Lies of P Everything to Know

In “Lies of P Everything to Know,” GameSpot introduces us to a unique spin on the classic tale of Pinocchio. This game, dropping on September 19th, takes inspiration from the dark and challenging gameplay of From Software titles like Bloodborne and Dark Souls. As the player, you awaken as the humanoid puppet P in an abandoned train station, with a mysterious voice in your head guiding you to find Mr. Gepetto in the city. The game is set in a fictional city called krat, inspired by the Bellapock era, where bloodthirsty automatons roam the grim urban landscape. What sets this game apart is its weapon-making system, allowing you to craft over 100 variations of melee weapons with unique attributes and animations. Additionally, Lies of P features a lie system, where your choices and lies will impact the story’s outcome. The game will be available for PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4, with a standard and deluxe edition including several bonuses.

In the dark and elegant world of Lies of P, you’ll face challenging combat against enemies with unique animations and powerful attacks. The game’s third-person perspective will be familiar to fans of Souls-like games, requiring well-timed dodges and strategic attacks. But what makes this game even more exciting is the weapon-making system, allowing you to create over 100 melee weapons with their own set of attributes and animations. And if weapon durability isn’t your cup of tea, fear not! You can restore your weapons’ full strength using P’s mechanized arm grinder. Alongside the combat, Lies of P also introduces a lie system where your choices and lies will influence the events of the game and its multiple endings. With a release date of September 19th, Lies of P will be available on various platforms, including Xbox Game Pass, offering an immersive and thrilling experience for fans of the Soulsborne genre.

Lies of P Everything to Know


The Story of Pinocchio

In the original story of Pinocchio, a poor puppeteer named Geppetto carves a puppet out of enchanted wood. Pinocchio makes a series of poor choices before meeting a fairy and confessing his dream of becoming a real boy. In “Lies of P,” the player awakens as the humanoid puppet P, also known as Pinocchio, in an abandoned train station. The game takes inspiration from the original story and explores Pinocchio’s journey to become human.

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Setting: Krat City

The game is set in Krat City, a fictional city inspired by the Bellapock era in Europe. Once a beautiful city, it is now a grim urban landscape filled with bloodthirsty automatons. In the past, Geppetto discovered a substance called Ergo, which allowed him to create living puppets. Pinocchio, powered by P organs and quartz, is one of these puppets. Krat City’s history is marked by a Puppet Frenzy, where the puppets went on a rampage, attacking humans who tried to escape through the Krat Central Station.

Puppet Frenzy and Pinocchio’s Uniqueness

During the Puppet Frenzy, the puppets broke the command of not harming humans but were still incapable of lying. Pinocchio stands out from the other puppets due to his ability to lie, which becomes a crucial element in his journey to obtain his humanity. The game introduces a mysterious voice named Sophia, who can wield the power of Ergo and grants Pinocchio the same power. Pinocchio must navigate the treacherous city, learning to trust no one and using his doll-like body to survive.

The Voice of Sophia

Sophia, the voice that guides Pinocchio, possesses the power of Ergo. It is through this power that she can communicate with Pinocchio and grant him the ability to lie. Sophia’s role in the game is pivotal, as she guides Pinocchio on his quest to become human and navigate the challenges of Krat City.


Third Person Perspective

“Lies of P” is designed to be played from a third-person perspective. Players familiar with games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls will feel at home in Krat City. As Pinocchio, players must navigate through the city’s grim landscape, engaging in combat and overcoming various challenges.

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Combat Mechanics

The combat mechanics in “Lies of P” require players to weave together attacks and well-timed dodges. Each enemy in the game has unique combat animations and poses a threat to Pinocchio’s health. Similar to From Software games, combat requires skill and precision to defeat enemies effectively.

Weapon-Making System

What sets “Lies of P” apart from other games is its weapon-making system. Players can craft over 100 variations of melee weapons by combining different blades and handles. Each weapon combination comes with its own set of unique attributes and animations, allowing players to discover their preferred playstyle.

Fable Arts and Unique Skills

Fable Arts are special skills in “Lies of P” that can be used by consuming Fable Slots. These skills add depth to combat, enabling players to unleash powerful attacks and turn the tide in battles. Experimenting with different Fable Arts and finding the right combinations can be essential to overcoming challenging foes.

Weapon Durability and Upgrades

In “Lies of P,” weapons have durability and will get weaker as players use them to attack and block. However, players can restore their weapons to full strength for free using the grinder on Pinocchio’s mechanized arm. Additionally, visiting Eugenie at The Krat Hotel allows players to upgrade their weapons, increasing their durability and overall effectiveness.

Customization of Legion Arms

Pinocchio’s mechanized prosthetic left arm, known as a Legion Arm, can be customized for use in combat. There are various types of Legion Arms, each offering different abilities. For example, there is a Legion Arm that delivers a heavy punch, one that releases an electric blast, and even a harpoon that can pull enemies closer to Pinocchio’s blade. Customizing the Legion Arms allows players to tailor their combat style to their preferences.

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Lie System

“Lies of P” incorporates a lie system where players are presented with situations where they must decide whether to tell the truth or lie. Depending on the choices made and the lies told, these interactions will impact the story’s outcome. The lie system adds an extra layer of depth to the game’s narrative and encourages players to consider the consequences of their actions.

Lies of P Everything to Know

Release Info

Release Date and Platforms

“Lies of P” is set to release on September 19th. The game will be available on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. Players on Xbox Game Pass will have the opportunity to play the game as part of their subscription.

Game Editions and Bonuses

Players can choose from two editions of “Lies of P”: the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition costs $60 and includes the Mischievous Puppet’s Parade Hat and Puppet’s Clothes as bonuses. The Deluxe Edition, priced at $70, offers additional content such as pre-order bonuses, cosmetic DLC, a limited-edition Steelbook case, a hardcover art book, the original soundtrack, and 72-hour early access starting September 16th. Players can select the edition that best suits their preferences and desire for additional content.

September 19 – Lies of P game release


In Lies of P, an exciting spin on the classic tale of Pinocchio, you take on the role of the humanoid puppet, P. You find yourself in an abandoned train station, guided by a mysterious voice and a note urging you to find Mr. Gepetto in the city.


Drawing inspiration from the challenging Soulsborne genre, Lies of P requires you to master the art of timing your attacks and dodges. Each enemy possesses unique combat animations and the ability to quickly deplete P’s health. However, what sets this game apart is its extensive weapon-making system. By combining various blades and handles, you can create over 100 different melee weapons. These weapons aren’t just for show, as each combination yields its own distinct attributes and animations. In addition, there are Fable Arts – special skills that can be activated by consuming Fable Slots.

Release Date:

Lies of P is set to be released on September 19th.

Lies of P Everything to Know