Rachel Leviss SPEAKS OUT After Being Labeled the ‘Villain’

In a video by Entertainment Tonight, Vanderpump Rules star Rachel Leviss, formerly known as Raquel, opens up about being labeled as the ultimate reality TV villain. Breaking her post-scandal silence in an interview with Bethenny Frankel, Leviss reflects on the backlash she received after the airing of the Bravocast in May, where she was accused of being involved in a cheating scandal with Tom Sandoval. Leviss shares that she retreated to a mental health facility for three months to escape the vitriol online and to understand her pattern of choosing unavailable men. She also reveals that she and Sandoval were never close friends and that their relationship was primarily business-related.

Rachel Leviss Speaks Out After Being Labeled the ‘Villain’

Rachel Leviss SPEAKS OUT After Being Labeled the ‘Villain


Have you ever been labeled the ‘villain’ in a situation? If so, you can probably relate to reality TV star Rachel Leviss, who recently found herself in the middle of a scandal and painted as the antagonist. In this article, we will delve into Rachel’s journey as she breaks her post-scandal silence, shares her reasons for taking time away, and discusses the end of her engagement to James Kennedy. Let’s dive in and hear Rachel’s side of the story.

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Breaking her Post-Scandal Silence

After enduring months of backlash and negative attention, Rachel Leviss has finally decided to break her post-scandal silence. In a candid and heartfelt interview, she opens up about the toll the scandal has taken on her mental health and why she chose to step away from the spotlight. “It was important for me to take time for myself and focus on healing,” Rachel explains. “The constant scrutiny and judgment were overwhelming, and I needed to prioritize my well-being.”

Reasons for Taking Time Away

While many may have assumed that Rachel disappeared to escape the drama, she clarifies that her decision to take time away was not an attempt to avoid facing the consequences of her actions. Instead, it was an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. “I needed to step back and evaluate my behavior,” Rachel admits. “I wanted to understand why I ended up in that situation and how I could learn from it.”

The End of Her Engagement to James Kennedy

One of the most drastic changes in Rachel’s life following the scandal was the end of her engagement to James Kennedy, a fellow reality TV star. The public scrutiny and strain on their relationship became unbearable, leading to their mutual decision to call off the engagement. “It was a heartbreaking moment for both of us,” Rachel shares. “We had put so much love and effort into our relationship, but the constant negativity took a toll that we couldn’t overcome.”

Rachel Leviss SPEAKS OUT After Being Labeled the ‘Villain

Speaking out About the Tom-Ariana Cheating Scandal

As the dust settled from her personal turmoil, Rachel found herself entangled in another scandal: the Tom-Ariana cheating allegations. Despite being out of the spotlight, Rachel couldn’t escape being dragged into the drama. However, she is determined to set the record straight and share her side of the story. “I was not involved in the Tom-Ariana cheating scandal,” Rachel states firmly. “It’s important for the truth to come out and justice to be served.”

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Relationship with Co-Stars and the Cheating Scandal

The fallout from the Tom-Ariana cheating scandal inevitably strained Rachel’s relationship with her co-stars. While some believed her innocence, others found it difficult to separate her from the drama. “I understand why my co-stars felt upset and betrayed,” Rachel acknowledges. “The trust within our group was shaken, and it will take time for us to rebuild that trust.”

Rachel Leviss SPEAKS OUT After Being Labeled the ‘Villain

Understanding the Upset from Co-Stars

Although Rachel recognizes the upset caused by her presence during the cheating scandal, she hopes her co-stars can eventually understand her perspective. “I was caught up in the whirlwind of the scandal, just like everyone else,” she explains. “It’s important to remember that things aren’t always as they seem, and I hope my co-stars can find it in their hearts to forgive me and move forward.”

Reflecting on Her Actions and Healing

During her time away, Rachel took a deep dive into self-reflection and personal growth. She reflects on her actions and acknowledges her past mistakes, vowing to learn from them. “I’ve had the chance to really look within myself and understand why I made certain choices,” Rachel reveals. “It’s been a painful but necessary journey of healing and growth.”

Rachel Leviss SPEAKS OUT After Being Labeled the ‘Villain

Struggles with Reality TV and Expressing Emotions

One of the challenges Rachel faced during her time on reality TV was the pressure to always be ‘on’ and emotionally available. As an inherently private person, this constant exposure and demand for vulnerability took a toll on Rachel’s mental health. “I struggled to express my true emotions,” she confesses. “It felt like I had to put on a show for the cameras, which left me feeling disconnected from my true self.”

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Opportunity to Share Her Side of the Story

With this interview, Rachel sees an opportunity to share her side of the story and give her fans a glimpse into her journey of self-discovery and growth. She hopes that by being vulnerable and open, she can inspire others who have faced similar struggles. “I want people to see that there is always a chance for redemption and growth,” Rachel emphasizes. “I hope my story can provide comfort and hope to those who may be going through difficult times.”

Rachel Leviss SPEAKS OUT After Being Labeled the ‘Villain

Rachel’s Future in the Entertainment Industry

As Rachel moves forward, she is eager to explore new opportunities in the entertainment industry. While reality TV has provided a platform for her to share her story, she envisions herself taking on different projects that align more closely with her passions and values. “I hope to use my platform to shed light on important social issues and make a positive impact,” Rachel envisions. “There are exciting possibilities ahead, and I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me.”


Rachel Leviss’ journey as the labeled ‘villain’ has been a challenging but transformative experience. Breaking her post-scandal silence, she shares her reasons for taking time away and discusses the end of her engagement. Rachel also speaks out about the Tom-Ariana cheating scandal and hopes to rebuild trust with her co-stars. Through self-reflection and healing, she has come to understand her struggles with reality TV and the pressure to express emotions. With her newfound clarity, Rachel is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as she continues to chart her path in the entertainment industry.