Jimmy Kimmel Was Thinking About Retirement Before Writers’ Strike

Have you heard the latest news about Jimmy Kimmel? It turns out that before the writers’ strike, he was seriously considering retirement. Can you believe it? With the strike going on for almost four months now, 121 days to be exact, the cast and crew of The neighborhood are still feeling the effects. But they’re standing together as a family, loud and proud, fighting for their rights. It’s not just about the glitz and glamour we see on TV, but the reality of dwindling residuals and the struggle behind the scenes. That’s why late-night comedy kings like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, and John Oliver are teaming up with their new podcast, Strike Force Five, to navigate the Hollywood strikes and support their out-of-work staff. In fact, Jimmy Kimmel even admitted that he was close to stepping away from his own show. Can you imagine? But now, with the strike, he’s had a change of heart and realizes that work can actually be quite nice. So, are you getting stir crazy too? Ready to go back to work? Trust me, you’re not alone. Even famous stars like Selena Gomez are getting called out for being tone-deaf amidst the strike. It’s a tough time for everyone in the industry, but together, they’re fighting for what’s right and hoping for a resolution soon. Stay updated with Strike Force Five’s podcast for all the latest on the strikes and more.

Jimmy Kimmel Was Thinking About Retirement Before Writers Strike

Background of the Writers’ Strike

The writers’ strike has been ongoing for nearly four months, lasting a total of 121 days. Throughout this period, both riders and actors have been receiving the silent treatment, experiencing limited communication and support. Despite these challenges, the cast and crew have come together as a family, standing united in their pursuit to fight for their rights. It is crucial for them to support one another, as the public often only sees the final results of their work, such as their appearance in makeup and their ability to make people laugh. However, behind the scenes, they face financial struggles, often receiving mere cents in residuals for their past work. This strike is a means for them to make a deal and ensure their needs are met. The urgency of the situation is evident, as demonstrated by their dedication, even in the uncomfortable conditions, such as being out in 100-degree weather and dealing with menopause and hot flashes. It is clear that their effort and sacrifice are worthwhile.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Perspective

Before the strike began, Jimmy Kimmel had been contemplating retirement. He was seriously considering stepping away from his show, questioning the value of work and what he wanted for his future. However, after experiencing the strike, he realized the importance of having a purpose and being productive. He admitted that, while working, thoughts of not working often cross his mind, but now he appreciates the fulfillment work brings. This change in perspective is a result of his personal experience during the strike, testifying to the transformative nature of the situation.

Jimmy Kimmel Was Thinking About Retirement Before Writers Strike

The Strike and Late Night Comedy Kings

In the midst of the strike, late-night comedy kings, including Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, and John Oliver, joined forces to help their out-of-work staff. They created the Strike Force Five podcast, where they discuss and navigate through the challenges faced by Hollywood during the strikes. This podcast serves as a platform for them to support their teams and address the issues surrounding the industry effectively. Through their collaboration, they aim to provide insight into the strikes and offer guidance beyond its duration. This collective effort demonstrates their commitment to not only their own work but to the broader entertainment community.

Jimmy Kimmel Was Thinking About Retirement Before Writers Strike

Jimmy Kimmel’s Close Call with Retirement

Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he was indeed serious about retirement, having privately shared these thoughts with others. The strike coincided with his planned retirement period, making it a close call for him. As the strike prevented him from working, he had the opportunity to consider whether retirement was truly what he desired. Ultimately, he realized that he still found value and enjoyment in his work. This revelation highlights the internal conflict that many individuals face when contemplating major life changes. The strike provided Kimmel with the time and space to reflect on his retirement plans and make a decision based on his experiences during the strike.

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Jimmy Kimmel Was Thinking About Retirement Before Writers Strike

Prohibited Promotion for Stars

Due to the ongoing strike, stars are prohibited from promoting any current TV or movie projects. This limitation poses challenges for celebrities who are used to regularly promoting their work. Selena Gomez, for instance, has been accused of breaking this rule after she posted and then deleted a video from the set of “Only Murders in the Building.” Fans have called her out, claiming that her actions were tone-deaf and insensitive given the circumstances of the strike. This incident serves as a reminder that even celebrities must adhere to the restrictions and regulations in place during the strikes.

Jimmy Kimmel Was Thinking About Retirement Before Writers Strike


The writers’ strike has had a profound impact on both the entertainment industry and the individuals involved. The duration of the strike and the silent treatment experienced by riders and actors have created challenging circumstances. However, amidst the struggles, the cast and crew have stood together as a family, united in their fight for their rights. Jimmy Kimmel’s personal perspective during this strike prompted him to reconsider retirement, recognizing the value of work and the fulfillment it brings. Late-night comedy kings have also come together to support their staff and address the challenges faced by the industry through the Strike Force Five podcast. The strike not only affects the working hours of these individuals but also prohibits stars from promoting their current projects, creating restrictions and limitations. As the strike continues, it remains essential for all involved to prioritize solidarity and the pursuit of fair treatment and recognition within the industry.

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