Mariah Carey and Her Twins Reveal NEW ADDITIONS to Their Family

In a heartwarming announcement on Instagram, Mariah Carey and her beloved twins, Moroccan and Monroe, introduced two adorable new members to their family – two kittens named Nacho and Rocky Jr. Mariah, who lovingly refers to her children as “Dem Babies,” shared a series of summer snapshots with her little ones, including the furry additions. The caption of the post playfully incorporated Mariah’s own lyrics, with the singer expressing her excitement over the new family members. These precious kittens have undoubtedly brought even more joy and responsibility to the lives of Mariah, Moroccan, and Monroe, as they continue to embrace the spotlight while also enjoying a normal childhood. Life with these furry friends is certainly sweet!

With Mariah Carey as their mom, Moroccan and Monroe aren’t your average 12-year-olds. Mariah believes in giving her kids a normal childhood, complete with chores and a strong work ethic. She wants them to understand the value of hard work and not take anything for granted. Through her loving guidance, Mariah is instilling important values in her children, ensuring that they grow up to be responsible and grateful individuals. And now, with the addition of Nacho and Rocky Jr., Mariah’s twins have even more responsibility and happiness in their lives – a life filled with the sweet companionship of furry friends.

Mariah Carey and Her Twins Reveal NEW ADDITIONS to Their Family

Mariah Carey’s New Additions to Her Family

Introduction of the Kittens on Instagram

Have you heard the exciting news? Mariah Carey and her adorable twins, Moroccan and Monroe, have just welcomed two new furry members to their family! In a series of heartwarming snapshots shared on Instagram, Mariah introduced the world to Nacho and Rocky Jr., two adorable kittens. Mariah even playfully referred to her beloved children as “Dem Kittens,” a fun twist on their nickname, Dem Babies. Let’s dive into this heartwarming story and learn more about Mariah’s love for her children and their unique upbringing.

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Meeting the Dem Babies

Snapshots from the Summer

Mariah Carey’s fans were in for a treat when she shared a collection of snapshots from her summer adventures with Moroccan and Monroe. In one delightful photo, Mariah revealed the adorable addition of two little kittens to their family. She took the opportunity to include a lyric from one of her songs in the caption, saying, “Summer prolonged, even though I try, I can’t let go. Even I can’t let go. Something in your eyes, soul.” The excitement and joy in Mariah’s words were evident as she introduced #DemKittens, Nacho and Rocky Jr.

Mariah Carey and Her Twins Reveal NEW ADDITIONS to Their Family

Mariah’s Love for Her Children

The Twins’ Presence in the Spotlight

As the children of two talented and successful musicians, Moroccan and Monroe have experienced their fair share of the spotlight. Mariah and her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, have always been proud parents, showcasing their children’s talents and achievements. The twins are no strangers to the stage, and their fearless performances have left Mariah brimming with pride. Whether it’s singing or dancing, Moroccan and Monroe have embraced their showbiz genes and become stars in their own right.

Mariah Carey and Her Twins Reveal NEW ADDITIONS to Their Family

The Unique Childhood of the Twins

Instilling a Work Ethic

While Mariah and Nick’s children may have extraordinary lives, Mariah always strives to provide them with a normal childhood. She recognizes the importance of instilling a strong work ethic in her little ones. Mariah believes that her children should not have a sense of entitlement and should understand the value of hard work. To achieve this, she has introduced them to chores and responsibilities. By assigning tasks and giving them the opportunity to earn a small reward, Mariah hopes to teach her children the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing tasks independently.

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Mariah Carey and Her Twins Reveal NEW ADDITIONS to Their Family

The Twins and Their New Responsibility

Life with More Furry Friends

Now, with the addition of Nacho and Rocky Jr., Moroccan and Monroe have even more responsibility on their little shoulders. Mariah and her twins are excited to welcome their new furry friends into their family dynamic. As they grow up alongside their kittens, the children will learn about empathy, compassion, and the importance of caring for another living being. Life with more furry friends is bound to be filled with love, joy, and endless moments of pure happiness.

Mariah Carey and Her Twins Reveal NEW ADDITIONS to Their Family


The introduction of Nacho and Rocky Jr. to Mariah Carey’s family brings forth a wave of joy and excitement. These adorable kittens are not just pets but beloved members of their household. Mariah’s love for her children knows no bounds, and the addition of these furry friends only enhances their already special bond. As Moroccan and Monroe continue their journey through childhood and navigate the joys and responsibilities that come with it, their loving parents, Mariah and Nick, will be there every step of the way. The Carey-Cannon household is a place filled with love, laughter, and furry cuddles, creating a truly magical environment for these amazing children to grow and flourish.

Mariah Carey and her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, have some exciting news to share with you. Their family has recently expanded, and they couldn’t wait to introduce the newest members on Instagram. In her caption, Mariah playfully references her nickname for her kids, Dem Babies, and reveals the names of their adorable new furry additions: Nacho and Rocky Jr. Check out the cute photos and welcome the #DemKittens to Mariah’s family! [Link to Instagram post]

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