Kim Cattrall PRAISES Selena Gomez’s Sex and the City Lip Sync on TikTok!

In an exciting turn of events, Kim Cattrall has expressed her admiration for Selena Gomez’s lip sync performance of a Sex and the City moment on TikTok. The video, posted by Entertainment Tonight, features Selena channeling Samantha Jones as she delivers a memorable line shutting down one of her suitors. The clip quickly gained popularity, amassing nearly 5 million views, with Kim herself giving it a thumbs up on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating, “I approved this message.” Coinciding with Selena’s video, fans are also eagerly anticipating Kim’s highly awaited return to the Sex and the City universe in the spin-off series, “And Just Like That.” While it remains to be seen if Samantha has a future with the series, Kim’s portrayal of the character, known for her iconic one-liners and fabulous fashion choices, has left an indelible mark, making her a beloved and timeless figure for fans worldwide.


In the world of lip-syncing on social media, there are plenty of celebrities who have showcased their skills. However, when Selena Gomez recently took to TikTok to channel Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, it caught the attention of fans and cast members alike. One particular cast member, Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones on the hit series, couldn’t help but shower Gomez with praise for her fantastic portrayal. Let’s dive into the details of Selena Gomez’s tribute and Kim Cattrall’s reaction.

Selena Gomez Channels Samantha Jones

In a stunning recreation of an iconic moment from Sex and the City, Selena Gomez channeled her inner Samantha Jones. She lip-synced a hilarious and memorable scene from the show, displaying her acting prowess as she effortlessly embodied the bold and sassy character. The video quickly gained traction on TikTok, with fans applauding Gomez’s ability to capture Samantha’s essence. Not only did she perfectly mimic the mannerisms and expressions, but she also nailed the delivery, making fans of the original series nostalgic for the beloved character.

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To make her rendition even more engaging, Gomez cleverly chose to use a viral sound set to Haddaway’s ‘What is Love.’ The combination of the iconic scene and the infectious sound led to the video’s widespread popularity, further solidifying Gomez’s status as a talented entertainer with an eye for detail.

Kim Cattrall PRAISES Selena Gomezs Sex and the City Lip Sync on TikTok!

Kim Cattrall’s Approval

When Kim Cattrall caught wind of Selena Gomez’s lip-sync tribute, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Taking to social media, the actress showered Gomez with praise for her spot-on portrayal of Samantha Jones. Cattrall’s reaction was overflowing with positivity and admiration, as she commended Gomez’s talent and dedication to capturing the essence of the iconic character.

Expressing her delight with emojis and a heartfelt message, Cattrall’s thumbs up was a resounding endorsement of Gomez’s performance. This unexpected show of support not only thrilled fans of both actresses but also generated buzz around the video, drawing more attention to Gomez’s excellent tribute.

Selena Gomez’s Viral Video

Selena Gomez’s lip-sync video quickly went viral, accumulating nearly 5 million views on TikTok. The overwhelming response from fans and fellow Sex and the City enthusiasts showcased the widespread appreciation for Gomez’s tribute to Samantha Jones. Among the millions of viewers was none other than Kim Cattrall herself, who joined in the collective celebration of Gomez’s homage.

This unexpected connection between the original actress and her ardent fan adds a layer of excitement and validation to Gomez’s performance. The fact that Cattrall took notice and reacted positively only serves to solidify Gomez’s skill and authenticity in capturing Samantha Jones’s spirit.

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Kim Cattrall PRAISES Selena Gomezs Sex and the City Lip Sync on TikTok!

Kim Cattrall’s Return to Sex and the City

Kim Cattrall’s return as Samantha Jones has been long-awaited by Sex and the City fans. While Kim Cattrall chose not to reprise her role in the main revival series, ‘And Just Like That,’ she did make a surprise appearance in the spin-off’s second season. Fans were thrilled to see Cattrall grace the screen once again, bringing back the beloved character that had become synonymous with her name.

Kim Cattrall’s Cameo in the Spin-off Series

When it comes to the iconic looks of Samantha Jones, one name stands out: Patricia Field. The talented costume designer played a crucial role in shaping Samantha’s fashion-forward and boundary-pushing style. Working in collaboration with Kim Cattrall, Field crafted numerous memorable outfits that became an integral part of Samantha’s character.

In her cameo appearance in ‘And Just Like That Season 2,’ Kim Cattrall’s outfits were once again designed by Patricia Field. The synergy between Cattrall and Field was evident, with the cohesive vision resulting in stunning and head-turning ensembles. While Samantha’s fashion has evolved with the times, there were still unexpected elements in Field’s designs that delighted both old and new fans of the show.

Kim Cattrall PRAISES Selena Gomezs Sex and the City Lip Sync on TikTok!

The Future of Samantha Jones

As Samantha Jones continues to captivate audiences, one can’t help but wonder about the character’s future. While Cattrall has made it clear that she won’t be returning for further seasons of the main revival series, ‘And Just Like That,’ she has acknowledged the possibility of dipping her toe into Samantha’s world again. This statement has fans eagerly speculating about potential appearances or spin-offs that could explore Samantha’s story further.

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Samantha Jones has proven to be a timeless character, an embodiment of empowerment, and an unapologetic advocate for women’s sexuality and independence. Kim Cattrall’s portrayal of Samantha holds a special place in the hearts of fans, and her sincere appreciation for the character shines through in her interviews and social media interactions.

Renewal of the Sex and the City Spin-off

Despite initial concerns about the absence of Samantha Jones, ‘And Just Like That’ has been renewed for a third season. The continuation of the series without Cattrall’s character sparked mixed reactions among longtime fans, who were undoubtedly invested in seeing Samantha’s journey unfold. However, the renewal announcement also brings hope for the exploration of new storylines and the developments of the remaining beloved characters.

While Kim Cattrall has made it clear that she won’t be returning to the main revival series, her fans eagerly await any project that might involve her reprising her role as Samantha Jones. The possibilities of spin-offs or potential collaborations keep the excitement alive, ensuring that Samantha will forever remain a relevant and treasured character in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Kim Cattrall PRAISES Selena Gomezs Sex and the City Lip Sync on TikTok!


Selena Gomez’s lip-sync tribute to Samantha Jones from Sex and the City not only showcased her exceptional acting and lip-syncing skills but also garnered the praise of the original actress, Kim Cattrall. The viral video captivated millions of viewers on TikTok, including Cattrall herself, who thoroughly enjoyed Gomez’s homage to the iconic character.

While Kim Cattrall has returned to the Sex and the City universe in the spin-off series, ‘And Just Like That,’ her full-time comeback as Samantha Jones remains uncertain. Nevertheless, fans continue to hold out hope for further explorations of Samantha’s story and the renewal of the beloved character’s presence.

As we eagerly await new developments in the Sex and the City spin-off and potential future projects, the enduring legacy of Samantha Jones will persist, resonating with fans both old and new. Whether through Selena Gomez’s delightful tribute or Kim Cattrall’s impeccable portrayal, Samantha’s empowering spirit and fearless approach towards life continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.