Immortals of Aveum Review

In the review of “Immortals of Aveum” by GameSpot, the focus is on the game’s first-person shooter gameplay and its connection to environmentalism. The game replaces traditional firearms with bullet-inspired spells, allowing the player to engage in exciting firefights. However, as the game progresses, the frequent and lengthy battles become frustrating, interrupting the flow of the narrative. The lack of a weapon wheel and the requirement to constantly switch between different colors of magic adds to the cumbersome gameplay mechanics. Despite the visually distinct environments and the inclusion of environmental themes in the story, the game falls short in fully exploring these elements and delivering a satisfying gaming experience.

The article highlights the difficulties players face in the game, such as enemies being armored against certain colors of magic and the limited options for weapon-switching. It also criticizes the game’s storytelling, character development, and lack of exploration of environmental themes. Ultimately, the review suggests that “Immortals of Aveum” fails to meet expectations in terms of gameplay, narrative, and its message of environmentalism.

Immortals of Aveum Review


Bullet-inspired spells instead of firearms

In Immortals of Aveum, you’ll notice a unique twist on traditional combat mechanics. Rather than relying on firearms, the game introduces bullet-inspired spells as your main method of attack. This creative approach adds a fresh and exciting element to the gameplay, allowing you to unleash an array of magical projectiles with varying effects. From explosive fireballs to piercing ice shards, each spell offers its own strategic advantage, encouraging you to experiment and find the perfect combination of spells for each encounter.

Annoying and lengthy firefights

While the bullet-inspired spells bring a sense of novelty, the game unfortunately falls short in terms of combat pacing. Firefights often become annoyingly lengthy, making it feel like battles drag on without much payoff. This can grow frustrating, especially when facing waves of enemies. A faster-paced combat system or more engaging mechanics could have helped alleviate this issue and keep players more engaged throughout the game.

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Different effects of each color of magic

One of the standout features of Immortals of Aveum is the distinct effects tied to each color of magic. The game presents a three-color magic system: red, blue, and green. Each color represents a different school of magic and brings its own unique spells and abilities. For instance, red magic focuses on direct damage spells, blue magic offers support and crowd control spells, while green magic specializes in healing and defensive spells. This variety allows for diverse playstyles and offers players the chance to tailor their abilities to their preferred approach.

Armored enemies against certain colors

To add an extra layer of challenge, Immortals of Aveum introduces armored enemies that are resistant to certain colors of magic. This means that the effectiveness of your spells may vary depending on the enemy you encounter. While this can be frustrating at times as it limits the spells you can rely on against specific foes, it also forces players to think strategically and adapt their playstyle accordingly. It adds an element of depth to the combat system and encourages you to come up with creative solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Lack of weapon wheel

One of the minor drawbacks of the game’s combat mechanics is the absence of a weapon wheel or quick-select system. This means that switching between different spells and colors of magic can be cumbersome, requiring players to cycle through their available options. This can disrupt the flow of battle and make it difficult to react in fast-paced situations. A more streamlined method for selecting spells could have greatly improved the overall combat experience.

Diminished importance of strategy and positioning

While Immortals of Aveum offers a variety of spells and colors of magic, the gameplay surprisingly lacks the depth and significance of strategy and positioning. Battles often boil down to a repetitive loop of casting spells and dodging enemy attacks, with little consideration for tactical decision-making. This diminishes the engagement factor and prevents players from fully immersing themselves in the game world. By implementing more strategic elements and emphasizing the importance of positioning, the gameplay could have been more immersive and rewarding.

Visually distinct open environments

One area where Immortals of Aveum truly shines is in its visually distinct open environments. From sprawling forests to barren deserts, the game presents players with a vibrant and diverse world to explore. Each area feels unique, with its own set of challenges and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. The level design is commendable, offering stunning vistas and creating a sense of awe as you traverse through the game’s expansive landscapes.

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Raised platforms and scattered cover

To enhance the gameplay experience and add an element of tactical decision-making, Immortals of Aveum incorporates raised platforms and scattered cover throughout its environments. These environmental elements provide opportunities for strategic positioning during combat encounters, allowing you to gain the high ground or take cover to avoid enemy fire. This adds a layer of depth to the gameplay, giving you the chance to plan your movements and outmaneuver your foes.

Cumbersome weapon switching mechanics

Another aspect of the gameplay that hampers the overall experience is the cumbersome weapon switching mechanics. As mentioned earlier, the lack of a weapon wheel makes switching between spells and colors of magic a bit clunky. This problem is further exacerbated by the unintuitive button layout, which can make spell selection feel like a chore. Streamlining the weapon switching mechanics and improving the input responsiveness would have gone a long way in enhancing the overall gameplay flow.

Unrewarding difficulty

While a challenging game can be a thrilling experience, Immortals of Aveum misses the mark when it comes to difficulty. The game often feels unfairly difficult, with enemies dealing excessive damage and having seemingly insurmountable health pools. This can lead to frustrating gameplay moments, where success feels more like luck than skill. Striking a balance between challenge and reward is key to keeping players engaged and motivated, and unfortunately, Immortals of Aveum falls short in this regard.


Focus on soldier named Jack

The central focus of Immortals of Aveum’s story revolves around a soldier named Jack. Players assume the role of Jack, a skilled magic-user caught in the midst of a war for control of magic in the world of Aveum. Jack’s journey serves as the backbone of the game’s narrative, guiding players through a series of missions and encounters that gradually unveil the complex web of conflicts and alliances in this magical realm.

Ability to use all three colors of magic

As players progress through the game, they soon discover that Jack possesses a unique ability to wield all three colors of magic – red, blue, and green. This sets him apart from other characters in Aveum, as most individuals can only tap into one specific color of magic. Jack’s mastery of all three colors grants him a distinct advantage, enabling him to unleash devastating combinations of spells and overcome formidable foes.

War for control of magic in the world

The overarching plot of Immortals of Aveum revolves around a grand war for control of magic in the world of Aveum. Different factions and individuals vie for supremacy, seeking to harness the immense power that magic bestows upon its wielder. As players delve deeper into the game’s story, they uncover the underlying motivations and conflicting ideologies that fuel this war. The fate of Aveum hangs in the balance, and it is up to Jack and his allies to determine the outcome.

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Touch on environmentalism and consequences of war

Immortals of Aveum attempts to weave in themes of environmentalism and the consequences of war into its narrative. The game highlights the devastating impact that conflicts and power struggles can have on the environment and wildlife of Aveum. Players will encounter areas devastated by magic misuse and witness the toll these actions have taken on the ecosystem. While this theme adds depth to the story, the execution falls short, and these environmental themes don’t receive the necessary exploration and impact to truly resonate with players.

Failure to fully explore themes

Despite the promising themes of environmentalism and consequences of war, Immortals of Aveum ultimately fails to fully explore these concepts to their potential. The story merely scratches the surface of these themes, lacking the necessary depth and development to leave a lasting impression. The missed opportunity to delve deeper into the societal and environmental impacts of war diminishes the overall impact of the narrative, leaving it feeling underdeveloped and lacking substance.

Poorly written character decisions and developments

A notable drawback in the storytelling of Immortals of Aveum is the presence of poorly written character decisions and developments. Certain moments in the game rely on character choices that feel forced or out of character, undermining the immersion and believability of the story. These instances can leave players scratching their heads and feeling disconnected from the narrative, ultimately leading to a less satisfying overall experience.

Unlikable protagonist

One aspect that hampers the immersion and enjoyment of the story is the characterization of the protagonist, Jack. Unfortunately, Jack comes across as an unlikable character, lacking depth and relatability. His motivations and personality fail to engage players on an emotional level, making it challenging to become invested in his journey. A more compelling and relatable protagonist could have significantly improved the storytelling experience and made the narrative more memorable.

Immortals of Aveum Review


Despite its potential, Immortals of Aveum falls short in several key areas, ultimately hindering its overall experience. The gameplay, while introducing innovative bullet-inspired spells and visually distinct environments, disappoints with its annoying and lengthy firefights, lack of strategic depth, and cumbersome weapon switching mechanics. The story, centered around soldier Jack and the war for control of magic, fails to fully explore its intended themes of environmentalism and consequences of war. Poorly written character decisions and an unlikable protagonist further undermine the storytelling. Ultimately, Immortals of Aveum falls short in both its gameplay and its attempt to convey an environmentalist message, leaving players feeling unsatisfied and longing for a more fulfilling gaming experience.

Immortals of Aveum Review