Novak Djokovic’s reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton | US Open

Novak Djokovic’s reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton at the US Open is nothing short of incredible. In an interview with ESPN, Djokovic expressed his gratitude towards the crowd and the atmosphere, emphasizing how their support played a key role in his success. He attributed his ability to thrive in such high-pressure situations to his love for Grand Slams and his relentless work ethic, which keeps him motivated and inspired to give his best on the court. Despite facing tough opponents, Djokovic remains focused and determined, knowing that each match will demand his utmost discipline and dedication. Looking ahead to the finals between Alcaraz and Medved, Djokovic expects a challenging match regardless of which player he faces, acknowledging their incredible skills and form. He is eager to watch the match, enjoying it with his feet up, some popcorn, and a good drink.

Novak Djokovic has undoubtedly cemented his place as one of tennis’ greatest players, and his journey to the 36th Major Final is a testament to his unwavering passion and commitment to the sport. He acknowledges the importance of discipline, willpower, and clarity in achieving success, and despite his numerous achievements, he believes there is still more he can contribute to the sport. Djokovic’s anticipation for the finals highlights his respect for his opponents and his excitement to witness a thrilling match unfold. As he prepares for the upcoming challenge, Djokovic’s unwavering dedication and hunger for victory shine through, leaving fans eager to see him add another Grand Slam title to his remarkable career.

Novak Djokovic’s reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton | US Open

Acknowledging the crowd and atmosphere

Novak Djokovic expresses his gratitude towards the crowd and the electric atmosphere at the US Open. He acknowledges the amazing support from the fans and appreciates their presence for both players. The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd motivate Djokovic to perform at his best and give his all in every match.

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Thriving in the environment

Djokovic reveals that he thrives in the high-pressure environment of major tournaments like the US Open. These matches and occasions inspire him and push him to work harder every day. He enjoys the challenge of playing in front of a passionate crowd and finds it invigorating to compete against top players on such a big stage.

Novak Djokovics reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton | US Open

Motivation from Grand Slam tournaments

As the most prestigious events in tennis, Grand Slam tournaments hold a special place for Djokovic. He acknowledges that these tournaments carry the most weight in the sport and serve as a tremendous source of motivation for him. Djokovic strives to play his best tennis and deliver exceptional performances on the grandest stage, pushing himself to new heights with each Grand Slam appearance.

Facing American players

Djokovic discusses the challenges of facing American players in the US Open. He admits that playing against home favorites adds an extra layer of pressure, and he has to remain composed and steady in crucial moments. Despite the nerves, he manages to handle the pressure well and adapt to the unique atmosphere of competing against American players.

Novak Djokovics reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton | US Open

Handling the pressure

In the match against Ben Shelton, Djokovic experienced both smooth progress and a close match. He mentions that things were going smoothly for him initially, but Shelton’s comeback made the match highly competitive. Djokovic embraces the pressure and realizes that the game could have gone either way. He stays focused and composed, ultimately emerging victorious.

Enjoying the atmosphere

Djokovic reveals his enjoyment of the vibrant atmosphere at the US Open. With the roof closed, the atmosphere becomes even more intense, and the crowd’s enthusiasm reaches new heights. Playing in front of a passionate audience is something that Djokovic and all players appreciate. The electrifying atmosphere adds an extra level of excitement and motivation to his game.

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Novak Djokovics reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton | US Open

Discipline and hard work

When asked about his continued improvement at this age, Djokovic emphasizes the importance of discipline and hard work. He attributes his success to a combination of discipline, willpower, and clarity in setting both short-term and long-term goals. Despite achieving a lot throughout his career, Djokovic believes there is still more to give to the sport. He remains driven and committed to reaching new heights in the game.

Continued improvement at this age

Djokovic acknowledges that he has been fortunate to play professional tennis for many years. Despite his accomplishments, he still feels that he has more to accomplish and contribute to the sport. Believing that he has something left in his legs, Djokovic stays dedicated to his craft and strives to deliver exceptional performances in future Grand Slam finals.

Novak Djokovics reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton | US Open

Expectations for the finals

Looking ahead to the finals, Djokovic expects it to be the toughest match of the tournament for him. Regardless of whether he faces Alcaraz or Medved, both players are incredibly talented and in great form. Djokovic recognizes their skills and achievements and believes that he will face a significant challenge. However, he admits that watching the finals with a relaxed mindset, enjoying the match with feet up and some refreshments, will be a pleasant experience for him.

Toughest match of the tournament

Acknowledging the strength and abilities of his potential opponents in the finals, Djokovic expects a tough battle. In particular, he mentions Daniel Medvedev, who defeated him in the Grand Slam finals a few years ago, as one of the most consistent players in the US Open in recent years. Additionally, he praises Carlos Alcaraz for his achievements at such a young age. Djokovic anticipates a highly competitive and enjoyable match against either player.

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Novak Djokovics reaction to advancing to his 36th Major Final after defeating Ben Shelton | US Open

Praise for Alcaraz and Medved

Djokovic highlights the remarkable achievements of both Carlos Alcaraz and Daniel Medvedev. Alcaraz, being only 20 years old, has already displayed incredible talent and potential in the sport. Djokovic recognizes his impact and describes him as an amazing player who brings significant value to the sport. Regarding Medvedev, Djokovic acknowledges his consistency and impressive performances in recent years. He commends Medvedev’s achievements and recognizes him as a formidable opponent.

Enjoying the finals

In conclusion, Djokovic expresses his gratitude for reaching his 36th Major Final and looks forward to enjoying the experience. He plans to watch the finals with a relaxed mindset, indulging in some popcorn and drinks while witnessing the battle between Alcaraz and Medvedev. Djokovic remains thankful for the opportunity to compete at such a high level and is excited to witness the culmination of the US Open with anticipation and enjoyment.

Novak Djokovic, you field questions after your victorious match against Ben Shelton, securing your place in the 36th Major Final, a record-breaking achievement.

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