Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons

In the video titled “Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons,” David Rawlings, a highly experienced Sword Master and the founder of the London Longsword Academy, offers his expertise on various weapons and fighting styles featured in the game Elden Ring. The weapons discussed include spears, morning stars, twinblades, and even giant anchors. Throughout the video, David provides insightful critiques and evaluations of the effectiveness and accuracy of these weapons and their animations, highlighting the importance of understanding the structure and capabilities of each weapon. Furthermore, he discusses the use of shields in combat and provides recommendations for further information and instruction in martial and medieval styles, directing viewers to the reputable London Longsword Academy.

In this captivating video by GameSpot, titled “Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons,” David Rawlings showcases his vast knowledge and expertise in Swordsmanship and weapon arts. Throughout the video, he breaks down various weapons from the game Elden Ring, including morning stars, twinblades, and giant anchors, offering his reactions and critiques. David explores the animations and functionality of these weapons, highlighting the importance of understanding their capabilities. He also introduces the London Longsword Academy as a reputable source for further training and information in martial and medieval styles.

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Evaluation of Weapons in Elden Ring

Introduction to the analysis

In the highly anticipated game Elden Ring, players are thrust into a vast and treacherous world filled with formidable enemies and ancient power. As the game boasts a wide array of weapon choices, it becomes essential for players to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon type. This comprehensive analysis aims to evaluate the different weapons in Elden Ring, providing insights into their design, effectiveness, and fighting animations. Whether you prefer the elegance of a spear or the sheer power of a giant anchor, this evaluation will assist you in making informed decisions about which weapon to wield in your adventures.

Weapons discussed in the video

Before diving into each weapon’s evaluation, it is important to note the specific weapons that will be examined in this analysis. The video showcases a selection of weapons including Spears, Morning Stars, Twinblades, Giant Anchors, Spear and Shield, Halberds, Handaxes, and Twinblade and Dual Shields. Each of these weapons offers a unique playstyle and presents both advantages and disadvantages, which will be thoroughly explored in the subsequent sections.


Overview of the spear design

Known for its long reach and versatile attack options, the spear is an iconic weapon in medieval combat. In Elden Ring, spears are exquisitely designed to capture the essence of this weapon’s historical significance. With slender shafts and sharpened spearheads, they provide a visual representation of both elegance and lethality. The attention to detail in the spear design showcases the game’s commitment to immersing players in a realistic and visually stunning world.

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Evaluation of the spear’s effectiveness

When it comes to effectiveness, the spear truly shines in Elden Ring. The spears’ long reach allows players to maintain distance from their adversaries while still inflicting damage. This feature is particularly advantageous against enemies with cumbersome or short-ranged attacks. Additionally, the spears’ quick strikes and thrusts make them excellent for executing swift and precise maneuvers. Whether you prefer to fight from a distance or engage in quick exchanges, the spear proves to be a reliable and effective weapon choice.

Comments on the spear’s fighting animations

One cannot overlook the fluidity and grace of the spear’s fighting animations in Elden Ring. Each swing and thrust is meticulously choreographed, capturing the elegance and finesse associated with this weapon. The animations seamlessly blend with the overall combat mechanics of the game, enhancing the immersive experience for players. From graceful lunges to powerful sweeping strikes, the spear’s fighting animations truly bring this weapon to life.

Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons

Morning Stars

Analysis of the morning star’s characteristics

Unlike the spear’s elegance, the morning star embodies raw power and brutality. This weapon features a spiked metal head attached to a sturdy handle, making it a formidable choice for those who prefer a devastating approach in combat. The morning star’s design is equally captivating, with intricate details in the spikes and a rugged handle that reflects the weapon’s purpose.

Discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of using a morning star

The morning star offers several advantages in combat, primarily centered around its high damage potential. With its spiked head, the morning star can crush through armor and inflict significant injury upon enemies. This makes it particularly valuable when facing heavily armored opponents who are inherently more challenging to defeat. However, the morning star’s weight and slower swing speed can leave players vulnerable to quick and agile adversaries. It requires strategic timing and positioning to maximize the weapon’s potential while minimizing the risk of leaving oneself exposed.

Review of the fighting animations for the morning star

The fighting animations for the morning star in Elden Ring convey a sense of raw power and uncompromising force. Each swing of this weapon carries a weighty impact, emphasizing the devastating nature of the morning star. Watching the character brandish the morning star with both hands and unleash crushing blows adds to the immersive experience of wielding such a commanding weapon. From overhead smashes to sweeping arcs, the fighting animations amplify the player’s connection with this mighty weapon.


Examining the design and purpose of twinblades

Twinblades are an intriguing choice for those seeking a unique and dynamic playstyle. These weapons consist of two blades, often attached to a single handle, allowing for a dual-wielding approach. The design of the twinblades emphasizes agility and speed, showcasing a mix of elegance and ferocity. Players wielding twinblades can execute rapid strikes and engage in intricate combos, providing a visually captivating style of combat.

Assessment of the twinblades’ viability in combat

The viability of the twinblades in combat heavily relies on the player’s skill and ability to chain together swift attacks. The speed and fluidity of the twinblade strikes make them ideal for overwhelming opponents and breaking through their defenses. However, this playstyle requires precise timing and spatial awareness, as utilizing twinblades effectively necessitates being up close to enemies. Additionally, the lower damage output compared to heavier weapons may require more hits to defeat opponents, demanding greater focus and adaptability.

Reactions to the twinblades’ animations in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the twinblades’ animations are a testament to the game’s attention to detail. The character’s seamless transitions between intricate slashes and spins create a visually stunning spectacle. Watching the twinblades dance through the air, creating a storm of destruction, is a sight to behold. The animations perfectly complement the fast-paced and agile playstyle associated with this weapon, immersing players in the adrenaline-fueled combat at hand.

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Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons

Giant Anchors

Exploring the unique concept of giant anchors as weapons

Among the more unconventional weapons seen in Elden Ring are giant anchors. These colossal weapons offer a distinct and imposing presence on the battlefield. The idea of wielding a weighty and unwieldy object as a weapon sparks both curiosity and intrigue. The concept of giant anchors showcases the game’s inventive approach to weapon design, challenging players to envision the unorthodox potential.

Critique of the practicality and feasibility of giant anchors in combat

While the concept of giant anchors as weapons is undeniably captivating, their practicality and feasibility within the context of combat can be questioned. The sheer size and weight of giant anchors may hinder maneuverability and limit attack options. The anchor’s unwieldiness could easily leave a player exposed to counterattacks or render them immobile in critical moments. Additionally, the high strength requirements to wield such massive weapons may limit their accessibility to specific player builds. Despite these practical considerations, wielding a giant anchor undoubtedly offers a unique and intriguing gameplay experience.

Analysis of the fighting animations for giant anchors in the game

When it comes to the fighting animations for giant anchors in Elden Ring, the sheer power and brutality of these weapons shine through. Each swing of the anchor showcases the tremendous strength required to wield it. The animations convey a sense of impact that resonates with the colossal weight of the weapon. Witnessing the character unleash devastating blows with a weapon of such magnitude is a thrilling and formidable sight.

Spear and Shield

Evaluation of the combination of spear and shield in combat

The combination of a spear and shield in combat provides unique advantages and versatility. The spear’s long reach facilitates maintaining distance from enemies, while the shield offers an additional layer of defense. This combination enables players to engage in a balanced approach, alternating between offensive strikes and defensive maneuvers. It provides a reliable option for players who value both safety and effectiveness in combat.

Discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of using this combination

The spear and shield combination excels in defensive capabilities, allowing players to block incoming attacks with relative ease. The extended reach of the spear enhances the player’s ability to strike enemies without losing the protection offered by the shield. However, this playstyle can be less effective against enemies with high agility or those who excel at close-quarter combat. The slower attack speed of the spear and the limitations imposed by a shield may pose challenges when facing such opponents.

Reactions to the animations for spear and shield gameplay

The animations for spear and shield gameplay in Elden Ring aptly depict the rhythmic and calculated movements required to effectively wield this combination. The character’s fluid transitions between blocking, striking, and maneuvering create a seamless and immersive experience. The animations reflect the strategic nature of spear and shield combat, where players need to anticipate their opponents’ moves while seizing opportunities to strike back. The attention to detail adds depth and authenticity to the gameplay, enhancing the overall immersion and enjoyment.

Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons


Analysis of halberds and their role in Elden Ring

Halberds, with their combination of a spearhead, an axe, and a hook, offer a versatile and deadly weapon choice. These weapons are designed to adapt to various combat situations, making them a reliable choice for both offensive and defensive strategies. The design of halberds in Elden Ring encompasses the historical essence of these weapons while adding unique visual flair to capture players’ attention.

Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of using halberds

The strengths of halberds lie in their versatility and range. They allow players to perform quick thrusts, powerful sweeping attacks, and even grappling maneuvers with the hook. This flexibility enables them to adjust their approach based on the enemy’s weaknesses and strengths. However, the halberd’s length and slower attack speed may require players to exhibit patience and precision in battle. The split-second decisions required to switch between offensive and defensive maneuvers demand a higher level of skill and awareness from the wielder.

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Review of the fighting animations for halberds

The fighting animations for halberds in Elden Ring showcase the weapon’s multifaceted nature. From gracefully piercing through foes with its spearhead to inflicting devastating blows with its axe, the animations highlight the versatility and power of the halberd. Additionally, the character’s utilization of the hook for close-quarters maneuvers adds an element of strategy and cleverness. The animations effectively immerse players in the intricacies of halberd combat while appreciating the historical relevance and artistic presentation.


Examining the features and practicality of handaxes

Handaxes offer a compact, yet effective, choice for close-quarter combat. Their design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, providing a versatile weapon for various playstyles. The ability to wield a handaxe in each hand allows players to unleash a flurry of rapid strikes, overwhelming opponents with speed and aggression. The design of the handaxes in Elden Ring captures the essence of these weapons’ pragmatic appeal while adding unique stylistic elements.

Assessment of handaxes’ effectiveness in combat

Handaxes excel in combat situations where agility and speed are crucial. Their lightweight nature allows for rapid strikes and quick recovery, making them a formidable choice against enemies that rely on slower, heavy attacks. However, the shorter reach of handaxes may place players at a disadvantage against opponents with longer-ranged weapons. Successful use of handaxes requires players to close the distance swiftly and maintain relentless pressure on their adversaries.

Reactions to the handaxes’ animations in Elden Ring

The animations for handaxes in Elden Ring brilliantly portray the relentless nature of combat with these weapons. The character’s swift and fierce strikes create a sense of aggression that perfectly reflects the playstyle associated with handaxes. The animations convey a fast-paced and intense atmosphere, immersing players in the chaos of battle. Each movement highlights the weapon’s nimbleness and the ferocity of the character wielding it, enhancing the overall experience for the player.

Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons

Twinblade and Dual Shields

Evaluation of the combination of twinblade and dual shields

The combination of a twinblade and dual shields creates a unique and defensively oriented playstyle within Elden Ring. This combination focuses on protecting the player from incoming attacks while delivering precise and calculated strikes. By exploiting the defensive capabilities provided by dual shields, players can create a formidable defense while simultaneously unleashing devastating assaults.

Discussion on the advantages and limitations of using this combination

The combination of twinblade and dual shields offers exceptional defensive capabilities, with two shields ensuring maximum protection. Aside from the defensive advantage, this combination allows for intricate counterattacks and precise strikes. However, the limited offensive capabilities and slower attack speed associated with dual shields may hinder players in certain combat scenarios. Additionally, the higher stamina consumption required for prolonged defense and attack sequences necessitates efficient resource management.

Reactions to the animations for twinblade and dual shield gameplay

The animations for twinblade and dual shield gameplay in Elden Ring effectively convey the defensive and calculated nature of this playstyle. The character’s seamless transitions between blocking and attacking create a sense of fluidity and mastery. The animations emphasize the tactical efficiency required to effectively utilize a twinblade and dual shields. From carefully timed parries to skillful strikes, the animations immerse players in the tension and strategic elements of this unique weapon combination.


Summary of the Sword Master’s reactions to various Elden Ring weapons

Throughout the evaluation of the weapons in Elden Ring, the Sword Master’s reactions have been insightful and informative. The Sword Master’s seasoned expertise provides players with a deeper understanding of the weapons’ design, effectiveness, and unique features. With his detailed analysis and expertise, players can make well-informed decisions when it comes to selecting their preferred weapons for their perilous adventures in Elden Ring.

Recommendation to visit the London Longsword Academy for further instruction on medieval weapon arts

To further develop your skills in wielding these weapons, it is highly recommended to visit the London Longsword Academy. With their expertise in medieval weapon arts, the instructors at the academy can provide comprehensive training and guidance. Whether you seek to enhance your proficiency with the spear, morning star, twinblades, or any other weapon, the London Longsword Academy is an invaluable resource for honing your skills and embracing the essence of medieval combat.

In conclusion, Elden Ring offers a multitude of weapon choices, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique fighting animations. By understanding the intricacies of each weapon type, you can tailor your playstyle to suit your preferences and maximize your effectiveness in the game. Embark on your journey armed with this comprehensive evaluation, and may your chosen weapon guide you to victory in the mythical world of Elden Ring.

In this video, you, a Sword Master, will be reacting to more Elden Ring weapons. David Rawlings, the founder of the London Longsword Academy, will break down various weapons including spears, morning stars, twinblades, and even giant anchors.

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Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons