The official SUPER TEAM era? 🙌 WNBA playoff preview | NBA Today

The official SUPER TEAM era has arrived in the WNBA, and it’s about to make this year’s playoffs all the more exciting. The NBA Today crew from ESPN provides a thorough preview of the upcoming WNBA playoffs, discussing which teams are serious contenders. With the Aces and the Liberty as the top two seeds, there are six other teams eagerly looking to knock out the heavyweights. The Connecticut Sun, last year’s finalists, have their sights set on the championship, led by powerhouse Alyssa Thomas. Meanwhile, the Dallas Wings are determined to win their first playoff round in over a decade, and the 2019 champions, the Washington Mystics, are back in full force. As the playoffs begin, the question remains: which stars will shine the brightest and become the legends of this fall? Stay tuned to find out!

The WNBA playoffs are finally here, marking the official era of super teams. The competition is fierce, and the expectations are high for the top teams. The Aces with their impressive record and the Liberty, who haven’t lost back-to-back games this season, are the ones to watch. However, the field is filled with wild cards, including the Mystics, who have Elena Delle Donne back and ready to make a big push. Excitement is in the air as the teams battle it out for the championship, and it all starts with home court advantage. Get ready for an intense postseason as the WNBA playoffs kick off tonight!

WNBA Playoffs Preview

The WNBA playoffs are finally here, and basketball fans everywhere are in for an exciting and intense showdown. With the top teams vying for the championship title, let’s take a closer look at the top contenders, the impact of the super team era, notable teams and players, wild cards to watch, the Mystics vs. Liberty matchup, the importance of home court advantage, and the keys to success.


As the WNBA playoffs tip off, fans can expect a thrilling display of talent, determination, and fierce competition. All eyes are on the top teams as they battle it out for the ultimate prize. In this article, we will delve into the top contenders, discuss the impact of the super team era, highlight notable teams and players, identify the wild cards to watch, analyze the Mystics vs. Liberty matchup, emphasize the importance of home court advantage, and outline the keys to success in the playoffs.

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The official SUPER TEAM era? 🙌 WNBA playoff preview | NBA Today

Top Contenders

When it comes to the top contenders in the WNBA playoffs, several teams stand out due to their impressive regular-season performances and talented rosters. The Aces, Liberty, Connecticut Sun, Dallas Wings, and Washington Mystics are the teams to keep an eye on.


With the best record in the league, the Aces are a force to be reckoned with. Led by standout player Asia Wilson, they boast a strong starting lineup and a potent offense. While there may be question marks surrounding Candace Parker’s absence, the Aces have proven themselves as a dominant team.


The New York Liberty have made a statement this season by winning games consistently and not losing back-to-back games. Their resilient spirit and strong performances have positioned them as a serious contender in the playoffs.

Connecticut Sun

The Connecticut Sun made it to the Finals last year and have remained a championship contender. Alyssa Thomas, the engine of the Sun, has made history by leading the league in both total rebounds and assists in the same season.

Dallas Wings

The Dallas Wings are aiming to win their first playoff round since 2009. With improved players and a roster that includes players like Enrique and Satu, the Wings have the potential to make a deep playoff run.

Washington Mystics

The 2019 Champions, the Washington Mystics, have battled injuries this season but are finally healthy and ready to compete. Led by a two-time MVP in Elena Delle Donne, the Mystics possess the experience and skill to make a significant impact in the playoffs.

The Super Team Era

In recent years, the concept of super teams has become a dominant narrative in the WNBA. Let’s explore the definition of a super team, its impact on the league, and the expectations and criticisms associated with it.

Definition of Super Team

A super team refers to a team that is stacked with star players, forming a formidable lineup capable of competing at the highest level. These teams often have exceptional talent and depth, making them the favorites in the playoffs.

Impact on WNBA

The emergence of super teams has elevated the level of competition in the WNBA. The presence of star players on these teams has drawn more attention to the league and has resulted in increased fan engagement.

Expectations and Criticisms

While super teams bring excitement and anticipation, they also face heightened expectations. Fans and pundits expect dominant performances and deep playoff runs from these teams. However, criticisms arise regarding the level of competition and whether the league is becoming too top-heavy.

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The official SUPER TEAM era? 🙌 WNBA playoff preview | NBA Today

Notable Teams and Players

Throughout the regular season, several teams and players caught the attention of basketball enthusiasts. From the Aces with Asia Wilson to Candace Parker’s absence, from the New York Liberty’s streak to Elena Delle Donne’s return, let’s explore these highlights.

Aces with Asia Wilson

Led by Asia Wilson, who narrowly missed out on the AP player of the year award, the Aces have been a dominant force throughout the season. Wilson’s exceptional skills and leadership make her a vital player for the team’s success.

Candace Parker’s Absence

The absence of Candace Parker from the L.A. Sparks due to injury has sparked debate and speculation about its impact on the team’s performance. While the Sparks have other talented players, Parker’s absence leaves a void in terms of experience and leadership.

New York Liberty’s Streak

The New York Liberty’s ability to bounce back after losses and avoid consecutive defeats is a testament to their resilience and determination. This streak showcases their mental fortitude and strengthens their candidacy as a playoff contender.

Elena Delle Donne’s Return

After battling injuries, Elena Delle Donne’s return to the Washington Mystics brings renewed hope and optimism for the team. As a two-time MVP, her presence on the court can greatly impact the Mystics’ performance in the playoffs.

Wild Cards to Watch

In addition to the top contenders, several teams have the potential to surprise and make their mark in the playoffs. Let’s take a closer look at the Dallas Wings, the Mystics’ formidable weapons, and other teams that may bring unexpected challenges.

Dallas Wings

The Dallas Wings possess a talented roster and have shown flashes of brilliance throughout the season. If they find their rhythm and start knocking down shots, they can be a challenging team to face.

Mystics’ Weapons

With Elena Delle Donne back in the lineup, the Washington Mystics have a multitude of weapons at their disposal. Their versatility and depth provide them with the ability to make a significant impact in the playoffs.

Other Potential Surprises

While the focus may be on the top contenders, other teams in the playoffs have the potential to cause upsets and make their mark. These dark horse teams bring unpredictability and a hunger to prove themselves on the championship stage.

The official SUPER TEAM era? 🙌 WNBA playoff preview | NBA Today

The Mystics vs Liberty Matchup

The matchup between the Mystics and the Liberty holds significant importance in the playoffs. Let’s examine the key factors that make this matchup intriguing, gain insights from players, and analyze the expert analysis provided by Roswell and Woody.

Importance of the Matchup

The matchup between the Mystics and Liberty carries weight due to the teams’ performances throughout the season and their potential to make an impact in the playoffs. The outcome of this matchup can set the tone for the rest of the playoffs.

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Player Insights

Brianna Stewart emphasizes the significance of home court advantage for the Liberty in this series. With key players back, the Liberty’s focus on themselves and trust in each other will be crucial in facing the formidable Mystics, led by Elena Delle Donne.

Roswell and Woody’s Analysis

Roswell and Woody’s breakdown of the Mystics’ weapons and the challenge they pose to opponents adds depth to the understanding of this matchup. Their expert analysis sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, offering valuable insights.

Importance of Home Court Advantage

In a short playoff series, home court advantage can have a significant impact on the outcome. Brianna Stewart highlights the importance of this advantage for the Liberty, while the Liberty’s strong identity and the challenge of facing Elena Delle Donne further accentuate this point.

Brianna Stewart’s View

As a player, Brianna Stewart recognizes the importance of home court advantage in a series. The familiarity with their home court and the support of their fans can provide the Liberty with a boost and create a more challenging environment for opponents.

Significance in Short Series

In a short playoff series, home court advantage becomes even more crucial. The impact of a single game and the ability to gain momentum through home games can heavily influence the outcome of a series.

The Liberty’s Identity

Throughout the season, the New York Liberty have developed a strong identity and a preferred style of play. This established identity, combined with home court advantage, allows them to enter the series with confidence and a clear focus on their strengths.

Facing Elena Delle Donne

Facing a player of Elena Delle Donne’s caliber presents a unique challenge. The Mystics’ two-time MVP brings a high level of skill and basketball intelligence to the court, making it imperative for the Liberty to maintain their identity and trust in their own abilities.

The official SUPER TEAM era? 🙌 WNBA playoff preview | NBA Today

Keys to Success

As teams enter the playoffs, certain factors become critical for success. Let’s explore the key elements that teams must focus on to make a deep playoff run.

Self-Focus and Trust

Teams must maintain a strong sense of self-focus and trust in their abilities and game plan. This mental fortitude allows them to overcome adversity and perform at their best in high-pressure situations.

Understanding Opponents’ Weapons

An in-depth understanding of opponents’ strengths and weaknesses is crucial in strategizing for success. By identifying and neutralizing their weapons, teams can gain an advantage and mitigate opponents’ impact on the game.

Taking the Playoffs Seriously

The playoffs require a heightened level of intensity and focus. Approaching each game with the utmost seriousness and dedication is essential for teams to perform at their best and achieve their playoff goals.


With the WNBA playoffs underway, fans can expect a thrilling and competitive postseason. The top contenders, the impact of the super team era, notable teams and players, wild cards to watch, the Mystics vs. Liberty matchup, the significance of home court advantage, and the keys to success all add to the excitement and intrigue of this basketball extravaganza. As the playoffs progress, it will be fascinating to see which teams rise to the occasion and ultimately crown themselves as champions of the 2021 WNBA season.

The NBA Today crew invites you to preview the WNBA playoffs and discuss which teams are considered serious contenders.

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The official SUPER TEAM era? 🙌 WNBA playoff preview | NBA Today