Panic Games Showcase 2023 (Indie Game Publisher)

Hey there! Imagine stepping into the exciting world of Panic Games Showcase 2023, presented by indie game publisher Panic. Get ready to explore a lineup of captivating games, including the surreal food dream game NOUR: Play With Your Food and the action comedy experience “Thank Goodness You’re Here.” NOUR takes you on a telekinetic journey, allowing you to play with and prepare food while immersing yourself in vibrant colors and delectable beats. Launching on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Epic Games Store on September 12th, 2023, this game is sure to indulge your senses. In addition to NOUR, Panic Games Showcase 2023 introduces new games, such as the first-person soccer adventure “belote,” the gripping turn-based combat game Arco, and the exciting project Time Flies where you control a fly with a bucket list. With Panic’s commitment to publishing beautiful, funny, and evocative games, you’re in for a treat! So, get ready to join the excitement and check out the incredible lineup that Panic has in store for you.

Panic Games Showcase 2023 (Indie Game Publisher)

Panic Games Showcase 2023

Welcome to the Panic Games Showcase 2023! This article will give you a comprehensive overview of the event, the games publishing lineup, introduce you to the Panic Games Publishing Team, and provide a sneak peek of some upcoming games. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of indie games!


The Panic Games Showcase 2023 is an event hosted by indie game publisher Panic. This showcase aims to reveal their games publishing lineup and give gamers a sneak peek into the world of indie games. Panic focuses on publishing beautiful, funny, and evocative games that will capture your imagination and leave you wanting more.

During the Panic Games Showcase 2023, you can expect to see partnerships and collaborations between Panic and talented developers who are passionate about creating unique and immersive gaming experiences. This event is the perfect opportunity to discover new and exciting games that you may not have heard of before.

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Panic Games Showcase 2023 (Indie Game Publisher)

Games Publishing Lineup

Two games that will be featured in the Panic Games Showcase 2023 lineup are “despelote” and “NOUR: Play With Your Food.” Let’s take a closer look at each of these games and what you can expect from them.


“despelote” is an upcoming game that promises to captivate players with its unique gameplay and immersive world. This game brings together elements of sports, adventure, and exploration, creating an experience unlike any other.

In “despelote,” players will have the opportunity to delve into a vibrant and colorful world where soccer culture and childhood experiences in 2001 come alive. The game focuses on exploration and mischief, allowing players to navigate the streets of Ecuador as a young child, kicking a ball around and causing delightful chaos.

The visual style of “despelote” is truly something to behold. With a combination of hand-drawn characters and 3D backgrounds based on real photographs, the game creates a stunning and nostalgic aesthetic that perfectly captures the essence of the time and place it seeks to portray.

“despelote” is set to release on PC early next year, and gamers worldwide are eagerly awaiting the chance to embark on this unique and enchanting adventure.

“NOUR: Play With Your Food”

“NOUR: Play With Your Food” is a surreal food dream game that promises to amaze players with its vibrant colors and delectable beats. This game takes the concept of playing with your food to a whole new level, turning it into an art form.

In “NOUR,” players will have the ability to use telekinesis to play with and prepare food. This opens up a world of creative opportunities and immersive scenarios, where players can slice, squish, season, char, and paint their food using the game’s innovative tools. The game’s focus on sensory experiences, including colorful visuals and captivating sounds, makes it a truly immersive and engaging gameplay experience.

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“NOUR: Play With Your Food” will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Steam, and the Epic Games Store on PC and Mac starting September 12th, 2023. Get ready to indulge your senses and embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other.

Panic Games Showcase 2023 (Indie Game Publisher)

Introduction to Panic Games Publishing Team

Let’s take a moment to get to know the Panic Games Publishing Team. This talented group of individuals is responsible for curating and publishing the diverse range of games that Panic brings to gamers worldwide.

The team at Panic has a rich history in the gaming industry. While the company originally focused on Mac software, they discovered a passion for games and have since become one of the leading indie game publishers. They have brought us unforgettable titles like “Firewatch” from Campo Santo and “Untitled Goose Game” from House House.

The Panic Games Publishing Team is dedicated to selecting and supporting developers who share their vision of creating beautiful, funny, and evocative games. Their commitment to quality and their passion for unique and innovative gaming experiences is evident in every game they publish.

With the Panic Games Publishing Team at the helm, gamers can rest assured that they are in for a treat with each new game release. So keep an eye out for their upcoming projects and get ready to be amazed.

Panic Games Showcase 2023 (Indie Game Publisher)

Upcoming Games Sneak Peek

The Panic Games Showcase 2023 wouldn’t be complete without a sneak peek at some of the upcoming games that will be releasing in the future. Here are two exciting titles that you can look forward to:

“Thank Goodness You’re Here”

“Thank Goodness You’re Here” is an action comedy experience set in a strange town. In this game, players will take on the role of a salesman who finds themselves in a series of hilarious and absurd situations. The townsfolk have funny jobs for you to do, and there are sure to be plenty of twists and turns along the way.

This game promises to be a delightful and light-hearted adventure that will have players laughing out loud. You won’t want to miss out on the quirky characters, humorous dialogue, and unexpected surprises that await you in this unique gaming experience.

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“Thank Goodness You’re Here” is set to release in 2024, and fans of comedy and action games should mark their calendars for this highly anticipated release.


“belote” is a first-person soccer adventure that puts players in the shoes of a young child growing up in Ecuador in 2001. The game explores the culture of soccer and the impact it has on communities and individuals.

In “belote,” players will have the opportunity to explore a park and kick a ball around with their friends. The game focuses on the joy of childhood, the power of imagination, and the connections we form through the universal language of soccer.

One of the standout features of “belote” is its unique visual style. The game combines 2D hand-drawn characters with 3D backgrounds based on real photographs, creating a stunning and immersive world that players will want to get lost in.

With a focus on exploration and mischief, “belote” promises to offer a memorable and heartfelt gaming experience. Look out for this game and get ready to relive the nostalgia of childhood and the magic of soccer.

“belote” is expected to release in the near future, offering players a chance to embark on a nostalgic and captivating journey.

Panic Games Showcase 2023 (Indie Game Publisher)


The Panic Games Showcase 2023 is an event that no gamer should miss. With a lineup of beautiful, funny, and evocative games, Panic is sure to captivate players with their unique and innovative titles. From the surreal food dream game “NOUR: Play With Your Food” to the action-packed comedy experience of “Thank Goodness You’re Here,” there’s something for everyone at the Panic Games Showcase 2023.

So mark your calendars, get ready to explore vibrant worlds, and experience the magic of indie games. The Panic Games Publishing Team and their talented developers are here to take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Let the games begin!

Join us, Panic Games Showcase 2023 (Indie Game Publisher), for a revealing showcase of some of our game publishing lineup. We will share more information about despelote and NOUR: Play With Your Food. Check it out here: Panic Games Showcase