Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘The Grudge’: Why Fans Think It’s a Taylor Swift DISS Track

Olivia Rodrigo’s newest track, “The Grudge,” has sparked rumors of a feud with Taylor Swift, leaving fans convinced that the song is a diss track directed towards the Grammy winner. In order to understand the context, let’s catch you up to speed. Olivia has been open about being a self-proclaimed Swifty for most of her life, constantly expressing her admiration for Taylor. However, things took a turn after the release of Olivia’s debut album, “sour,” as she faced criticism for similarities between her songs and Taylor’s. The tension escalated when Taylor was retroactively credited on Olivia’s hit single, “Deja Vu,” leading to speculations and theories from fans. Now, with the release of “The Grudge,” fans are digging deep into the lyrics to find hints and references that point towards a Taylor Swift diss track. From mentioning specific days related to her album release to alluding to past conflicts, Olivia’s song has become a subject of intense analysis and interpretation by fans.

Background Information

Olivia Rodrigo’s love for Taylor Swift:

Olivia Rodrigo has been a self-proclaimed Swifty for most of her life, often gushing over the Grammy winner at the start of her music career. She has expressed admiration for Taylor’s songwriting skill and considers her a genius songwriter. Taylor Swift reciprocated the love publicly at the time, creating a positive dynamic between the two artists. However, things took a turn after the release of Olivia’s debut album, “sour.”

Credit controversy between Olivia and Taylor:

One of the major conflicts between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift revolves around song credits. Olivia’s track “One Step Forward, Three Steps Back” initially received approval to use an interpolation of Taylor’s 2017 song “New Year’s Day.” The similarities between the two songs were quite obvious, with references to glitter on the floor and girls carrying their shoes down in the lobby. But fans were confused when they noticed that Taylor was retroactively credited on one of Olivia’s biggest hits, “Deja Vu,” due to an apparent interpolation of Taylor’s song “Cruel Summer.” It was later reported that Olivia gave up 50% of the royalties on the song as a result of this dispute.

The Grudge Lyrics Analysis

References to a specific Friday in May:

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One of the notable aspects of Olivia Rodrigo’s song “The Grudge” is the reference to a specific Friday in May. This is worth noting because Olivia’s album “sour” was released on May 21st, 2021, which happened to be a Friday. The lyrics mention doubting whether the subject of the song ever thinks about the damage they did, while Olivia holds onto every detail as if her life depends on it.

Holding onto every detail:

In “The Grudge,” Olivia sings about holding onto every detail, emphasizing the weight and significance of the memories associated with this person who has wronged her. This sentiment reflects the depth of her emotions and the impact that this person’s actions had on her.

Trying to be tough but wanting to scream:

Another aspect of “The Grudge” that fans have latched onto is Olivia’s expression of trying to be tough but secretly wanting to scream. This could be interpreted as a reference to Olivia’s desire to speak out and call attention to the wrongdoings she experienced, contrasting with her decision to remain silent during the drama.

Mention of flowers filled with vitriol:

A line in the song that caught fans’ attention is the mention of receiving flowers filled with vitriol. This line sparked speculation about Taylor Swift’s involvement in the narrative. Some fans theorized that Taylor may have appeared supportive of Olivia before the conflict arose, leading to mixed feelings and disappointment.

Olivia Rodrigos The Grudge: Why Fans Think Its a Taylor Swift DISS Track

Connection to Taylor Swift

Speculation about ‘The Grudge’ being about Taylor:

Given Olivia Rodrigo’s public admiration for Taylor Swift and the credit controversy between them, many fans speculate that “The Grudge” is a diss track directed at Taylor. The lyrics, combined with the context surrounding their past interactions, have fueled this speculation.

Similarities to previous songs about Taylor:

Fans have drawn connections between “The Grudge” and Taylor Swift’s previous songs about people who have wronged her. Taylor has a history of expressing her emotions and frustrations through her music, and Olivia’s lyrics seem to tap into a similar vein. The similarities in themes and storytelling add fuel to the theory that the song is about Taylor.

Relevance of the song ‘Vampire’ in relation to Taylor:

Prior to the release of “The Grudge,” fans had also speculated that Olivia’s lead single, “Vampire,” was about Taylor. The song addresses feeling upset about a certain situation and dealing with bloodsuckers in one’s life. While Olivia did not explicitly confirm that the song was about Taylor, she acknowledged that her songwriting is deeply personal and draws from her own experiences.

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Fans’ Interpretations and Theories

Linking the lyrics to Taylor’s past behavior:

Fans have been dissecting the lyrics of “The Grudge” to try and find connections to Taylor Swift’s past behavior. They analyze the words and nuances in an attempt to understand Olivia’s emotional state and the possible reasons behind the song’s creation. By linking the lyrics to Taylor’s history, fans develop theories about the inspiration behind the song.

Analyzing Olivia’s emotional state:

“The Grudge” provides an emotional outlet for Olivia Rodrigo, allowing her to process and express her feelings of regret, anger, and heartache. Fans dive into her emotional state, trying to understand the specific situations that may have triggered such intense emotions.

Olivia Rodrigos The Grudge: Why Fans Think Its a Taylor Swift DISS Track

Comparing Taylor Swift Diss Tracks

Examining Taylor’s history of diss tracks:

Taylor Swift has a history of writing diss tracks, often using her music as a means to address conflicts with others. Fans and critics alike have compared the approach Olivia Rodrigo took with “The Grudge” to Taylor’s own diss tracks, noting similarities in how both artists choose to express their frustrations and tell their stories through their music.

Comparing lyrical themes and storytelling:

When comparing “The Grudge” to Taylor Swift’s diss tracks, fans consider the lyrical themes and storytelling techniques used by both artists. They look for similarities in the ways the artists convey their emotions and craft their narratives, connecting the dots between their respective songs.

The Impact of Social Media Speculation

How fans’ theories spread on social media:

Social media has played a significant role in fueling speculation and spreading fans’ theories about “The Grudge” being a diss track directed at Taylor Swift. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok allow fans to share their interpretations, discuss the lyrics, and create a sense of community around the topic.

The role of fan communities and discussions:

Fan communities have been instrumental in amplifying the speculation and theories surrounding “The Grudge.” These communities provide a space for fans to engage in discussions, exchange insights, and share their perspectives. The collective enthusiasm and shared interest contribute to the widespread circulation of theories and interpretations.

Olivia Rodrigos The Grudge: Why Fans Think Its a Taylor Swift DISS Track

Interview Insights from Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia’s comments on her songwriting process:

In interviews, Olivia Rodrigo has provided insights into her songwriting process, shedding light on the emotions and experiences that inspire her music. Understanding Olivia’s perspective can offer valuable context and help unravel the intentions behind “The Grudge.”

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Insights into the emotions behind ‘The Grudge’:

While Olivia may not have explicitly confirmed the inspiration behind “The Grudge,” her interviews may offer glimpses into the emotions she aimed to convey through the song. By analyzing these insights, fans and critics can gain a deeper understanding of the emotional journey Olivia embarked upon while creating the track.

Reactions from Fans and Critics

Positive responses to the potential diss track:

Many fans have embraced “The Grudge” as a potential diss track, praising Olivia Rodrigo’s ability to channel her emotions and deliver a powerful message through her music. They appreciate her honesty and vulnerability, viewing the song as a relatable anthem for those who have experienced similar conflicts in their lives.

Critics’ opinions on Olivia’s approach to songwriting:

Critics have weighed in on Olivia Rodrigo’s approach to songwriting and her decision to potentially create a diss track. Some argue that writing such songs can be cathartic and empowering for artists, allowing them to reclaim their narratives and express their truth. Others question the effectiveness and longevity of diss tracks, pointing out potential risks in alienating fans and perpetuating drama.

Olivia Rodrigos The Grudge: Why Fans Think Its a Taylor Swift DISS Track

Taylor Swift’s Response (if any)

Reactions from Taylor herself or her team:

As of now, Taylor Swift has not publicly responded to “The Grudge” or addressed the speculation surrounding the song. It remains unclear whether Taylor or her team will provide any official statement or response. Fans eagerly await any potential reaction from the Grammy-winning artist.

Speculation about a possible response track:

Given Taylor Swift’s history of responding to conflicts through her music, fans and critics alike have engaged in speculation about whether she will release a response track aimed at Olivia Rodrigo. The prospect of a musical back-and-forth between the two artists adds an extra layer of intrigue to the ongoing discussion.


Olivia Rodrigo’s song “The Grudge” has sparked rumors and speculation among fans, with many believing that it is a diss track aimed at Taylor Swift. The lyrics of the song, combined with the context of their past interactions and credit controversies, have fueled this speculation. While the true inspiration behind the song may remain a mystery, fans continue to analyze the lyrics, compare the track to Taylor’s history of diss tracks, and generate theories about its meaning. The impact of social media speculation, fan interpretations, and ongoing discussions have further propelled the narrative surrounding “The Grudge.” As fans eagerly await any potential response from Taylor Swift, the conversation around the song and its connection to Taylor continues to evolve.

Olivia Rodrigos The Grudge: Why Fans Think Its a Taylor Swift DISS Track