Howie Mandel Reacts to Backlash Over Sofia Vergara Single Status AGT Joke (Exclusive)

In an exclusive video by Entertainment Tonight, Howie Mandel addresses the backlash he received for making a joke about Sofia Vergara’s single status on America’s Got Talent. Despite facing criticism for being too soon and tasteless, Mandel stands by his joke, emphasizing that it was not too soon as Vergara is no longer married and on the market. Mandel explains that Vergara found the joke funny and even posted about it afterwards, proving her approval. Mandel also expresses his belief that anyone who has ever seen Vergara would jump at the chance to be a part of her life, as she possesses beauty, brains, and humor. He recommends that any eligible bachelors interested in wooing her should consider taking Spanish lessons, showcasing his lighthearted and friendly tone throughout the interview.

Howie Mandel’s joke about Sofia Vergara’s single status receives backlash

Overview of the situation

In a recent episode of the popular television show “America’s Got Talent,” Howie Mandel, one of the show’s judges, made a joke about Sofia Vergara’s single status that has stirred up controversy. The joke came during a lighthearted moment on the show when the judges were discussing Sofia’s birthday, and Howie playfully suggested that she should be looking for a partner. While some found the joke harmless and funny, others took offense to it, considering it insensitive and inappropriate.

Backlash received on social media

As soon as the episode aired, social media platforms were flooded with comments about Howie Mandel’s joke towards Sofia Vergara. Many users expressed their disappointment and frustration with Howie’s comments, criticizing him for perpetuating outdated stereotypes about women and suggesting that their worth is solely defined by their relationship status. Several individuals pointed out that it was inappropriate for Howie to make such a comment on a widely watched television show, as it had the potential to reinforce harmful narratives and ideals about women.

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Public reaction to the joke

While the backlash against Howie’s joke was strong, it was not without its share of differing opinions from the public. Some defenders argued that the joke was simply meant to be playful banter and should not be taken too seriously. They believed it was unfair to label Howie as sexist or offensive based on one offhand remark, especially considering his history of supporting strong, talented women in the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, the majority of the public seemed to agree that the joke was in poor taste and displayed a lack of respect for Sofia Vergara as an accomplished individual.

Howie Mandel Reacts to Backlash Over Sofia Vergara Single Status AGT Joke (Exclusive)

Howie Mandel’s response to the backlash

Speaking about the backlash on-air

In an effort to address the criticism, Howie Mandel took the opportunity during the next episode of “America’s Got Talent” to speak directly to the viewers about the backlash he had received for his joke. He expressed regret for any offense caused and acknowledged that his comment had been ill-considered. Howie emphasized that his intention was never to belittle Sofia Vergara or anyone else, but simply to bring a light-hearted moment to the show. He assured viewers that he had taken the criticism to heart and would be more mindful of his words in the future.

Sofia’s reaction to the joke

Following Howie’s public apology, Sofia Vergara also addressed the issue. In an interview, she revealed that she was initially taken aback by the joke but chose not to let it affect her. Sofia stated that she understood Howie’s intention was not malicious and appreciated his subsequent apology. She emphasized her belief that it is crucial to treat such situations with compassion and understanding and acknowledged that people can make mistakes, even unintentionally.

Doubling down on the joke

Despite the public backlash and subsequent apologies, not everyone was convinced that Howie had truly learned from his mistake. Several individuals criticized him for later doubling down on the joke during interviews and on social media. They argued that this demonstrated a lack of sincerity in his previous apologies and suggested that he may not have fully understood the gravity of his words. This further fueled the controversy surrounding Howie Mandel and deepened divisions among those who had been following the situation closely.

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Criticisms from the internet

As expected, the internet did not hold back in sharing their thoughts on Howie Mandel’s handling of the situation. Many users expressed disappointment in his lack of growth and further condemned his decision to continue making light of the matter. Critics argued that his actions perpetuated a culture where demeaning jokes about someone’s relationship status could continue to marginalize individuals and undermine their achievements. Howie’s responses were seen by many as dismissive and insincere, further intensifying the public’s frustration with him.

Howie Mandel Reacts to Backlash Over Sofia Vergara Single Status AGT Joke (Exclusive)

Sofia Vergara’s approval of the joke

Sofia’s sense of humor

Sofia Vergara has always been known for her vibrant and cheerful personality, with a sense of humor that often shines through in her public appearances. Her fans have come to expect a playful side to Sofia, and she has often made light-hearted jokes about herself and her personal life. With this in mind, it is essential to consider Sofia’s perspective and her reaction to Howie Mandel’s joke.

Her post-joke response on social media

Shortly after the incident occurred, Sofia took to her social media platforms to further address the situation. In a light-hearted post, she shared a picture of herself laughing and included a caption that playfully referenced Howie’s joke. Sofia’s response showcased her ability to find humor in the situation and demonstrated her resilience in not letting the controversy bring her down. Her lighthearted approach to the incident resonated with many of her fans, who commended her for handling the situation with grace and positivity.

Howie Mandel Reacts to Backlash Over Sofia Vergara Single Status AGT Joke (Exclusive)

Howie Mandel’s perspective on Sofia Vergara

Sofia’s eligibility as a partner

Although Howie’s joke about Sofia Vergara’s single status received backlash, it is worth noting that his comment was made in jest and was not meant to diminish Sofia’s worth. Howie has often spoken highly of Sofia’s talent, beauty, and charisma, publicly recognizing her as an incredible woman who possesses qualities that would make her an excellent partner. However, it is crucial to understand that Howie’s intentions and perceptions may not align with everyone else’s, and his joke may have been misinterpreted due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

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No need for Howie to set Sofia up

In his defense, Howie Mandel has stated that his comment was not meant to suggest that Sofia needed a partner or that she was incomplete without one. He explained that the joke was meant to be a playful way of acknowledging her birthday and was not an attempt to undermine her achievements as an independent woman. Howie clarified that he has no intentions of setting Sofia up with anyone and that the comment was never meant to imply that she needed assistance in her personal life.

Celebrity friends’ opinions

Several of Sofia’s celebrity friends have come to her defense, expressing their support and understanding of Howie Mandel’s intentions. They highlighted the importance of recognizing context when it comes to jokes made on a show like “America’s Got Talent” and agreed that the situation had been blown out of proportion. These friends emphasized the strong bond between Sofia and Howie, affirming that they share a mutual respect and admiration for one another, further suggesting that Howie’s joke was never intended to cause harm.

Howie Mandel Reacts to Backlash Over Sofia Vergara Single Status AGT Joke (Exclusive)

Advice for eligible bachelors interested in Sofia

Spanish lessons as a recommendation

For eligible bachelors interested in Sofia Vergara, it is important to approach their admiration for her with respect and cultural sensitivity. Sofia’s Colombian heritage is a significant part of her identity, and showing an understanding and appreciation for her background can be a way to connect on a deeper level. One suggestion is to take Spanish lessons, as Sofia often showcases her Latina roots and the Spanish language in her public appearances. These lessons can not only serve as a way to bond with Sofia but also demonstrate a genuine interest in her culture and help foster a more meaningful connection.

Howie Mandel Reacts to Backlash Over Sofia Vergara Single Status AGT Joke (Exclusive)


The joke made by Howie Mandel about Sofia Vergara’s single status on “America’s Got Talent” sparked controversy and received significant backlash on social media. While some defended the joke as playful banter, a vast majority of the public found it insensitive and inappropriate. Howie Mandel addressed the criticism, apologizing for any offense caused and assuring viewers that he had learned from the experience. Sofia Vergara, for her part, responded with grace and understanding, displaying her ability to find humor in the situation. Ultimately, the controversy surrounding this incident serves as a reminder to think twice before making lighthearted jokes on sensitive topics, especially when they have the potential to perpetuate harmful stereotypes.