How Simon Cowell’s Son Eric Is ‘Serious’ About Auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent (Exclusive)

In a recent exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Simon Cowell revealed that his son, Eric, is serious about auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. As a judge on the show, Cowell has always appreciated the unexpected and enjoys seeing acts improve from their initial performances. He spoke about the impact the show can have on people’s lives and how it makes the job of being a judge so easy. Cowell also shared his excitement about his son’s interest in auditioning for the show, highlighting that Eric loves Green Day and wants to be in a rock band. Cowell admitted that supporting his son through the audition process will be challenging as a father, but he is looking forward to seeing Eric pursue his passion.

Cowell’s interview also touched on his relationship with Hulk Hogan, sharing a humorous story about their first meeting when he signed wrestlers. Despite Hogan’s intimidating appearance, Cowell found him to be a sweet and friendly person. The interview highlighted the mutual admiration between Cowell and Hogan, with Cowell admitting that he appreciates Hogan’s kind words and support. Overall, the article provides an inside look into Cowell’s personal life, showcasing his enthusiasm for the show and his proud fatherly support for Eric’s dreams.


In the world of talent shows, there are few as iconic as Britain’s Got Talent. For years, it has captivated audiences with its incredible acts and heartwarming stories. But what if I told you that one of the show’s biggest fans is none other than Simon Cowell’s own son, Eric? That’s right, Eric Cowell, at just a young age, has already developed a genuine passion for Britain’s Got Talent. In this article, we will explore Eric’s interest in the show, his decision to audition, and the implications of being the son of such a famous judge.

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Background Information

Before we dive into Eric’s story, it’s important to have some background information on Britain’s Got Talent. The show, which first aired in 2007, has become a cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom. It features a variety of acts, including singers, dancers, magicians, and comedians, all competing for the chance to win a cash prize and perform at the prestigious Royal Variety Performance. With a panel of judges, including Simon Cowell, the show has launched the careers of many talented individuals.

How Simon Cowells Son Eric Is Serious About Auditioning for Britains Got Talent (Exclusive)

Simon Cowell’s Son Eric’s Interest in Britain’s Got Talent

Eric’s enthusiasm for the show

If there’s one thing that’s clear about Eric Cowell, it’s his enthusiasm for Britain’s Got Talent. As the son of one of the show’s judges, it’s no surprise that he would develop a passion for the show. According to Simon Cowell himself, Eric is always jumping up and down in his seat during the show and even provides his own commentary. His love for the acts and his excitement are contagious, making him a joy to watch alongside his famous father.

His commentary on the current season

Eric’s commentary on the current season of Britain’s Got Talent is nothing short of entertaining. With his youthful perspective and genuine reactions, he provides a unique and refreshing take on the acts. Simon Cowell often looks to his son for feedback and considers him a great barometer of what appeals to kids. Eric’s opinions and insights are highly valued by his father, adding another layer of excitement to their viewing experience.

His decision to audition for the show

In a surprising turn of events, Eric has made the decision to audition for Britain’s Got Talent himself. This revelation has left many wondering what his talent might be, and according to Simon, Eric wants to be in a rock band and loves Green Day. With his infectious enthusiasm and passion for music, it’s clear that Eric is taking his audition seriously.

His desire to be in a rock band

Eric’s desire to be in a rock band showcases his personal taste in music and his aspirations for the future. With a love for Green Day, he is drawn to the energy and excitement that rock music brings. While he has a natural talent for playing the drums, his audition for the show will likely involve his skills as a vocalist. This unique choice of genre and his dedication to his craft are admirable traits in such a young performer.

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Simon’s feedback and advice for Eric

As a father, Simon Cowell has always been supportive of Eric’s interests and dreams. However, the audition process for Britain’s Got Talent presents a new set of challenges. Simon has admitted that watching his son audition will be total torture, as he knows firsthand the pressure and criticisms that come with performing on such a big stage. Nevertheless, Simon offers his guidance and advice to Eric, hoping to prepare him for the tough journey ahead.

Implications of Being Simon Cowell’s Son

Potential challenges for Eric

Being the son of a famous judge on Britain’s Got Talent does come with its fair share of challenges. The spotlight is often on the children of celebrities, and Eric will likely face heightened expectations and scrutiny, both from the judges and the audience. The comparisons to his father’s success may be unavoidable, which may add pressure to his own performances and aspirations.

Simon’s perspective on the matter

However, Simon Cowell has a different outlook on the implications of being his son. He believes that having an open mind, like he does, will be crucial for Eric’s journey. Simon encourages Eric to have his own opinions and to embrace his individuality. He recognizes that everyone has different tastes and encourages his son to follow his passion without worrying too much about external judgments.

Importance of having an open mind

Simon Cowell’s emphasis on having an open mind is a valuable lesson for both Eric and the audience. While being the son of a famous judge may come with its challenges, it’s important to remember that talent is subjective. What matters most is that Eric stays true to his own artistic vision and enjoys the process, regardless of the outcome. Having an open mind will allow him to grow as an artist and find his own path, separate from his father’s legacy.

How Simon Cowells Son Eric Is Serious About Auditioning for Britains Got Talent (Exclusive)

The Father-Son Dynamic

Support and cheerleading

One of the heartwarming aspects of Eric’s interest in Britain’s Got Talent is the support and cheerleading he receives from his father, Simon. Despite his own reservations, Simon is genuinely excited for Eric’s audition and is there to cheer him on every step of the way. The father-son dynamic adds an extra layer of emotion to the show and further solidifies their bond.

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Imagining if Eric didn’t like Simon’s work

Simon Cowell acknowledges that if Eric didn’t like what he did, it would be a difficult situation. However, he is grateful that his son genuinely loves Britain’s Got Talent and supports him in his own endeavors. Their shared passion for the show and their mutual cheering for each other creates a beautiful family dynamic that fans of the show can’t help but appreciate.

Positive relationship between Simon and Eric

The positive relationship between Simon and Eric is evident in their interactions both on and off the show. Their shared love for music and their ability to support each other’s dreams showcase a deep bond between father and son. The audience can’t help but be touched by their mutual admiration and respect.

Simon Cowell’s Connection with Hulk Hogan

Meeting between Simon and Hulk Hogan

In a surprising revelation, Simon Cowell shares his connection with wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. The two met years ago when Simon signed wrestlers, and Hogan happened to be one of them. This unexpected meeting resulted in a humorous and enjoyable interaction that left Simon with a positive impression of Hogan.

Hulk Hogan’s role in Simon’s career

While Simon Cowell doesn’t credit Hulk Hogan for his decision to come to the United States, their meeting undoubtedly left an impact on his life and career. The encounter with Hogan showcased a different side to the wrestling legend, one that Simon found endearing and unexpected. Their meeting serves as a reminder that first impressions can often be far from accurate.

Simon’s perspective on Hulk Hogan

Simon Cowell describes Hulk Hogan as a sweetheart and a true pussycat. Despite Hogan’s tough exterior, Simon discovered firsthand that the wrestling legend has a softer side. The unexpected friendship between the two industry giants is a testament to the idea that appearances can be deceiving and that genuine connections can be found in the most unlikely of places.

How Simon Cowells Son Eric Is Serious About Auditioning for Britains Got Talent (Exclusive)


In conclusion, Simon Cowell’s son Eric’s interest in Britain’s Got Talent brings a new dynamic to the show. Eric’s enthusiasm, his decision to audition, and his desire to be in a rock band showcase his genuine passion for music and performing. While being Simon Cowell’s son may come with its challenges, Simon’s perspective on having an open mind and embracing individuality is an important lesson for all aspiring performers. The positive father-son dynamic between Simon and Eric is heartwarming and adds an extra layer of emotion to the show. And finally, Simon Cowell’s unexpected connection with Hulk Hogan highlights the idea that first impressions can often be misleading. At the end of the day, what matters most is the passion and dedication one brings to their craft, regardless of their background or who their parents are.