James Harden calls 76ers President Daryl Morey a liar 👀 | Get Up

In a recent episode of “Get Up,” James Harden made headlines for calling out Philadelphia 76ers President Daryl Morey, branding him as a liar. The video, released by ESPN, features the Get Up crew dissecting Harden’s comments and sharing their reactions. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys showcased their new offense under the guidance of Mike McCarthy, opting for a pass-heavy approach with a quick release time. Dominique, one of the crew members, explains the potential shift towards a more traditional West Coast style offense, emphasizing the importance of timing and potentially limiting improvisational plays between players like CD Lamb and Dak Prescott. The crew also discusses the potential risks and benefits of this offensive change. Catch all the action and analysis by subscribing to ESPN Plus for live streaming sports and premium content.

James Harden’s comment on Daryl Morey

Harden’s accusation

In a recent interview, James Harden, the star player of the Philadelphia 76ers, made a surprising comment about Daryl Morey, the President of Basketball Operations for the team. Harden accused Morey of not valuing his input and making unilateral decisions without consulting the players. This accusation has raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate among fans and analysts alike.

Background on Daryl Morey

Daryl Morey is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in the NBA. With a solid track record of success, Morey has been instrumental in building competitive teams and implementing innovative strategies throughout his career. Prior to joining the 76ers, Morey spent over a decade as the General Manager of the Houston Rockets, where he played a crucial role in transforming the franchise into a perennial contender.

Reaction from the Get Up crew

The comments made by James Harden have not gone unnoticed, and the Get Up crew wasted no time in discussing and dissecting the issue. The panel of analysts provided different perspectives on the matter, with some defending Morey’s decision-making and others sympathizing with Harden’s concerns. This robust debate showcased the diverse opinions within the basketball community and set the tone for further exploration of the accusations.

Analysis of Harden’s accusation

Possible reason for Harden’s comment

While Harden’s comment may have surprised many, it is essential to consider the possible reasons behind his public critique of Daryl Morey. One potential explanation could be rooted in personal grievances or disagreements that have arisen between the two individuals. It is not uncommon for tensions to escalate in high-pressure environments, where egos and ambitions collide. Alternatively, Harden’s comment might reflect internal conflicts within the team, suggesting a discord between the players and the front office.

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Impact on their relationship

The relationship between a star player and the team’s management is crucial for both on-court success and overall team harmony. If Harden’s accusation against Morey holds any truth, it could significantly strain their relationship and undermine the trust between player and management. Open communication and collaboration are vital in building a successful basketball franchise, and any deterioration in this alliance could have far-reaching implications for both parties.

Potential consequences for Harden

Accusing a high-ranking executive like Daryl Morey carries inherent risks for James Harden. By openly criticizing the head of basketball operations, Harden may face consequences such as reduced playing time, strained contract negotiations, or even the possibility of being traded. While his talent and scoring ability are undeniable, teams and organizations prioritize players who align with the front office’s vision and philosophy. Harden’s comment could potentially harm his long-term prospects with the Philadelphia 76ers and affect his reputation in the league.

James Harden calls 76ers President Daryl Morey a liar 👀 | Get Up

The controversy surrounding Daryl Morey

Previous controversies

Daryl Morey is no stranger to controversy. During his tenure with the Houston Rockets, he was involved in numerous instances that raised eyebrows and sparked debate. Notably, Morey’s support for the Hong Kong protests in 2019 triggered a massive backlash from China, a crucial market for the NBA. The incident led to the loss of sponsorship deals, strained international relations, and a significant blow to Morey’s reputation. These past controversies add another layer of complexity to the current situation and might shape public opinion on Morey’s credibility.

Repercussions and fallout

The fallout from Daryl Morey’s previous controversies was substantial. The NBA faced a significant loss of revenue as China withdrew its support in response to Morey’s comments. The league had to navigate delicate diplomatic waters and repair relationships that had been damaged by the incident. While Morey’s intentions might have been rooted in his personal beliefs and support for human rights, the consequences reverberated throughout the entire NBA, highlighting the potential ramifications of public statements made by influential figures within the sport.

Public opinion on Morey

Daryl Morey’s reputation among the general public remains a topic of debate. While some laud him as a visionary executive who is unafraid to challenge the status quo, others question his judgment and ability to navigate sensitive topics. The controversy surrounding Morey’s support for the Hong Kong protests polarized opinions, with some applauding his bravery and moral stance, while others accused him of jeopardizing the league’s financial interests. This divided perception of Morey sets the stage for a diverse range of reactions to the current situation.

The Get Up crew’s reaction

Discussion on the statement

Upon hearing James Harden’s accusation, the Get Up crew engaged in a passionate and lively discussion. The analysts explored every angle of the issue, providing insights into the implications of Harden’s comment on team dynamics, potential playoff performance, and the broader impact on the organization. The panelists brought their expertise and experience to the table, offering various interpretations and predictions about the underlying motives behind the public criticism.

Different viewpoints on the issue

The Get Up crew represented a diversity of opinions regarding James Harden’s accusation against Daryl Morey. Some analysts believed that Harden’s comment was an expression of frustration and a legitimate concern over his role in decision-making processes. Others argued that such matters should be resolved internally and not played out in the public sphere. This difference of opinion showcases the complexity of the issue and the challenge of finding a consensus in assessing the validity of Harden’s accusation.

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James Harden calls 76ers President Daryl Morey a liar 👀 | Get Up

James Harden’s career and reputation

Harden’s basketball career

James Harden’s basketball career has been nothing short of impressive. From his days as the Sixth Man of the Year with the Oklahoma City Thunder to his stint with the Houston Rockets, where he became one of the league’s most dominant scorers, Harden’s talent on the court is undeniable. His unique style of play, characterized by an array of step-back jumpers and explosive drives to the basket, has propelled him to elite status in the NBA.

Perception of Harden as a player

While James Harden’s on-court success is unquestioned, his reputation as a player is more nuanced. Critics argue that his style of play, often reliant on drawing fouls and free-throw attempts, detracts from the aesthetics of the game and undermines team-oriented basketball. However, supporters highlight Harden’s ability to put up astronomical scoring numbers and his impact on the Houston Rockets’ success during his tenure with the team.

Previous controversies involving Harden

James Harden, like many high-profile athletes, has been embroiled in controversies throughout his career. From accusations of defensive indifference to issues surrounding his off-court activities, Harden’s actions have sometimes attracted negative attention. While these incidents may have faded from memory over time, they underscore the scrutiny that comes with being a prominent figure in the NBA.

Daryl Morey’s role as 76ers President

Morey’s background and success

Daryl Morey’s success as an NBA executive has been well-documented. Known for his analytical approach to basketball, Morey has been at the forefront of implementing innovative strategies and advanced statistical analysis during his tenure with the Houston Rockets. His acquisition of talent and ability to build competitive teams have earned him praise and recognition as one of the top executives in the league.

Expectations as 76ers President

With Daryl Morey assuming the role of President of Basketball Operations for the Philadelphia 76ers, expectations are high. The 76ers have long sought consistent success and are banking on Morey’s expertise to help guide the team to championship contention. His track record and reputation make him an attractive figure for the organization, but the pressure to deliver results is significant.

Relationship with players and staff

The relationship between Daryl Morey and the players and staff of the Philadelphia 76ers will play a vital role in determining the team’s success. Harmonious working relationships, built on trust and open communication, are crucial for a franchise to thrive. Morey’s reputation as a collaborative decision-maker will be put to the test as he navigates the expectations of the players and strives to maintain a positive and productive working environment.

James Harden calls 76ers President Daryl Morey a liar 👀 | Get Up

Possible motivations for Harden’s comment

Personal grievances

Personal grievances might lie at the heart of James Harden’s comment about Daryl Morey. Over time, disagreements, power struggles, or simply clashes of personalities can strain relationships. If Harden feels his input is undervalued or disregarded by Morey, it could create frustration and trigger public criticism. These personal dynamics often remain hidden from the public eye, making it challenging to ascertain the extent of their impact on the current situation.

Internal conflicts within the team

The Philadelphia 76ers, like any professional sports team, are not immune to internal conflicts. In such a high-stakes environment, differences of opinion and clashes of egos are bound to occur. If there are simmering tensions within the team, James Harden’s comment could be an outward expression of underlying disagreements or frustrations. Internal conflicts can have significant ripple effects on team chemistry and performance.

Lack of trust in Morey

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and when it wavers, tensions arise. If James Harden perceives a lack of trust in Daryl Morey’s decision-making or feels that his voice is not being heard, it could lead to a breakdown in their working relationship. Trust is especially critical when it comes to player empowerment, something that has gained traction in recent years. If Harden feels that his input is not valued by Morey, it may lead to feelings of alienation and prompt public critiques.

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Impact on the Philadelphia 76ers

Effect on team chemistry

Team chemistry is a delicate balance that can be easily disrupted by internal conflicts or public criticism. If Harden’s comments regarding Daryl Morey create divisions within the Philadelphia 76ers’ locker room, it could undermine trust among players and negatively impact their on-court performance. A harmonious and cohesive team environment is essential for success, and any disruption can have far-reaching consequences.

Potential trade or roster changes

Controversies and strained relationships within a team can often lead to significant changes in its composition. If the tensions between James Harden and Daryl Morey persist, the Philadelphia 76ers may explore trade options for Harden or initiate roster changes to alleviate the strain. Management will undoubtedly evaluate the impact of the situation on the team’s overall chemistry and determine the course of action that they believe best serves the organization’s long-term interests.

Media attention and scrutiny

Professional sports organizations are no strangers to media attention and scrutiny. The public nature of James Harden’s comment on Daryl Morey has thrust the Philadelphia 76ers into the center of a media storm. With journalists and analysts dissecting every aspect of the situation, the team will face heightened scrutiny and pressure to address and resolve the underlying issues quickly and effectively. The ability to navigate this media scrutiny can have a profound impact on the team’s image and reputation.

James Harden calls 76ers President Daryl Morey a liar 👀 | Get Up

Response from Daryl Morey

Possible statements or actions from Morey

Daryl Morey’s response to James Harden’s comment will be closely observed by fans, media, and other NBA teams. Morey may choose to address the issue head-on, speaking publicly to clarify his relationship with Harden and attempt to resolve any misunderstandings. Alternatively, he may opt to handle the matter privately, addressing Harden directly and working towards rebuilding trust behind closed doors. Whatever course of action Morey takes, it will undoubtedly be crucial in shaping the narrative and determining the future dynamics within the Philadelphia 76ers.

Handling the controversy

Handling controversies is a delicate art, requiring a delicate balance between transparency, accountability, and protecting the interests of the organization. Daryl Morey will need to navigate this controversy with poise and tact, ensuring that the message conveyed is clear and honest. By acknowledging Harden’s concerns, being open to dialogue, and working towards finding common ground, Morey can demonstrate his commitment to creating a positive and collaborative culture within the team.

Rebuilding trust with players

Rebuilding trust is a complex and time-consuming process, but it is essential for the long-term success of any team. Daryl Morey will need to take proactive steps to rebuild any trust that may have been damaged by the accusations made by James Harden. This may involve implementing measures to increase player input in decision-making, fostering open and honest communication channels, and demonstrating a genuine commitment to working collaboratively with the players. Building strong relationships and a sense of trust will be crucial for the Philadelphia 76ers’ future success.


The accusations made by James Harden against Daryl Morey have ignited a firestorm of speculation and debate within the basketball community. As the situation continues to unfold, the impact on their relationship and the Philadelphia 76ers remains to be seen. The complex dynamics at play, including personal grievances, internal conflicts, and public scrutiny, add layers of complexity to the issue. How Daryl Morey responds and the steps taken to rebuild trust will play a vital role in shaping the future implications for both Harden and Morey.

In the video titled “James Harden calls 76ers President Daryl Morey a liar 👀 | Get Up,” the crew from Get Up shares their thoughts on James Harden publicly accusing Daryl Morey, the president of the Philadelphia 76ers, of being dishonest. To stay updated on more sports news, make sure to subscribe to ESPN+ and download the ESPN App. Additionally, you can subscribe to ESPN and NBA on ESPN’s YouTube channels. Don’t forget, you can also watch ESPN on YouTube TV.

James Harden calls 76ers President Daryl Morey a liar 👀 | Get Up