Starfield’s Best Factions & Quests So Far (Spoiler-Free Guide)

The name of the article is “Starfield’s Best Factions & Quests So Far (Spoiler-Free Guide).” In this article, we will outline the content of the video that provides a spoiler-free list of recommended quests and activities in the game Starfield. As a big game with countless content, Starfield offers players a lot of freedom in deciding what to do. However, with this freedom comes the risk of stumbling upon potentially boring missions. This video aims to help players avoid such missions by guiding them towards the more exciting and enjoyable aspects of the game. With timestamps indicating different sections of the content, players can easily navigate through the recommended quests and activities. Whether you’re interested in exploring the main story, joining one of the four major factions (Crimson Fleet, United Colonies Vanguard, Ryujin Industries, Freestar Collective Rangers), or discovering unique quests in different systems, this spoiler-free guide will ensure you have an exciting experience in the vast universe of Starfield.

Starfield’s Best Factions & Quests So Far (Spoiler-Free Guide)

Starfields Best Factions  Quests So Far (Spoiler-Free Guide)


Starfield is a big game with so much content to explore that it can be overwhelming at first. The game gives players a lot of freedom in deciding what to do, but this freedom can sometimes lead to potentially boring missions. In order to help you avoid those boring moments, we have put together a spoiler-free guide of the best factions and quests in Starfield. This guide will direct you towards the most exciting and enjoyable aspects of the game.

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Main Story

The main story in Starfield can be hit or miss for players. Some find it boring, while others enjoy it. As a general rule of thumb, the main story is often considered the least interesting part of any Bethesda game. However, we recommend at least trying it in the early hours of the game to see if you like it. The main story serves as a great introduction to the game and takes you to all the major locations and settlements throughout the galaxy. It also introduces you to key characters and unlocks new gameplay mechanics.

Major Factions

Starfield features four major factions that offer some of the best content in the game. These factions are the Crimson Fleet, United Colonies Vanguard, Ryujin Industries, and Freestar Collective Rangers. Each faction has its own unique storyline and quests.

Best Faction: Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet is widely considered the best faction in Starfield. This massive organization consists of space pirates, and the questline involves you getting caught up in their fight with the United Colony system defense. While the Crimson Fleet is often seen as the “evil” faction, even players with a more morally good character have a compelling reason to join them. To start the Crimson Fleet questline, you can either get yourself arrested over New Atlantis or be caught with contraband while entering the orbit of any UC protected colony.

Starfields Best Factions  Quests So Far (Spoiler-Free Guide)

Second Best Faction: United Colonies Vanguard

The United Colonies Vanguard is the second best faction in Starfield. Joining this faction is simple enough, as you just need to visit Mast over New Atlantis and express your interest in serving. At first glance, the UC Vanguard may seem generic and dull, but the storyline develops into something compelling, borrowing heavy influences from media like Aliens. It serves as a great introduction to the world and politics of Starfield, making it worth exploring.

Unique Storyline: Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries offers a unique storyline in Starfield. As a player, you will climb the corporate ladder for the galaxy’s largest corporation. While the opening quest might seem mundane (delivering coffee), it quickly leads to more interesting situations involving corporate espionage and backroom deals. If you enjoy talking your way through situations and want a taste of the cyberpunk space vibe, the Ryujin Industries faction is perfect for you. To start the Ryujin Industries questline, look out for a job announcement while roaming New Atlantis and fill out an application form at a Ryujin kiosk.

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Starfields Best Factions  Quests So Far (Spoiler-Free Guide)

Space Western-Themed Faction: Freestar Collective Rangers

For players looking to fulfill their space western fantasy, the Freestar Collective Rangers faction is the way to go. As a ranger, you act as a space sheriff and bounty hunter, traveling around the galaxy to place people under arrest. While the narrative of this faction may not be as strong or as interesting as the others, it provides plenty of fun firefights and exciting gunplay. To join the Freestar Collective Rangers, head to Akita City and deal with a bank robbery, which will lead to an offer to join the rangers.

Exciting Quests and Activities

In addition to the major factions, Starfield also offers a variety of exciting quests and activities throughout the galaxy.

Unlocking Early Game Ships and Armor: The Mantis Quest

One of the must-do quests in the early game is the Mantis Quest. You can find this quest by reading a note on the bodies of dead spacers. The Mantis Quest leads you to one of the best early game ships and a set of armor that belonged to a mysterious figure known as the Mantis. Donning the Mantis armor will lead to different reactions from NPCs, especially when traveling in space.

Exploring the First Contact Mission in Porima

The First Contact mission in the Porima system is worth exploring. When you jump to this system, you will be hailed by someone on the planet’s surface, speaking of a mysterious ship in orbit that cannot be contacted. This mission raises questions about advanced alien races and provides an intriguing storyline.

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Zero Gravity Combat: Deimos Armored Transport Mission

For a thrilling combat experience with zero gravity, the Deimos Armored Transport mission in the Alpha Centauri system is a must-do. This mission takes place on an abandoned ship where the gravity keeps shutting on and off, creating dynamic and challenging combat scenarios. To find this mission, travel to the planet Bondar in the Alpha Centauri system.

Weird and Interesting: Distress Call Quest in Charybdis System

One of the weirder and more interesting quests in Starfield is the Distress Call quest in the Charybdis system. This quest involves responding to a distress call and uncovering the mysteries surrounding it. We won’t spoil the details, but we highly recommend undertaking this unique adventure.

Unexpected and Interesting People: Kryptus System

The Kryptus system is home to unexpected and interesting people in Starfield. Exploring this system will introduce you to intriguing characters that add depth to the game’s universe. Take the time to interact with these NPCs and discover their stories.

Starfields Best Factions  Quests So Far (Spoiler-Free Guide)


Starfield offers a vast array of factions, quests, and activities for players to enjoy. While the main story can be hit or miss and the freedom can sometimes lead to boring missions, focusing on the best factions and quests can ensure a more exciting and engaging experience. Whether you choose to join the Crimson Fleet, United Colonies Vanguard, Ryujin Industries, or Freestar Collective Rangers, or embark on unique quests like the Mantis, First Contact, Deimos Armored Transport, or Distress Call, you’re bound to find thrilling adventures waiting for you in the vast reaches of Starfield’s galaxy.

A spoiler-free list of recommended quests and activities you’ll want to do in Starfield.

Alright, listen up. Starfield is a massive game with an overwhelming amount of things to do. Once you’ve finished the introduction, the game leaves it all up to you. It’s exciting to have that freedom, but there’s a risk of ending up bored if you don’t know where to go. Trust me, I spent my opening hours doing mundane tasks like getting someone a coffee, delivering boots to a space station, and buying someone a beer.

I don’t want you to suffer the same fate, because there’s actually a lot of fun to be had in Starfield. You just need to know where to focus your attention. That’s why we’ve put together a spoiler-free list of recommended quests and activities. It’ll help you skip straight to the good stuff.