Is Jalen Hurts the most ‘DISRESPECTED’ quarterback in the NFL? 😨 | First Take

In this article titled “Is Jalen Hurts the most ‘DISRESPECTED’ quarterback in the NFL? 😨 | First Take,” the First Take crew discusses the pressure on Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. As the season approaches, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on Hurts to perform due to the closing window of opportunity and the need to win now. The article also dives into the debate over whether the Dallas Cowboys or the Philadelphia Eagles will be the better team this season, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. It highlights the importance of not solely relying on Hurts but also on the overall team and the pieces around him. Additionally, the article discusses the NFC’s weaker state this season, presenting an opportunity for the Eagles to compete for Super Bowls. Overall, this article analyzes the factors contributing to Hurts being considered a disrespected quarterback and examines the prospects of both the Eagles and the Cowboys for the upcoming season.

The pressure on Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts, the young quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, is under immense pressure to perform. As the starting quarterback for an NFL team, the pressure to succeed is always there, but for Hurts, the pressure is even greater. The window of opportunity for him to prove himself and solidify his place as the franchise quarterback is closing rapidly. The Eagles’ front office and fans are eager to see results and a return to the team’s former glory. The demand for success is high, and Hurts must rise to the occasion.

Closing window of opportunity

The NFL is a competitive league, and starting quarterback positions are not easily secured. With each passing season, the league becomes more stacked with talented quarterbacks vying for the top spots. Hurts must take advantage of the current opportunity he has been given and make the most of it. He needs to show growth, improvement, and consistently strong performances to cement himself as the long-term solution for the Eagles.

Is Jalen Hurts the most DISRESPECTED quarterback in the NFL? 😨 | First Take

Need to win now

The Philadelphia Eagles are not a team known for their patience. The fans and front office expect results, and they expect them now. The Eagles have had a taste of success in the recent past, with a Super Bowl victory in 2017, and they are hungry for more. The pressure on Hurts to lead the team to victories and compete for championships is immense. The success of the team as a whole depends on his ability to rise to the occasion and deliver when it matters most.

The Eagles’ team dynamics

While the pressure is on Hurts, he is not the sole determinant of the team’s success. The Philadelphia Eagles have a young team with key players reaching the end of their careers. The veterans on the team, such as Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox, and Brandon Graham, have been integral to the team’s success in the past and continue to be influential. Hurts can rely on their experience and leadership to guide him through the challenges he faces as a young quarterback.

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Is Jalen Hurts the most DISRESPECTED quarterback in the NFL? 😨 | First Take

Team success not solely dependent on Hurts

It is important to remember that football is a team sport, and the success of the Philadelphia Eagles does not solely rest on Jalen Hurts’ shoulders. The team’s success will be determined by the collective effort of all players, coaches, and staff. While Hurts is a key piece of the puzzle, the team needs to come together, execute their game plan, and perform at a high level to achieve their goals.

Doubt and disrespect towards Hurts

Despite his potential and impressive performances, Jalen Hurts has faced doubt and disrespect throughout his career. From his college days at Alabama to his current tenure with the Eagles, he has had to prove himself time and time again. Hurts has embraced this challenge and has consistently answered questions about his ability with strong play on the field. However, the doubt and disrespect persist, and Hurts must use it as fuel to continue to improve and prove his naysayers wrong.

Is Jalen Hurts the most DISRESPECTED quarterback in the NFL? 😨 | First Take

Hurts proving himself and answering questions about his ability

Jalen Hurts has shown glimpses of his talent and potential. He possesses a strong arm, great mobility, and the ability to make plays happen with his legs. During the 2020 season, he showcased his abilities as a dual-threat quarterback, making smart decisions and showcasing his leadership skills. Despite facing challenges and criticism, Hurts has consistently risen to the occasion and proved himself capable of leading an offense.

Persistent doubt and disrespect towards him

Despite his accomplishments, Jalen Hurts continues to face doubt and disrespect from some analysts and fans. There are some who question his ability to make accurate throws consistently and his decision-making under pressure. However, Hurts has the opportunity to silence his critics and prove his detractors wrong. With hard work, determination, and a dedication to improvement, he can continue to grow as a player and lead the Eagles to success.

Is Jalen Hurts the most DISRESPECTED quarterback in the NFL? 😨 | First Take

Opportunity in the NFC

One advantage that Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles have is the opportunity presented by the NFC this season. The conference appears to be relatively weaker compared to previous years, with teams like the Saints and Packers facing uncertainties. This provides an opening for the Eagles to compete for Super Bowl contention. If Hurts can seize the moment and elevate his play, the Eagles have a realistic chance to make strides towards postseason success.

Weaker NFC this season

The NFC has traditionally been a highly competitive conference, with powerhouse teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Francisco 49ers. However, this season, several NFC teams are facing uncertainties, whether it be due to aging rosters, key injuries, or other factors. This presents a unique opportunity for the Eagles to make a mark and potentially secure a spot in the playoffs. Hurts must capitalize on this situation and take advantage of the favorable circumstances.

Is Jalen Hurts the most DISRESPECTED quarterback in the NFL? 😨 | First Take

Eagles’ chance to compete for Super Bowls

With the NFC appearing weaker this season, the Philadelphia Eagles have a chance to compete for Super Bowl titles. Championship success requires a combination of talented players, strong coaching, and a bit of luck. If Hurts can lead the team to victories and showcase his ability to perform under pressure, the Eagles could find themselves competing for Super Bowl championships in the near future. The window of opportunity is open, and it’s up to Hurts and the team to seize it.

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Comparison between Eagles and Cowboys

When discussing the Eagles’ chances of success, it is important to compare and contrast them with their division rival, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have historically been a strong team, known for their high-powered offense and talented roster. However, the Eagles have strengths of their own that give them an edge in certain areas.


One area where the Eagles have an advantage over the Cowboys is in their cornerback position. The Eagles have invested in talented cornerbacks like Darius Slay, who provide a strong presence in pass defense. The Cowboys, on the other hand, have struggled in recent years to find consistency and excellence in their cornerback play. This can prove to be a valuable asset for the Eagles when competing against the Cowboys’ potent passing attack.

Difference in opponents and schedules

Another aspect to consider when comparing the Eagles and Cowboys is the difference in their opponents and schedules. Both teams face a challenging schedule, but the Eagles have the advantage of playing the Cowboys twice a season. This provides them with an opportunity to directly impact their division rival’s playoff chances and potentially gain an upper hand in the divisional race. The outcome of these head-to-head matchups can significantly shape the trajectory of both teams’ seasons.

Talent on both teams

Both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys possess talent on their respective rosters. The Cowboys, in particular, have a strong defensive line that features players like DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory. Their ability to disrupt opposing offenses and consistently pressure the quarterback makes them a formidable opponent. On the other hand, the Eagles have depth and versatility in their defense, with players like Fletcher Cox and Darius Slay leading the way.

Dallas Cowboys’ strong defensive line

The Dallas Cowboys’ defensive line presents a formidable challenge for any opposing offense. The combination of skill, athleticism, and experience of players like DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory makes it difficult for quarterbacks to find a rhythm. Hurts will need to have a game plan in place to navigate this pressure and make smart decisions with the football if the Eagles are to succeed against the Cowboys.

Depth of the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense

While the Cowboys may have a strong defensive line, the Philadelphia Eagles boast depth and versatility across their defense. Players like Fletcher Cox and Darius Slay provide leadership and playmaking ability, while younger players like Josh Sweat and Avonte Maddox have shown promise and potential. This depth allows the Eagles to rotate players and maintain a high level of performance throughout the game. Hurts can rely on the support of his defense to keep the team in games and give them a chance to secure victories.

Discussion on which team is better

The question of which team is better, the Philadelphia Eagles or the Dallas Cowboys, is subjective and varies depending on who you ask. There are several factors to consider when evaluating the two teams, including their performance in the previous season, the impact of injuries, and the potential replacements for injured players.

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Eagles’ performance last season

The Philadelphia Eagles had a disappointing season in 2020, finishing with a record of 4-11-1. However, it is important to note that the team faced numerous challenges, including significant injuries to key players such as offensive lineman Brandon Brooks and wide receiver DeSean Jackson. These injuries had a significant impact on the team’s performance and ability to win games. Evaluating the Eagles’ season solely based on their win-loss record does not fully capture the potential and talent within the team.

Injured players on Cowboys and potential replacements

The Dallas Cowboys, like any other team, have had their fair share of injuries. Quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle injury in 2020, which significantly impacted the team’s performance. However, the Cowboys have made moves to secure capable replacements, such as signing Andy Dalton and drafting Micah Parsons. It remains to be seen how these replacements will perform and whether they can adequately fill the void left by injured players. The success of the Cowboys will heavily depend on the performance of their replacements and their ability to step up when needed.

Debate on Cowboys’ ability to compete

There is ongoing debate among analysts and fans regarding the Dallas Cowboys’ ability to compete for Super Bowls. Some argue that the team has the talent and potential to make a deep playoff run, while others question their ability to overcome key challenges and reach the pinnacle of success. The Cowboys’ record in recent seasons and Dak Prescott’s interception record have been points of contention in this debate.

Disagreement on Cowboys’ Super Bowl potential

While there are those who believe the Dallas Cowboys have the potential to compete for Super Bowl titles, there are others who remain skeptical. The team’s recent performances and failure to advance deep into the playoffs have raised doubts about their ability to consistently perform at a high level. The Cowboys will need to address these concerns and prove their critics wrong if they hope to be considered legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

Dak Prescott’s interception record and need for improvement

One aspect of Dak Prescott’s game that has drawn criticism is his interception record. In previous seasons, Prescott has shown a tendency to make questionable decisions that have resulted in interceptions. If the Cowboys hope to compete at the highest level, Prescott will need to improve his decision-making and limit turnovers. By minimizing interceptions, he can help put the team in a better position to win games and elevate them to championship contention.


In conclusion, Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles faces immense pressure to perform and prove himself as the franchise quarterback. The window of opportunity for him is closing, and the team’s success is dependent on his ability to lead them to victory. Despite doubt and disrespect, Hurts has the opportunity to showcase his skills and answer questions about his ability. The NFC presents a favorable opportunity for the Eagles, with weaker competition and a chance to compete for Super Bowls. Comparing and contrasting the Eagles with the Cowboys, both teams possess strengths and weaknesses that impact their ability to succeed. Ultimately, the debate on which team is better and the Cowboys’ ability to compete for Super Bowls remains open. The key for both teams is continuous improvement and the ability to rise to the occasion when it matters most. Only time will tell how each team fares, but one thing is for certain – the pressure is on, and success is within reach for those who seize the opportunity.

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