two-tone look to modified pistols and unique rifles or machine guns. The game’s designers have taken inspiration from real-life firearms, incorporating their features and aesthetics into the virtual world. Additionally, Starfield introduces unconventional gun designs that merge elements of sci-fi and old-west aesthetics.

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Timestamps provided in the video

To provide a comprehensive breakdown, Jonathan provides timestamps in the video for each gun being discussed. This allows viewers to easily navigate to the specific gun they are interested in. By organizing the analysis in this way, viewers can focus on their favorite guns or compare different designs.

Availability of Jonathan’s work

Jonathan’s work and expertise can be found at the Royal Armouries, a renowned institution that houses thousands of iconic weapons throughout history. The Royal Armouries collection is a treasure trove for enthusiasts and researchers alike. By exploring their exhibits and resources, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the evolution and intricacies of firearms.

Upcoming episodes

Fans of Starfield and Jonathan’s analysis will be delighted to know that there will be a second episode focusing on more of the game’s weapons. This continuation of the Firearm Expert Reacts series promises to provide further insights into the guns of Starfield. It is an exciting opportunity for fans to dive deeper into the world of virtual weaponry.

Analysis of Gun Designs

Jonathan’s analysis sheds light on various aspects of the gun designs in Starfield. The game presents a diverse range of firearms, each with its own unique features and challenges. From bullet weapons with a two-tone look to pistol upgrades and modifications, let’s explore the key findings.

Bullet weapons with a two-tone look

One of the standout design elements in Starfield is the bullet weapons with their striking two-tone appearance. The guns incorporate different colors and materials to create a visually appealing and futuristic look. This design choice adds a touch of uniqueness to the game’s arsenal.

Firearms Expert Reacts to Starfield’s Guns

Pistol upgrades and modifications

Starfield showcases upgraded and modified pistols that enhance their functionality and aesthetics. For example, the Old Earth Pistol, which is based on the iconic 1911 design, features a permanently attached laser unit and a muzzle device. These modifications contribute to the overall futuristic vibe of the game.

Features of the rifle or machine gun

The rifle or machine guns in Starfield boast distinctive features such as foregrips and thumbhole stocks in a bullpup configuration. These design choices align with contemporary firearm trends and provide players with a sense of familiarity. The incorporation of these features demonstrates the game developers’ attention to detail and desire to create realistic weaponry.

Challenges with aiming due to space suits and helmets

One intriguing challenge presented in Starfield is the difficulty of aiming due to the presence of space suits and helmets. In the analysis, Jonathan highlights that the iron sights on the guns become less effective when the astronaut characters are wearing their protective gear. This raises interesting questions about the practicality of using traditional aiming methods in futuristic settings.

Firearms Expert Reacts to Starfield’s Guns

Sci-fi and old-west hybrid design

Starfield combines elements of sci-fi and old-west design, resulting in a unique visual aesthetic. Some guns feature wooden parts that give them an old-west feel but with a futuristic twist. This fusion of styles adds depth and character to the game’s weapon selection.

Impracticality of lever-action shotgun in a futuristic setting

While Starfield’s gun designs are generally inventive and visionary, there are instances where practicality might be called into question. Jonathan points out the potential impracticality of a lever-action shotgun in a futuristic setting. Lever-action shotguns are known for their historical significance and association with the old west, but their suitability in a sci-fi context may not be ideal.

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Excessive recoil and potential mitigation systems

The recoil exhibited by some of the guns in Starfield is another interesting aspect highlighted by Jonathan. He notes that the recoil seems excessive and suggests the inclusion of recoil mitigation systems in futuristic weapons. Such systems could enhance both accuracy and controllability, ensuring a more enjoyable user experience.

Firearms Expert Reacts to Starfield’s Guns

Real-life firearm inspirations

In his analysis, Jonathan identifies firearms in the real world that may have inspired the design of certain guns in Starfield. For example, the Mataba Ntr8 is a prominent source of inspiration for one of the guns. This connection between the virtual and real worlds adds depth to the game’s authenticity.

Unique features and projectiles

Starfield introduces guns with unique features and projectiles that set them apart from conventional firearms. Adjustable butt pads and multi-colored projectiles are among the interesting concepts incorporated into the game. These inventive additions contribute to the sense of imagination and wonder that Starfield offers its players.

Flechette ammo for foliage penetration

One intriguing feature Jonathan points out is the use of flechette ammo for foliage penetration. Rather than being solely a small arms projectile, this type of ammunition serves a specific purpose within the game’s environment. It showcases the attention to detail given to factors such as realistic ballistics and the impact of different ammunition types.

Discussion on Modified 1911 Pistol

In the analysis, Jonathan scrutinizes a modified version of the 1911 pistol found in Starfield. He highlights several unusual design elements and explores the implications of using a conventional firearm in a futuristic setting.

Firearms Expert Reacts to Starfield’s Guns

Unusual design elements

The modified 1911 pistol in Starfield incorporates unique design elements that differ from the traditional 1911. These design choices include an extended magazine, a curved semi-angle foregrip, and a distinctive muzzle device. These additions contribute to the futuristic look and feel of the weapon.

Using conventional firearms in the future

Despite advancements in weapon technology, the choice to use a 45 caliber firearm in the future raises questions. Jonathan discusses the implications of using conventional firearms in a sci-fi context, where futuristic alternatives would be expected. This design decision adds an interesting layer of realism and nostalgia to Starfield’s weapon selection.

Impact of vacuum environments on firearms

The content explores the impact of vacuum environments on firearms, specifically in the context of Starfield. It notes that using conventional firearms in space or vacuum environments can lead to vacuum welding and bonding of metal parts, causing malfunctions. This consideration highlights the importance of designing firearms specifically intended for use in such extreme conditions.

Design change in XM 2311

The content mentions a design change in a firearm called XM 2311, which claims to be a reinvented version of the 1911. This modification suggests that the designers of Starfield took inspiration from the classic 1911 and sought to improve its functionality for the game’s futuristic setting. The analysis delves into the advantages and limitations of the XM 2311 and its suitability for space use.

Limitations of XM 2311 for space use

Jonathan discusses the limitations of the XM 2311, specifically regarding magazine capacity and aesthetic design. He suggests that, despite its reinvented features, the XM 2311 might not be the most practical option for space use. This critical evaluation considers functionality, ergonomics, and other factors that contribute to the viability of firearms in different environments.

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Laser and Particle Beam Firearms

Starfield introduces laser and particle beam firearms, which offer a departure from conventional ballistic weapons. Jonathan analyzes the design and functionality of these unique weapons, shedding light on their reloading mechanisms and visual effects.

Design and functionality of laser pistol

The laser pistol in Starfield stands out with its unconventional design and functionality. Jonathan explores the weapon’s reloading mechanism, which differs from traditional firearms. This deviation from established norms reflects the game’s futuristic setting and the developers’ creative vision.

Unique reloading mechanism

The laser pistol features a reloading mechanism distinct from traditional firearms. Jonathan analyzes this feature and comments on its departure from real-world firearms functionality. The inclusion of such unique mechanics adds an exciting new dimension to the gameplay experience.

Particle beam rifle and its visual effects

Another standout weapon in Starfield is the particle beam rifle. This firearm combines physical and energy damage, creating a visually striking effect. Jonathan discusses the visual effects of the particle beam rifle and draws comparisons to laser weapons. While the visual effects may resemble lasers, the underlying mechanics offer a distinct experience for players.

Ergonomics and Design Choices

In the analysis, Jonathan provides insightful commentary on the ergonomics and design choices seen in various Starfield weapons. These observations shed light on the functionality and usability of the guns within the game.

Analysis of various weapons in Starfield

Jonathan carefully evaluates the ergonomics and design choices of the diverse range of weapons featured in Starfield. From pistols to rifles, he examines each gun’s handling, grip, and overall usability. This analysis provides gamers and enthusiasts with an enhanced understanding of the immersive experience that Starfield offers.

Commentary on ergonomics

Ergonomics play a crucial role in the usability and comfort of firearms. Jonathan offers commentary on the ergonomics of the guns in Starfield, highlighting aspects such as grip design and the placement of controls. These considerations contribute to the realistic portrayal of the weapons in the game.

Design choices in terms of functionality

The design choices made in Starfield not only impact the visual aesthetics of the guns but also their functionality. Jonathan explores how specific design elements, such as attachment rails and stock configurations, contribute to the practicality and effectiveness of the weapons. These choices reflect the game developers’ commitment to creating a cohesive and immersive experience for players.


In conclusion, Jonathan Ferguson’s analysis of the guns in Starfield offers gamers and firearms enthusiasts a deeper appreciation for the attention to detail and creativity involved in their design. From the unique aesthetic choices to the incorporation of real-life firearm inspirations, Starfield’s guns showcase a diverse and innovative approach to virtual weaponry. The analysis sheds light on the challenges and considerations faced when designing and utilizing firearms in a futuristic setting. By examining the ergonomics, functionality, and realism of the weapons, Jonathan provides valuable insights into the world of Starfield and its immersive gameplay experience.

In the video “Firearms Expert Reacts to Starfield’s Guns,” you can watch Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, analyze various weapons featured in Starfield. He delves into the details of guns like the P90 in space, the Grendel, the Old Earth Pistol (a version of the 1911), and the Solstice, which is Starfield’s take on the classic ray gun. Jonathan compares these futuristic guns to their real-life counterparts, providing fascinating insights.

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If you’re interested, you can also purchase Jonathan’s book either directly or through the Royal Armouries shop. Lastly, to stay updated on firearms-related content, you can subscribe to the Armax Journal, which Jonathan Associate Edited.