Shemar Moore’s Emotional Reaction to His Daughter Frankie Calling Him ‘Dada

In a heartwarming video shared by Entertainment Tonight, Shemar Moore, the actor known for his role in SWAT, experiences a touching moment with his daughter Frankie. Spending quality time at home with his partner Desiree Dizon and their six-month-old daughter, Moore eagerly encourages Frankie to say “Da Da.” After some gentle encouragement, the proud father is overjoyed when Frankie finally utters the precious words, and he captions the clip, “I’m officially a Dada, my life is complete.” This milestone comes just two months after Moore celebrated his first Father’s Day, sharing the news of their pregnancy on The Jennifer Hudson show. From cute moments to adorable pictures, Moore has been exuberantly embracing fatherhood and recently expressed that having a little version of himself would feel like the missing piece of his puzzle.

Embracing the role of a father, Shemar Moore, whose middle name is Franklin, is filled with love and excitement as he shares pictures and celebrates moments with his namesake, baby girl, Frankie. Already referring to her as “baby girl” since he was ten years old, Moore is more than ready to navigate the journey of fatherhood. His dream of becoming a father has been a significant focus for him, and while he acknowledges he can’t have it all, he believes having a little version of himself running around would complete his life. With an immense sense of gratitude and blessings, Shemar, congratulations on your official Dada status!

Shemar Moore’s Emotional Reaction to His Daughter Frankie Calling Him ‘Dada’

Shemar Moore, the talented actor known for his roles in “Criminal Minds” and “SWAT,” recently experienced a heartwarming and emotional milestone in his journey as a father. His baby girl, Frankie, reached a major achievement by calling him “Dada.” This significant moment left Shemar feeling overwhelmed with joy and love for his daughter. Let’s take a closer look at the background leading up to this heartwarming event and the immense joy Shemar feels in his role as a father.

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Shemar Moores Emotional Reaction to His Daughter Frankie Calling Him Dada

Shemar Moore’s Baby Girl Hitting a Major Milestone

Shemar Moore and his partner, Desiree Dizon, have been spending cherished moments at home with their adorable daughter, Frankie. As parents, their ultimate goal was to help Frankie reach the exciting milestone of saying “Dada.” The anticipation and excitement surrounding this moment were palpable in their household.

Since Frankie’s birth, Shemar Moore has been an incredibly doting and involved father. He has shared numerous cute moments and pictures of his bundle of joy on social media, allowing fans to witness the immense love he has for his daughter. Everyone eagerly awaited the day when Frankie would say her father’s name.

Spending Time at Home with Partner Desiree Dizon and Their Daughter Frankie

The COVID-19 pandemic provided a unique opportunity for Shemar Moore to bond with his partner, Desiree Dizon, and their daughter, Frankie. With the world on pause, the family found solace and joy in spending quality time together at home. This precious time allowed Shemar to witness and be a part of every little milestone in Frankie’s development.

The bond between Shemar and Frankie grew stronger with each passing day, making the journey of fatherhood even more fulfilling for the actor. From diaper changes to late-night feedings, Shemar embraced every aspect of being a dad with pride and enthusiasm.

Goal to Get Six-Month-Old to Say Daddy’s Name

As six months approached, Shemar and Desiree set a goal to encourage Frankie to say “Dada.” They worked tirelessly, repeating the word every chance they got, hoping to hear their little one’s voice utter those precious syllables. The anticipation built, and with each passing day, they wondered if this would finally be the time Frankie vocalized her affection for her father.

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Shemar’s Excitement about Becoming a Father

Shemar Moore had always expressed his excitement about becoming a father. Known for his charming smile and charismatic personality, he eagerly anticipated the day he would hold his own child in his arms. When the announcement of Desiree’s pregnancy was made, Shemar couldn’t contain his joy.

During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Shemar revealed the news of their pregnancy to the world, radiating with happiness and love for his growing family. The couple excitedly announced that they were expecting a baby girl, filling their hearts with an overwhelming sense of anticipation and excitement.

Shemar Moores Emotional Reaction to His Daughter Frankie Calling Him Dada

Frankie’s Early Arrival

On January 24th, two weeks before her expected due date, their beautiful baby girl, Frankie, made her grand entrance into the world. This early arrival took Shemar and Desiree by surprise, but they were overjoyed to finally meet their daughter.

Frankie’s arrival brought a newfound sense of meaning and purpose to Shemar’s life. Holding his tiny bundle of joy in his arms, he experienced an indescribable love that expanded his heart in ways he never thought possible. Little did he know that this tiny miracle would touch his life in ways beyond his imagination.

Shemar’s Joy in Fatherhood

Shemar Moore’s middle name is Franklin, and he often referred to his daughter affectionately as “Frankie.” This connection between their names added an extra layer of sentiment to their father-daughter bond. From the moment they met, Shemar felt an instant connection and found immeasurable joy in his new role as a father.

The actor shared countless heartwarming moments and adorable pictures of Frankie, delighting his fans and followers. Whether it was her first smile or her sleepy yawns, Shemar captured and cherished every precious memory. His joy in fatherhood was evident in every post and every smile he shared.

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Shemar Moores Emotional Reaction to His Daughter Frankie Calling Him Dada

Desire to Embrace Fatherhood

Shemar Moore had always dreamt of becoming a father, and the arrival of Frankie fulfilled that lifelong dream. Even before experiencing fatherhood in real life, Shemar gained valuable insight into the role while portraying a father on the hit television series “SWAT.” This experience further deepened his desire to embrace and excel in his new role as a dad.

As Shemar embraced the responsibility of being a father, he reminded himself of the lessons he learned playing a dad on screen. He understood the importance of being present and actively involved in every aspect of Frankie’s life. Shemar wanted to create a nurturing and loving environment where his daughter could thrive and feel unconditionally loved.

Interview with Entertainment Tonight

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shemar Moore couldn’t contain his excitement about fatherhood. Reflecting on his journey thus far, he expressed immense gratitude for the experience and the love he shares with his daughter and partner. The actor’s face lit up as he spoke about the joys and challenges of being a father, leaving viewers feeling inspired and moved.

Shemar’s interview showcased his genuine happiness in his newfound role. He radiated with love and pride, proving that fatherhood had unlocked a depth of emotion he hadn’t known before. From late-night diaper changes to early morning cuddles, every moment with his daughter filled his heart with an overwhelming sense of fulfillment.

Shemar Moores Emotional Reaction to His Daughter Frankie Calling Him Dada


Shemar Moore’s emotional reaction to his daughter Frankie calling him “Dada” serves as a testament to the transformative power of fatherhood. From the moment she was born, Frankie became the center of his universe, bringing immeasurable love, joy, and purpose into his life.

Shemar’s journey as a father has been filled with precious moments, deep connections, and unbreakable bonds. His dedication to being a doting and nurturing father is evident in everything he does.

As Shemar continues to grow and evolve in his role as a father, it is certain that the love between him and Frankie will only deepen. The journey of fatherhood is a remarkable one, and Shemar Moore is embracing it with open arms and an overflowing heart.