Jason Kelce REACTS to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating Rumors

In the latest Entertainment Tonight video, Jason Kelce, the brother of Travis Kelce, addresses the dating rumors surrounding Taylor Swift and his brother. Jason initially seemed to confirm the rumors as true, but later clarified during an appearance on the Whit Morning Show that he doesn’t actually know much about Travis’s love life. While speculation about Travis and Taylor continues to spark conversation, Jason emphasizes the importance of respecting Travis’s privacy. Fans first started suspecting a connection between Travis and Tay back in July when he mentioned his attempt to shoot his shot with the singer during one of her concert stops. However, Jason suggests that Taylor’s lack of interest might be due to her not being over a past relationship yet. Ultimately, only time will reveal if Taylor and Travis are more than just friends.

Jason Kelce REACTS to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating Rumors

Jason Kelce’s reaction to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dating rumors

Jason’s initial thoughts on the rumors

When news of the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dating rumors first emerged, Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother, admitted to believing that the rumors were true. In an interview, he expressed his hope for confirmation of the relationship, stating that he thinks it’s all “100% true.” Jason’s reaction indicated his excitement and anticipation for potentially welcoming Taylor Swift into their family.

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Appearance on the Whit Morning Show

During an appearance on the Whit Morning Show, Jason Kelce addressed the rumors surrounding his brother’s love life. He confessed that he doesn’t know much about Travis’ romantic relationships, but emphasized the importance of respecting Travis’ privacy. Jason acknowledged that speculation about Travis and Taylor is a popular topic of conversation, primarily due to his brother’s high-profile career as an NFL player and Taylor Swift’s status as a globally recognized pop star.

Speculation about Travis and Taylor

Given Jason Kelce’s close relationship with Travis, fans and media alike viewed him as a potential source of inside information on Travis’ love life. The rumors about Travis and Taylor sparked intense interest and speculation among their followers. Jason found himself at the center of the public conversation, with many people believing that he had insider knowledge about the rumored relationship.

Jason’s perspective on Travis’ love life

While Travis Kelce’s love life is a topic of fascination, Jason emphasized that he aims to respect Travis’ privacy. He made reference to his 15-year-old daughter, who is a big fan of Taylor Swift, highlighting the complexities of having a family member in the public eye. Jason acknowledged the circulating rumors but focused on the fact that Travis is enjoying himself and having fun. He reiterated that he prefers to keep Travis’ personal life separate from the public sphere.

Jason’s attempt to shoot his shot with Taylor

During one of Taylor Swift’s concerts, Travis revealed that he had tried to connect with her. He expressed his desire to give her his number by gifting her a friendship bracelet with his contact information on it. However, Travis was disappointed when his attempt to meet Taylor did not go as planned. He shared his personal disappointment and admitted to feeling a little hurt that she didn’t want to meet him. This revelation piqued the interest of fans and media, creating further speculation about a potential relationship.

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Disappointment with the outcome

Travis Kelce’s disappointment with Taylor Swift’s lack of interaction with fans after her shows was a topic of discussion. Many fans were also disappointed when they learned that Taylor doesn’t typically meet anyone before or after her performances due to the need to preserve her voice. Jason Kelce shared his own perspective on the situation and interpreted Taylor’s behavior as a personal rejection. He sympathized with his brother’s feelings, acknowledging that such encounters can be subjective and vary from person to person.

Jason’s theory on Taylor’s cold shoulder

Jason speculated on the reasons behind Taylor Swift’s lack of interest in meeting Travis. He theorized that her previous relationship, which ended on a sour note, may have left her with trust issues or residual emotions. Jason also humorously mentioned Taylor’s allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles as a potential factor, suggesting that she might have fabricated an excuse to avoid interacting with Travis due to the rivalry between their teams.

Reports on Tay and Travis’ current relationship status

Reports from different sources presented contrasting information about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship status. One source denied the dating rumors, while another source confirmed that Travis indeed had a crush on Taylor. The conflicting reports further fueled speculation and added to the ambiguity surrounding their alleged romance.

Taylor’s previous relationship

Taylor Swift’s previous relationship with the 1975’s lead singer, Matty Healy, ended in June. This breakup left her presumably single at the moment and contributed to the speculation surrounding her relationship with Travis Kelce. Although Taylor’s previous relationship status is not directly linked to her rumored romance with Travis, it adds context to the ongoing curiosity surrounding her love life.

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Description of Travis’ personality and interests

Travis Kelce is described as a simple guy who possesses qualities that make him charismatic, funny, and chill. His love for playing football shines through in his personality. In addition, Travis embraces the joys of life and prioritizes spreading love and positivity. This description offers a glimpse into Travis’ character and sheds light on the qualities that might have attracted Taylor Swift.


The nature of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce remains an intriguing mystery. Fans and the media continue to speculate, eagerly awaiting further details and confirmation. The allure of celebrity romances and the fascination with high-profile individuals’ personal lives ensure that interest in Taylor and Travis’ supposed relationship will persist. Time will ultimately reveal the truth behind the rumors, but until then, the curiosity surrounding their connection remains.

Jason Kelce REACTS to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating Rumors