Kelly Ripa Reflects on 27 Years of Marriage & Working With Mark Consuelos

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Ripa opened up about her 27 years of marriage to Mark Consuelos and their experience working together. They reminisced about their first on-camera kiss, denying any claims of slipping the tongue. They also discussed the joys of being empty nesters and the desire to explore activities like a safari or a hiking trail as a couple. Throughout the interview, they reflected on their relationship, their support for each other, and their desire to know each other on a deeper level.

In the interview, Kelly and Mark shared intimate moments and anecdotes, showcasing their strong bond and genuine affection for each other. They expressed their nerves before every show and their excitement to interview celebrities like Lionel Messi. Overall, the interview was a testament to their enduring marriage and the mutual respect and love they share.

I. The First On-Camera Kiss

A. Rehearsed First Kiss

Kelly and Mark reflect on their first on-camera kiss and describe it as being very rehearsed. They mention that it was one of the toughest things they had to do, especially because of how attractive Kelly looked. Despite the pressure, they both enjoyed the experience and felt comfortable with each other.

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B. Denial of Slipping the Tongue

When asked if there was any tongue involved in the on-camera kiss, Kelly denies it, stating that it’s a personal rule of hers to not French kiss on set. Mark jokingly accuses Kelly of slipping the tongue, but Kelly playfully dismisses it and assures everyone that it didn’t happen. They laugh about how things were more relaxed and spontaneous in the 90s.

II. Enjoying Life as Empty Nesters

A. Quality Time Without Kids

Kelly and Mark discuss the benefits of being empty nesters and having more quality time together without their children. They mention that although their children still live with them sometimes, they appreciate the moments when they have the house to themselves and can focus solely on each other.

B. Rediscovering Themselves as a Couple

As empty nesters, Kelly and Mark have been able to rediscover themselves as a couple. They talk about how they got married early and started having children right away, so they didn’t have much time to spend alone as a couple. Now, they cherish the opportunity to do things together that they couldn’t do before, like going on vacation just the two of them. They emphasize the importance of nurturing their relationship and creating new memories.

Kelly Ripa Reflects on 27 Years of Marriage  Working With Mark Consuelos

III. Childhood Dreams and Future Aspirations

A. Kelly’s Childhood Dream of Becoming a Meteorologist

Kelly reveals that as a young child, her dream was to become a meteorologist. She mentions that it makes sense because she’s always fixated on the weather and constantly updates Mark on the latest forecasts. They joke about getting Kelly a weather wall at home so she can indulge in her passion even more.

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B. Future Couple Activities – Safari and Hiking Trail

Kelly and Mark discuss their future aspirations as a couple. They mention two activities they would like to do together: going on a safari and hiking a month-long trail. While Mark expresses an interest in climbing challenging mountains like K2 or Everest, Kelly prefers activities that don’t involve mountain climbing. Regardless, they both agree that sharing new adventures and experiences is something they look forward to as a couple.

C. Sharing and Pursuing Individual Dreams

In addition to their couple goals, Kelly and Mark talk about the importance of supporting each other’s individual dreams and aspirations. They recognize that they each have their own interests and ambitions outside of their marriage, and strive to encourage and uplift each other in pursuing those dreams.

IV. Overcoming Nerves and Supporting Each Other

A. Pre-Show Nervousness

Kelly and Mark admit that they both experience nerves before each show. They describe it as a natural reaction and something that keeps them on their toes. Despite the nerves, they feel that it indicates their passion and dedication for what they do.

B. Mutual Support and Encouragement

To overcome their pre-show nervousness, Kelly and Mark rely on each other for support and encouragement. They have developed a routine where they hold each other’s arms, look into each other’s eyes, and take deep breaths before going on stage. They credit their strong emotional connection and trust in each other for helping them feel more at ease and confident.

Kelly Ripa Reflects on 27 Years of Marriage  Working With Mark Consuelos

V. Dream Interview and Aspirations

A. Lionel Messi as the Ideal Interviewee

When asked about their dream interview, Kelly and Mark mention Lionel Messi. They express their admiration for his talent and the impact he has made in both the sports and entertainment world. They would love to have the opportunity to interview him on their show and discuss his journey and experiences.

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B. Pursuing Meaningful and Exciting Opportunities

Kelly and Mark share their desire to pursue meaningful and exciting opportunities in their careers. They believe in constantly challenging themselves and seeking new experiences that will allow them to grow personally and professionally. They are open to exploring different avenues and are motivated to make a positive impact in whatever they do.

VI. Reflection on Relationship and Hypothetical Scenarios

A. Being Together Since Middle School

Kelly and Mark reflect on their long-lasting relationship and contemplate what would have happened if they had met in middle school. They both agree that they would still be married today, emphasizing the deep connection they have and the love they share. They playfully joke about how they might have gotten into a few fights during their younger years but ultimately believe that they were always meant to be together.

B. Constantly Striving for Better Communication and Understanding

Despite their strong bond, Kelly and Mark acknowledge the importance of constantly striving for better communication and understanding in their relationship. They recognize that everyone has their own thoughts and feelings, and they express a desire to have more open conversations with each other. They highlight the need to create a safe space where they can share their innermost thoughts and concerns.

Kelly Ripa Reflects on 27 Years of Marriage  Working With Mark Consuelos

VII. Deepening Emotional Connection

A. Importance of Knowing Each Other’s Thoughts and Feelings

Kelly and Mark emphasize the significance of knowing each other’s thoughts and feelings. They believe that open and honest communication is vital for maintaining a strong emotional bond. They express a desire to deepen their connection by understanding each other on a deeper level and being there for one another in times of joy and hardship.

B. Continuously Strengthening the Emotional Bond

Kelly and Mark discuss the importance of continuously working on strengthening their emotional bond. They mention that their 27 years of marriage is a testament to their commitment and love for each other. They express gratitude for the journey they have been on together and look forward to many more years of growth and happiness.