Watch Jeannie Mai’s 1-Year-Old Daughter’s ADORABLE Affirmation

In the heartwarming video shared by Entertainment Tonight, Jeannie Mai, the TV personality, proudly showcases an adorable moment featuring her one-year-old daughter. Monaco is seen saying her prayers aloud, expressing gratitude to God for her daddy and his work in helping people believe in themselves. Jeannie sets the foundation for Monaco’s blessings, and the little one follows suit by reciting an adorable affirmation. Not only does Monaco express her appreciation for her family, but she also sends well wishes to her father, celebrating the success of his book making the New York Times bestsellers list. Life is undoubtedly good for this baby girl, who enjoys diving into a bowl of noodles while thanking God for her food.

This isn’t the first time Jeannie has shared the cuteness of little Monaco with the world. In July of 2022, when Monaco was just five months old, Jeannie introduced her to the world, proudly announcing her pregnancy on “The Real.” Jeannie expresses her gratitude for how much her child has changed her life, stating that she now likes herself better as a mom. She also gushes about how married life with Jeezy feels so different and amazing compared to their dating days, as they have taken the time to truly get to know each other on a deeper level. As fans, we can’t help but hope to see more adorable cameos from Little Monaco and continue to witness the beautiful moments of Jeannie and Jeezy’s journey together.

Watch Jeannie Mais 1-Year-Old Daughters ADORABLE Affirmation


In a heartwarming display of love and gratitude, Jeannie Mai’s 1-year-old daughter, Monaco, has captured the hearts of many with her adorable affirmation. This little bundle of joy has been a source of blessings and joy for her parents, Jeannie and her husband Jeezy. From celebrating her father’s success to enjoying food with gusto, Monaco is bringing happiness and love into their lives. Join us as we delve into the wonderful moments of Monaco’s journey in this comprehensive article.

Jeannie Mai’s 1-Year-Old Daughter

Prayers and Blessings

Monaco’s sweet and innocent heart is filled with prayers and blessings for her loved ones. In a heartwarming video shared by Jeannie Mai, Monaco can be seen saying her prayers aloud, thanking God for her daddy and his work to help people believe in themselves. Through this heartwarming gesture, Monaco is following in the footsteps of her parents, expressing gratitude and spreading positivity. It is truly remarkable to witness such depth and understanding in such a young soul.

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Celebrating Her Father’s Success

Monaco’s love for her father knows no bounds. She is overjoyed and full of admiration as she celebrates her father’s recent success of making it onto the New York Times Best Sellers list. In a touching display of support and love, Monaco sends well wishes and congratulates her father on his accomplishments. This precious moment showcases the bond between a father and daughter and is a testament to the love and encouragement within their family.

Enjoying Food

Monaco’s love for life extends to food as well. With pure delight on her face, she dives into a bowl of noodles, expressing her gratitude for the delicious meal. This adorable display of enjoying food truly brings a smile to one’s face. Monaco’s appreciation for the simple joys in life serves as a reminder to take pleasure in the little things and cherish the moments of pure happiness.

Introduction to the World

Jeannie Mai introduced her daughter, Monaco, to the world in July of 2022. At just five months old, Monaco made her grand debut, captivating hearts with her beauty and charm. Jeannie shared this special moment with her fans, expressing her joy and gratitude for becoming a mother. In a heartfelt announcement on ‘The Real’, Jeannie confirmed her pregnancy and shared the excitement of keeping such a wonderful secret. Monaco’s arrival marked the beginning of a new chapter in Jeannie and Jeezy’s lives, filled with love, laughter, and the joys of parenthood.

Prayers and Blessings

Adorable Affirmation

Monaco’s adorable affirmation serves as a reminder of the power of gratitude and faith. Her little voice echoes her prayers to God, expressing thanks for her family and her daddy’s work. It is heartwarming to see such pure innocence and love in a young child, as Monaco follows in the footsteps of her parents and learns the importance of expressing gratitude and spreading positivity.

Expressing Gratitude

Through her adorable affirmation, Monaco showcases her understanding of the importance of gratitude. She takes a moment to thank God for her family, recognizing the love and support surrounding her. This act of expressing gratitude is a simple yet profound lesson that can be learned from this young child, reminding us to appreciate the blessings in our own lives.

Following Her Parents’ Example

Monaco’s prayers and blessings affirmations mirror the values instilled by her parents, Jeannie and Jeezy. Jeannie, a TV personality known for her uplifting spirit and self-confidence, has undoubtedly influenced Monaco’s understanding of the power of positivity and gratitude. By witnessing her parents’ example, Monaco follows in their footsteps and continues the legacy of spreading love and kindness to others.

Celebrating Her Father’s Success

Daddy on the Best Sellers List

Monaco beams with pride as her father, Jeezy, achieves a remarkable milestone – making it onto the New York Times Best Sellers list. This momentous achievement is a testament to Jeezy’s hard work and dedication. Monaco’s genuine joy and praise for her father’s success showcase the deep connection and bond they share.

Sending Well Wishes

Monaco takes a moment to send well wishes to her father for his accomplishment. Through her innocent and heartfelt gestures, she expresses her love and support. This small act of encouragement speaks volumes about the unconditional love Monaco has for her father, and it is truly heartwarming to witness.

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Supporting Her Father’s Accomplishments

Monaco’s celebration of her father’s success emphasizes the support and encouragement within their family. As she cheers for her father’s accomplishments, Monaco becomes a beacon of inspiration herself. Her unconditional love and admiration for her father serve as a reminder of the importance of supporting and celebrating the achievements of our loved ones.

Watch Jeannie Mais 1-Year-Old Daughters ADORABLE Affirmation

Enjoying Food

Delightful Noodle Time

Monaco’s love for food is evident in her enthusiastic enjoyment of a bowl of noodles. With each bite, her joy and delight radiate from her face. This simple act of relishing a meal reminds us to find happiness in the small pleasures of life and to savor every moment.

Expressing Gratitude for Food

Amidst her delightful noodle time, Monaco takes a moment to express her gratitude for the food she is enjoying. Her innocent and pure spirit shines through as she thanks God for her meal. This act of gratitude serves as a powerful reminder to appreciate the nourishment and sustenance we receive each day.

Cuteness Overload

Monaco’s adorable expressions and sheer delight while eating her noodles are simply irresistible. Her contagious happiness brings a smile to anyone who witnesses it. Monaco’s love for food is a beautiful reminder to find joy in the simplest things and to embrace the moments that bring us happiness.

Introduction to the World

Revealing Monaco to the Public

In July of 2022, Jeannie Mai introduced her daughter, Monaco, to the world. This precious moment marked a new chapter in their lives, with Monaco becoming a cherished member of Jeannie and Jeezy’s family. Monaco’s arrival brought joy and love to their lives, and Jeannie couldn’t wait to share this happiness with her fans and the world.

Announcing Pregnancy on ‘The Real’

Jeannie Mai’s pregnancy announcement on ‘The Real’ was a moment filled with excitement and gratitude. After keeping the secret for so long, Jeannie shared her joy and anticipation of becoming a mother. The announcement was met with applause and cheers, as Jeannie’s co-hosts and audience celebrated this wonderful news. It was a truly memorable moment for Jeannie and her loved ones.

Grateful for Parenthood

As Monaco’s arrival changed their lives forever, Jeannie and Jeezy couldn’t be more grateful for the gift of parenthood. Jeannie expresses her gratitude for the transformative experience of becoming a mother, emphasizing the profound impact it has had on her life. Parenthood has brought a newfound sense of fulfillment and purpose, making Jeannie embrace herself and motherhood even more.

Marriage and Parenthood

Jeannie and Jeezy tied the knot in the same year they welcomed Monaco into their lives. The joys of marriage and parenthood intertwined, creating a strong and loving foundation for their family. Jeannie reflects on the differences between dating and married life, emphasizing the growth and happiness she experiences with a partner who shares the same values and understanding.

Life’s Amazing Moments

Through the journey of marriage and parenthood, Jeannie and Jeezy have discovered the beauty of life’s extraordinary moments. Their love and bond grow stronger with each passing day, and they cherish the best parts of life. Monaco’s presence has added an indescribable joy to their lives, and they are grateful for the amazing moments they share as a family.

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Watch Jeannie Mais 1-Year-Old Daughters ADORABLE Affirmation

Revealing Monaco to the Public

Introducing Her Daughter

In a heartwarming moment, Jeannie Mai introduced her daughter, Monaco, to the world. Sharing her daughter’s beauty and charm with her fans, Jeannie expressed her joy and love for Monaco. This introduction allowed fans to catch a glimpse of the happiness and love that radiates from their family.

Sharing the Joy of Parenthood

As Jeannie Mai shares the joy of parenthood through the introduction of her daughter, she invites her fans to witness the beauty of raising a child. Through each photo and video, Jeannie conveys the deep love she has for Monaco and the incredible journey they are embarking on together.

Showing Off Cutie Monaco

Monaco steals the spotlight as Jeannie shares glimpses of her adorable daughter with the world. With each precious photo and video, Monaco’s cuteness and infectious happiness captivate hearts. Jeannie Mai couldn’t be prouder to show off her little bundle of joy and share the love and joy Monaco brings into their lives.

Announcing Pregnancy on ‘The Real’

Keeping Secrets

Jeannie Mai shares the challenges of keeping her pregnancy a secret, particularly on ‘The Real’ where there were so many exciting moments to reveal. She describes the difficulty of concealing such joyful news and expresses her gratitude for finally being able to share the truth with her fans.

Excitement and Gratitude

Jeannie Mai couldn’t contain her excitement and gratitude as she announced her pregnancy on ‘The Real.’ The overwhelming joy and anticipation of becoming a mother were palpable in her announcement. The cheers and applause that followed showcased the love and support from her co-hosts and audience, further enhancing the beauty of this moment.

The Craziest Moment

Jeannie Mai reflects on the moment of announcing her pregnancy as one of the craziest moments in her life. The combination of emotions, from keeping the secret to finally sharing the news, made it an unforgettable experience. The genuine happiness and excitement radiating from Jeannie during this moment created a sense of connection between her and her fans.

Watch Jeannie Mais 1-Year-Old Daughters ADORABLE Affirmation

Grateful for Parenthood

Life-Changing Experience

Parenthood has transformed Jeannie Mai’s life in ways she never could have imagined. She expresses her deep appreciation for the life-changing experience of becoming a mother. The profound impact Monaco has had on her life has allowed her to grow and evolve as a person, opening her heart to new levels of love and understanding.

Becoming a Better Person

Jeannie Mai acknowledges that motherhood has made her a better person. The love she feels for Monaco has enhanced her sense of empathy, compassion, and patience. She recognizes the personal growth that comes with raising a child and is grateful for the opportunity to continuously become the best version of herself.

Love for Motherhood

Jeannie Mai’s love for motherhood shines through as she speaks about her journey. She emphasizes the incredible bond she shares with Monaco and the indescribable joy that fills her heart. Becoming a mother has given Jeannie a sense of purpose and fulfillment that surpasses anything she has ever experienced before.

Marital Bliss

Jeannie and Jeezy’s journey into parenthood has strengthened their bond as partners. The love and support they have for each other create a solid foundation for their family. Jeannie expresses her admiration for their partnership and the joy they experience together as they navigate the joys and challenges of raising their daughter.


Monaco’s journey into the world has brought immeasurable joy and love to the lives of Jeannie Mai and Jeezy. From her prayers and blessings to celebrating her father’s success, enjoying food, and being introduced to the world, Monaco’s presence has touched the hearts of many. Jeannie and Jeezy’s journey into parenthood has been filled with gratitude, love, and countless amazing moments. Through their experiences, they show us the beauty of embracing life’s blessings and cherishing the love and joy that family brings.

Watch Jeannie Mais 1-Year-Old Daughters ADORABLE Affirmation