The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ‘Toxic Workplace’ Claims: Employees Speak Out

In a recent Rolling Stone expose, claims of a toxic workplace and erratic behavior have surfaced surrounding The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The report highlights the turnover of nine showrunners in just nine years, shedding light on a potentially challenging work environment. Journalist Christy Lee Yandoli, who has previously reported on similar claims at shows like Ellen and The Kelly Clarkson Show, interviewed numerous current and former employees who shared their experiences. They described a stark contrast between what they called “good Jimmy days” and “bad Jimmy days,” alleging inconsistent and erratic behavior from the late-night host. While some anonymous staffers have come forward in support of Fallon, calling the article fake news and emphasizing the collaborative nature of the show, others applaud the investigation as a step toward holding Hollywood accountable.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Toxic Workplace Claims: Employees Speak Out


Claims of erratic Behavior

The Rolling Stone expose on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has brought to light various claims of erratic behavior by the host. According to the report, there have been allegations of inconsistency in Fallon’s behavior, with employees referring to what they call “good Jimmy days” and “bad Jimmy days.” These claims suggest that Fallon’s behavior can be unpredictable and possibly detrimental to the workplace environment.

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Toxic workplace environment

The bombshell report also details a toxic workplace environment at The Tonight Show. Current and former employees have come forward to share their experiences of alleged mistreatment and belittlement by Fallon. They claim to have been on the receiving end of his disrespectful behavior, with Fallon talking down to them and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Frequent turnover of Showrunners

Another concerning aspect highlighted in the expose is the high turnover of showrunners at The Tonight Show. In the past nine years alone, there have been nine different showrunners, which suggests instability and potential management issues within the production team. This continuous turnover can impact the overall work environment and the show’s ability to maintain consistency.

Interview with Christy Lee Yandoli

Discussion on toxic workplace claims at Ellen and The Kelly Clarkson show

Journalist Christy Lee Yandoli, who has also reported on toxic workplace claims at Ellen and The Kelly Clarkson Show, shares her insights in an interview regarding the allegations against Jimmy Fallon. Yandoli’s experience in covering workplace concerns in the entertainment industry allows for a comparative understanding of the situation and provides valuable context.

Key takeaways from speaking to current and former employees

Yandoli reveals that in her conversations with two current and 14 former employees of The Tonight Show, the most significant takeaway is the distinction made between “good Jimmy days” and “bad Jimmy days.” This suggests a pattern of behavior that is inconsistent and potentially harmful to the work environment. The accounts from these individuals shed light on the challenges they faced while working with Fallon.

Allegations against Jimmy Fallon

Good Jimmy days vs bad Jimmy days

Multiple employees have claimed that Jimmy Fallon’s behavior can vary significantly between what they refer to as “good Jimmy days” and “bad Jimmy days.” On good days, Fallon is described as talented and funny. However, on bad days, his behavior allegedly becomes erratic and inconsistent, creating tension and discomfort among the staff.

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Alleged mistreatment and belittling of employees

Employees have also voiced concerns about Fallon’s alleged mistreatment and belittlement of them. They claim to have experienced instances where Fallon talked down to them and made them feel disrespected. Such behavior can create a hostile and unhealthy work environment, impacting the morale and well-being of the employees.

Previous concerns about Fallon’s drinking

In 2016, the New York Post published a story suggesting that NBC executives were concerned about Fallon’s drinking. However, Fallon vehemently denied these claims, stating that he could never perform his day-to-day job if he were drinking excessively. The allegations of erratic behavior and mistreatment should not be confused with any potential substance abuse issues as they are separate concerns.

Response from NBC

Hiatus due to Writer strike

The Tonight Show is currently on hiatus due to a writer strike. This temporary pause in production offers an opportunity for Jimmy Fallon, the showrunner, and the staff to address the concerns raised in the Rolling Stone expose and work towards resolving any issues within the workplace.

Meeting between Jimmy Fallon, showrunner, and staff

Following the publication of the report, Jimmy Fallon and the showrunner have scheduled a meeting with the staff to discuss the allegations and concerns. This meeting demonstrates a willingness to address the issues directly and find ways to improve the work environment.

NBC’s statement on providing a respectful working environment

NBC, the network that airs The Tonight Show, released a statement emphasizing the importance of providing a respectful working environment. They assert that it is a top priority for them and underline their commitment to ensuring a positive and inclusive atmosphere for everyone involved with the show.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Toxic Workplace Claims: Employees Speak Out

Jerry Seinfeld’s Defense

Jerry Seinfeld’s response to specific incident

Jerry Seinfeld, a former guest on The Tonight Show, has come to Jimmy Fallon’s defense regarding a specific incident mentioned in the Rolling Stone expose. Seinfeld recalls a moment where Fallon allegedly scolded a crew member holding Q cards. Seinfeld dismisses the incident as a misunderstanding and labels the portrayal as “so stupid.”

Description of the alleged incident

The specific incident mentioned involves Fallon scolding a crew member responsible for holding up cue cards. However, Seinfeld, along with other staffers from The Tonight Show, remembers the incident differently. They recall it as a lighthearted moment where Fallon playfully teased a crew member about a flub, and everyone shared a laugh.

Support from other Tonight Show staffers

Several anonymous Tonight Show staffers have chosen to support Jimmy Fallon, refuting the allegations made in the Rolling Stone report. They claim that the article is fake news and emphasize that the show operates as a cohesive team. Additionally, they cite Fallon’s podcast during the writer strike as evidence of his efforts to support and compensate the staff.

Criticism of the Reporting

Accusations of hit job journalism

There are critics who argue that the reporting on The Tonight Show’s toxic workplace claims is a hit job. They believe it to be an intentional effort to tarnish Fallon’s reputation and sensationalize the situation for personal gain. These critics suggest that the allegations might be blown out of proportion or taken out of context.

Explanation of Hollywood Accountability

The journalists responsible for the Rolling Stone expose perceive their reporting as a form of Hollywood accountability. They argue that shining a light on workplace concerns is essential for ensuring a healthier and safer industry. While some may view it as a hit job, the intention is not to target specific individuals but to address systemic issues within the entertainment business.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Toxic Workplace Claims: Employees Speak Out


The recent revelations regarding The Tonight Show’s toxic work environment and allegations against Jimmy Fallon highlight the importance of creating a respectful and supportive atmosphere in the workplace. Though there are differing accounts and opinions about the allegations, it is crucial to acknowledge the experiences of those who felt mistreated. This situation serves as a reminder for the industry as a whole to prioritize the well-being of employees and address any concerns promptly and effectively. Through open communication and a commitment to change, it is possible to foster a positive work environment that benefits everyone involved.