‘My Unorthodox Life’ Star Makes Alarming Breastfeeding Confession About Her Brother

In a recent podcast appearance, Julia Hart, star of “My Unorthodox Life,” shocked listeners with a surprising breastfeeding confession about her younger brother. Julia, who comes from a community within Orthodox Judaism, revealed that she nursed her brother at her mother’s request, alongside her own newborn daughter. She reflects on her unorthodox upbringing, likening it to an existence in the 1800s, and discusses her decision to leave the community at the age of 42. Through her candid revelations and the success of the Netflix reality series, Julia’s post-orthodox life has gained significant attention, prompting her to write her first book titled “Brazen.” As she continues to navigate her journey, Julia’s story serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for others who may be experiencing similar struggles. The release of season three for “My Unorthodox Life” is highly anticipated, as Julia strives to share her story and empower others, reminding us that strength and growth often come from unexpected places.

My Unorthodox Life Star’s Alarming Breastfeeding Confession About Her Brother

My Unorthodox Life Star Makes Alarming Breastfeeding Confession About Her Brother

Background Information

In a surprising revelation, Julia Hart, star of the Netflix series ‘My Unorthodox Life,’ made a shocking confession about her upbringing on the ‘Not Skinny but Not Fat’ podcast. Julia disclosed that she nursed her younger brother per her mother’s request. This alarming revelation offers a glimpse into Julia’s unorthodox childhood.

Julia’s Unorthodox Upbringing

Julia was raised within a group that adhered to Orthodox Judaism but held beliefs and practices in opposition to modern norms. According to Julia, this community resembled an existence from the 1800s, where practices such as wet nursing were prevalent. Growing up, Julia had questions about her upbringing but kept them to herself, silently questioning the world she lived in. However, at the age of 42, she made the courageous decision to leave the community and embrace a modern lifestyle.

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The Revelation on ‘Not Skinny but Not Fat’ Podcast

During her interview on the ‘Not Skinny but Not Fat’ podcast, Julia shared the shocking revelation that she had nursed her younger brother. At the time, Julia had just welcomed her own daughter, Sheva, while her mother had given birth to her brother. Her mother, seeing that Julia was already nursing her daughter, made the unconventional request for Julia to nurse her brother as well. Julia complied with her mother’s request, resulting in a unique and uncomfortable situation for both Julia and her brother.

Her Mother’s Request and Justification

Julia’s mother’s request for her to nurse her younger brother may seem bizarre to outsiders, but it aligns with the community’s beliefs and practices. In the world Julia grew up in, where women were considered second-class citizens, the notion of wet nursing was not uncommon. Julia’s mother saw it as a practical solution, drawing parallels to a time when wet nurses were prevalent. While the request may raise eyebrows, it sheds light on the unorthodox upbringing Julia experienced.

My Unorthodox Life Star Makes Alarming Breastfeeding Confession About Her Brother

The Uncomfortable Reality for Julia and Her Brother

The act of breastfeeding one’s sibling can be seen as a breach of societal norms. It raises questions about boundaries, personal comfort, and familial relationships. While Julia complied with her mother’s request, it is unclear how her brother feels about the situation. Julia speculates that he is aware of what happened, but regardless, nursing one’s sibling can undoubtedly create an uncomfortable dynamic within a family.

Julia’s Journey out of Orthodox Judaism

Leaving the Orthodox Jewish community was a significant turning point in Julia’s life. In 2013, at the age of 42, Julia made the decision to leave behind the only life she had known. The transition was not easy for her, as she had never experienced many aspects of a modern lifestyle. From going on dates to visiting bars or clubs, Julia had to navigate a whole new world outside the confines of the community she grew up in. It was a process of self-discovery and adjustment to an entirely different way of life.

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My Unorthodox Life Star Makes Alarming Breastfeeding Confession About Her Brother

Challenges of Adjusting to the Outside World

For someone who had never experienced elements of modern living, the challenges of adjusting to the outside world were vast. Julia had to learn to navigate social situations, make choices for herself, and find her place in a society vastly different from what she had known. The transition was undoubtedly daunting, but Julia’s determination and courage guided her through this transformative period of her life.

Becoming the Face of ‘My Unorthodox Life’

Julia’s participation in the Netflix reality series ‘My Unorthodox Life’ was a significant milestone in her journey. The show provided a platform for Julia to share her story with a global audience, shedding light on her unorthodox upbringing and her path to independence. Through the series, viewers got a glimpse into Julia’s life and the challenges she faced while adjusting to the modern world.

My Unorthodox Life Star Makes Alarming Breastfeeding Confession About Her Brother

The Impact and Success of the Show

‘My Unorthodox Life’ garnered immense success and left a lasting impact on its viewers. Julia’s raw and honest portrayal resonated with audience members from various backgrounds. The show not only sparked conversations about different cultural practices but also inspired individuals to reflect on their own paths towards self-discovery and liberation.

Sharing Her Story in ‘Brazen’

Motivated by a desire for honesty and transparency, Julia penned her first book, ‘Brazen.’ In this memoir, she shares her experiences and insights gained through her unorthodox journey. Julia acknowledges that her path was far from smooth, and by openly discussing her mistakes and escapades, she hopes to provide solace and guidance to others who may be struggling. The importance of sharing her unvarnished truth becomes evident, as it allows readers to see the challenges she faced and understand that no journey is without its complexities.

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My Unorthodox Life Star Makes Alarming Breastfeeding Confession About Her Brother

The Importance of Honesty and Transparency

Julia’s decision to share her story authentically is rooted in the belief that transparency is essential, particularly when discussing one’s past. By embracing her own vulnerabilities, Julia offers a relatable and honest account of her life. This level of openness is crucial, as it ensures that others going through similar journeys can find solace and support in Julia’s experiences.

Future of ‘My Unorthodox Life’

The overwhelmingly positive response to ‘My Unorthodox Life’ has left fans eagerly anticipating the announcement of a third season. As of now, details about the show’s future remain unconfirmed. However, given Julia’s commitment to sharing her story, it is safe to assume that she will continue using her platform to shed light on her cultural background and inspire others.

Speculations on Season 3

While the specifics of a potential third season are unclear, fans have been speculating about what it could entail. Viewers are eager to witness Julia’s continued growth and exploration of her newfound independence. Whether it delves deeper into Julia’s personal life, her professional endeavors, or her ongoing journey of self-discovery, there is no doubt that a third season would captivate audiences around the world.

Julia’s Commitment to Continue Sharing Her Story

Regardless of what the future holds for ‘My Unorthodox Life,’ Julia remains dedicated to sharing her story in whatever medium she can. From reality television to writing a book, she understands that her experiences and insights can provide support and guidance to others. Her commitment to openness and authenticity ensures that her journey will continue to inspire and empower those who encounter it.


Julia Hart’s shocking confession about nursing her younger brother provides a glimpse into her unorthodox upbringing within Orthodox Judaism. Her journey out of the community, her involvement in ‘My Unorthodox Life,’ and the release of her memoir, ‘Brazen,’ highlight the importance of honesty and transparency. Julia’s commitment to sharing her story not only challenges societal norms but also serves as a source of inspiration for those on their own paths of self-discovery. As we await news of a potential third season of ‘My Unorthodox Life,’ one thing remains clear: Julia’s story will continue to captivate and empower audiences for years to come.