Serena Williams’ Daughter Gets SASSY During Tour of Sister’s Nursery

In this entertaining video, Serena Williams’ daughter, Olympia, takes us on a tour of her sister’s nursery. With her sassy and funny personality, Olympia isn’t shy in expressing her thoughts on her mom’s home decor, particularly the fact that she had to give up her toy room for her baby sister. Serena showcases the partially finished nursery on her YouTube channel, giving viewers a sneak peek of what it looks like before it’s fully decorated. The video was filmed a few weeks before Serena and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, welcomed their second daughter, Adira River. Despite Olympia’s initial resistance, we can see that she has embraced her role as a big sister, as seen in heartwarming family moments shared on social media, where she shows love and affection towards her new baby sister.

Throughout Serena’s pregnancy journey, she shared updates on social media, from her reveal at the Met Gala to sweet moments captured on TikTok. The video provides a glimpse into Olympia’s fully finished closet, where she looks more than ready to share the space with her new sibling. As proud parents, Serena and Alexis express their gratitude for the love and support surrounding their growing family, emphasizing how Olympia has been an incredible big sister with a side of sass.

Serena Williams’ Daughter Gets SASSY During Tour of Sister’s Nursery

Serena Williams Daughter Gets SASSY During Tour of Sisters Nursery


Being a big sister is an exciting and important role, but it can also come with its fair share of challenges. Just ask Olympia, the daughter of tennis superstar Serena Williams. In a recent video on Serena’s YouTube channel, Olympia gave her honest thoughts on her mom’s home decor and shared her feelings about losing her beloved toy room to her baby sister. Despite some initial frustration, Olympia has proven to be a supportive big sister, showcasing her love and sassiness throughout Serena’s pregnancy journey. Let’s dive into the adorable and heartwarming moments surrounding Serena Williams’ daughter’s tour of her sister’s nursery.

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Olympia’s Thoughts on Mom’s Home Decor

It’s no secret that children have strong opinions, and Olympia is no exception. In the video, Olympia can be seen looking less than impressed with her mom’s new home decor choices. She seemed visibly annoyed about losing her toy room to make way for her baby sister. This change in her living space was a big adjustment for the almost six-year-old, and it’s understandable that she may have had mixed feelings about it.

The History of the Room

To fully appreciate Olympia’s reaction, it’s essential to understand the history of the room. This nursery was not always a nursery—it used to be Olympia’s room. Decorated with blue carpet and filled with toys, it was her special playroom. So when Serena decided to transform the room into a nursery for her second daughter, it meant saying goodbye to something Olympia held dear.

Serena Williams’ Nursery Tour

Serena, always eager to share special moments with her fans, took to her YouTube channel to give a tour of her second daughter’s nursery. In the video, Serena welcomes viewers to “My Nursery” and explains that it is still unfinished. She wanted to give a sneak peek of what it looks like before and after it’s completed. This tour was recorded a few weeks before Serena and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, welcomed Baby Number Two, named Adira River.

Serena Williams Daughter Gets SASSY During Tour of Sisters Nursery

Unfinished Nursery Sneak Peek

During the nursery tour, Serena showcased the nursery’s unfinished state. The room was filled with furniture, baby essentials, and adorable decor. Although incomplete, it was evident that the nursery would be a cozy and welcoming space for Serena’s new arrival. Olympia, who accompanied her mom during the tour, couldn’t help but express her curiosity and excitement, even if she had mixed feelings about her toy room’s transformation.

Baby Number Two Arrival

Shortly after the nursery tour, Serena and Alexis Ohanian welcomed their second daughter, Adira River. She became the newest member of their growing family and the little sister to Olympia. The arrival of a new baby is both exciting and challenging, especially for an older sibling who has to adjust to sharing their parents’ attention and space.

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Serena Williams Daughter Gets SASSY During Tour of Sisters Nursery

Olympia’s Reaction to Losing Her Room

As mentioned earlier, losing her beloved toy room was not an easy transition for Olympia. In the video, she can be heard expressing her frustration at being kicked out of different places around the house. It’s understandable that Olympia would feel a bit displaced and uncertain about her new living arrangements. However, even with her initial annoyance, Olympia ultimately showed what a fantastic big sister she was capable of being.

Olympia’s Supportive Role as a Big Sister

Despite her initial reservations, Olympia quickly embraced her role as a big sister. She displayed unwavering support and love for her little sister, Adira. In the video, Serena recalls how Olympia had been praying for a little sister or brother. Her prayers were answered, and she was thrilled to learn that she was going to be a big sister. This positive attitude and excitement are heartwarming and highlight the strong bond Olympia shares with her family.

Serena Williams Daughter Gets SASSY During Tour of Sisters Nursery

Serena’s Pregnancy Journey

Serena documented her pregnancy journey on social media, giving fans a glimpse into her life as she prepared to welcome her second child. From her reveal at The Met Gala, where she let her baby bump do the talking, to sharing the sex of the baby in the night sky, Serena kept her followers updated on the exciting milestones of her pregnancy. Throughout this journey, Olympia played a significant role in supporting her mom and eagerly awaited the arrival of her new sibling.

Serena’s Reveal at The Met Gala

The Met Gala is known for its extravagant fashion statements, and Serena didn’t disappoint when she attended the event while pregnant with Adira. Rather than announcing her pregnancy with words, Serena allowed her baby bump to make the grand reveal. This unique and stylish approach showcased Serena’s creativity and added an extra touch of magic to her pregnancy journey.

Serena Williams Daughter Gets SASSY During Tour of Sisters Nursery

Documenting Pregnancy on Social Media

Serena continued to document her pregnancy on social media, sharing precious moments and updates with her followers. From ultrasound appointments to candid shots of her growing baby bump, Serena provided an intimate look into her experience of becoming a mom for the second time. These posts allowed fans to connect with Serena on a personal level and share in her excitement and joy.

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Adira and Olympia’s Precious Family Moment

In a heartwarming video posted on TikTok, Serena captured a tender moment between Adira and Olympia. The video shows Olympia giving her baby sister a sweet kiss, showcasing the love and affection they share. It’s clear that Olympia has fully embraced her role as a big sister and is eager to shower her little sister with love and care.

Serena’s Journey as a Mom

Serena has always been vocal about her desire to become a mom, and her journey into motherhood has been a joyous and transformative one. In an interview, Serena expressed her gratitude and love for her daughters, Olympia and Adira. She explained that while she always wanted to be a mom, she didn’t think she had the time due to her career. However, when the opportunity presented itself, Serena dove right in and discovered a natural instinct for motherhood, which she thoroughly enjoys.

The Finished Closet

A few weeks after the nursery tour, Serena shared an update on the nursery’s progress. In an HD TV-style video, viewers got a sneak peek at the finished closet. The closet showcased a neatly organized space filled with adorable baby clothes and accessories. Olympia, featured in a snap, appeared more than ready to welcome her little sister to their shared space.

Olympia Ready to Share with the New Arrival

Taking on the role of a big sister comes with responsibilities, including sharing toys and personal space. Olympia’s willingness to embrace these changes and welcome her little sister into her room demonstrates her maturity and kindness. Despite some initial hesitation, Olympia showed that she is ready to create a loving and inclusive environment for her sister.

Gratitude and Love in the Williams-Ohanian Household

The Williams-Ohanian household is overflowing with gratitude and love. Serena and Alexis Ohanian expressed their deep appreciation for the love and support they have received during this monumental time in their lives. Olympia has been a great sport throughout the pregnancy journey, showcasing her sass and love for her family. With Olympia’s support and love, the Williams-Ohanian family has welcomed Adira into their home, creating a space filled with warmth, joy, and endless possibilities.

In conclusion, Serena Williams’ daughter, Olympia, may have initially been sassy about losing her toy room to her baby sister, but she quickly embraced her role as a big sister. Through her support, love, and unwavering excitement, Olympia has shown what an incredible big sister she is. Serena’s pregnancy journey has been documented on social media, allowing fans to share in her joy and anticipation. With the arrival of their second daughter, Adira, the Williams-Ohanian household is overflowing with gratitude and love, creating a remarkable environment for their growing family.