Jay-Dlynn Wiel talking that talk after Curaçao clinched its spot in the Championship game 🗣️ | LLWS

Jay-Dlynn Wiel, the baseball star from Curaçao, takes us behind the scenes after clinching a spot in the Championship game at the Little League World Series. In a captivating video by ESPN, Jay-Dlynn discusses his team’s performance, his confidence in their abilities, and the support they receive from their families and the entire island. With enthusiasm and determination, Jay-Dlynn expresses his desire to bring home the championship trophy to Curaçao after narrowly missing out on it last year. It’s clear that this team is motivated and ready to give it their all in the upcoming game.

In this interview with Sebastian Salazar, Jay-Dlynn shares his thoughts on the game-changing moments, praises his teammates, and highlights their ability to step up in big games. He acknowledges the challenges they have faced at the plate but shows confidence in their ability to rise above. With the support of their families and the overwhelming excitement back home, Jay-Dlynn and his teammates are focused on their ultimate goal: bringing the chip home to Curaçao. The passion and determination they possess set the stage for an intense and thrilling championship game.


Welcome to a comprehensive article recapping Jay-Dlynn Wiel’s post-game interview after their recent game. Jay-Dlynn Wiel is a talented athlete who plays for an amazing team and has achieved great success in their season. In this interview, Jay-Dlynn reflects on their team’s journey, their thoughts on the final out, their confidence in the team, and many other exciting topics. Join us as we delve into the mind of Jay-Dlynn Wiel and explore their insights and perspectives on this incredible journey.

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Jay-Dlynn Wiel talking that talk after Curaçao clinched its spot in the Championship game 🗣️ | LLWS


Before we dive into Jay-Dlynn Wiel’s post-game interview, let’s take a moment to understand the background and context of the game. Jay-Dlynn’s team has been performing remarkably well throughout the season, showcasing their skills and determination. The team has faced numerous challenges and triumphed over difficult opponents, which has led them to this crucial game. With all the excitement and anticipation building up, it’s time to explore Jay-Dlynn’s thoughts on their recent performance and what lies ahead.

Jay-Dlynn Wiel talking that talk after Curaçao clinched its spot in the Championship game 🗣️ | LLWS

Jay-Dlynn Wiel’s Post-Game Interview

Jay-Dlynn Wiel reflects on the final out

Jay-Dlynn is known for their ability to remain calm and composed under pressure. Reflecting on the final out of the recent game, Jay-Dlynn shares their thoughts on the intensity of the moment and the importance of staying focused. They describe how they approached the play, their initial reaction to the outcome, and the emotions that ran through their mind. As Jay-Dlynn recalls this crucial moment, we can truly appreciate the dedication and skill they bring to the game.

Confidence in the team

Confidence is a key factor in any successful team, and Jay-Dlynn’s team is no exception. In the interview, Jay-Dlynn expresses their unwavering belief in their teammates. They attribute the team’s success to the collective effort and trust they have built together throughout the season. Jay-Dlynn’s confidence in their team’s abilities shines through, creating a strong sense of unity and determination.

Stepping up in big games

Big games can be nerve-wracking, but for Jay-Dlynn, they present an opportunity to showcase their talent. In this section of the interview, Jay-Dlynn reveals their mindset when it comes to playing in high-stakes situations. They talk about the importance of stepping up and embracing the pressure, highlighting the drive to perform at their best. Jay-Dlynn’s ability to rise to the occasion adds a thrilling dynamic to their team’s gameplay.

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Approach against Fan Chen Jun’s pitching

Facing a talented pitcher like Fan Chen Jun requires a strategic approach. Jay-Dlynn shares their insights on dealing with high-quality pitching and the tactics employed by their team. They explain how they study the pitcher’s techniques and adapt their own strategy accordingly. Through their interview, we gain a glimpse into Jay-Dlynn’s mindset as they face off against formidable opponents.

Facing high-speed pitching

High-speed pitching can be intimidating for any batter, yet Jay-Dlynn embraces the challenge. They discuss their techniques for handling fastballs, offering valuable tips for other players. Jay-Dlynn’s ability to maintain focus and react quickly in these situations is truly impressive. Their experience as a player facing high-speed pitching provides valuable insights for aspiring athletes looking to improve their game.

The support from the fans and families

Behind every successful athlete, there is a group of dedicated fans and supportive families. Jay-Dlynn emphasizes the importance of this support system in their interview. They share heartwarming anecdotes about the impact fans and families have had on their journey, generating a sense of gratitude and motivation. Jay-Dlynn’s recognition of this support highlights the tight-knit bond between the team, their fans, and their families.

Praising teammate Helmer

In this section, Jay-Dlynn takes a moment to express their appreciation for a fellow teammate, Helmer. They reflect on Helmer’s contributions to the team and the positive influence they have had on Jay-Dlynn’s own performance. Highlighting Helmer’s skills and character, Jay-Dlynn’s words are a testament to the strong camaraderie within the team and the mutual respect and admiration shared among the players.

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Reflecting on last year’s championship game

In their interview, Jay-Dlynn reflects on a poignant moment from last year’s championship game. They discuss how that experience has shaped their mindset and approach towards the upcoming championship game. Jay-Dlynn’s reflections offer valuable insights into the importance of learning from past experiences and using them to fuel motivation and growth.

Jay-Dlynn Wiel talking that talk after Curaçao clinched its spot in the Championship game 🗣️ | LLWS

Looking ahead to the Championship Game

With the championship game on the horizon, Jay-Dlynn shares their thoughts on what lies ahead. They talk about the team’s preparation, strategy, and mental focus leading up to the big event. Jay-Dlynn’s determination to give their best and bring the championship home is palpable in their interview. As fans, we can’t help but be excited and eager to witness the upcoming game and see Jay-Dlynn and their team shine on the field.

Jay-Dlynn Wiel talking that talk after Curaçao clinched its spot in the Championship game 🗣️ | LLWS


In this comprehensive article, we have explored Jay-Dlynn Wiel’s post-game interview and gained valuable insights into their thoughts, perspectives, and experiences. Jay-Dlynn’s reflections on the final out, confidence in the team, stepping up in big games, and various other topics provide a deeper understanding of their journey. As the championship game approaches, we join Jay-Dlynn in their anticipation and wish them and their team the best of luck.

After Curaçao clinched its spot in the Championship game at the LLWS, Jay-Dlynn Wiel is seen talking with Sebastian Salazar. Make sure to subscribe to ESPN+ and get the ESPN App to stay updated with the latest news. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to ESPN and NBA on ESPN on YouTube for more exciting content. If you prefer to watch ESPN on YouTube TV, that’s also an option!

Jay-Dlynn Wiel talking that talk after Curaçao clinched its spot in the Championship game 🗣️ | LLWS