How Selena Gomez BROKE Her Hand

In the latest news from Selena Gomez, the singer recently revealed how she broke her hand in a rather unexpected way. During an interview on the Ellen King Morning Show, Selena explained that she was simply walking from her car to her house in a long summer dress when the incident occurred. Despite the potential seriousness of the situation, she maintains a positive attitude and is grateful for her platform to continue making music with her friends. This incident serves as a reminder to be cautious and watch your step, even in the most mundane moments of life.

Furthermore, Selena Gomez’s resilience and ability to overcome obstacles is not new to her fans. From walking off a red carpet after a trip to going barefoot on stage at an awards show, she continues to navigate challenges with grace and humor. As she prepares to release her new single and share her journey through music, Selena expresses gratitude towards her patient fan base and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing her health and the happiness of those she loves. So, get ready to dance to Selena’s upcoming track, but don’t forget to watch your step!

How Selena Gomez BROKE Her Hand

The Accident

Selena Gomez’s broken hand and required surgery

In a recent revelation on social media, Selena Gomez shared that she had broken her hand and underwent surgery. The singer opened up about the incident during an interview on the Ellen King Morning Show, shedding light on how it happened and the potential seriousness of the situation.

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Explaining the Incident

Selena Gomez’s interview on the Ellen King Morning Show

During her interview on the Ellen King Morning Show, Selena Gomez shared the details of the accident that led to her broken hand. With her trademark honesty, she humorously recounted the incident, saying, “I wish I had like a really cool story that I saved someone’s life or something.” She explained that while walking from her car to her house, wearing a long dress, she ended up with a broken hand.

Walking from the car to the house

Selena Gomez elaborated on the incident, sharing that she was simply walking from her car to her house when the accident occurred. Although it may seem like a trivial occurrence, she highlighted the potential seriousness of the situation, acknowledging that it could have been much worse.

The potential seriousness of the incident

Reflecting on the accident, Selena Gomez expressed gratitude for not suffering more severe injuries. She shared a conversation she had with a doctor, who reassured her by saying, “As a mother, I just want to say if you were my daughter, I would say thank God you didn’t break your teeth.” This comment added a silver lining to the situation and emphasized the importance of prioritizing health and happiness.

Reaction and Support

Selena Gomez’s gratitude to her fans for their support

Selena Gomez expressed her gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support following her accident. She acknowledged that their love and encouragement meant more to her than any material success, saying, “I don’t care about selling anything. I’m just happy to make music with my friends.” The outpouring of support from her dedicated fan base reassured her of the impact she has and the platform she possesses.

Sharing a mirror selfie with a hand brace on Instagram

To show her fans that she was in good spirits, Selena Gomez shared a mirror selfie on her Instagram story. In the photo, she proudly showcased her hand brace, indicating that she was ready to laugh off the incident. Her lighthearted approach to the situation resonated with her fans, who appreciated her positive attitude.

Ready to laugh about the incident

Acknowledging the potential seriousness of the accident, Selena Gomez emphasized her readiness to find humor in the situation. She expressed her desire to move forward and focus on her health and the happiness of her loved ones. By maintaining a positive mindset, she aimed to spread positivity among her fans and reassure them that she was doing well.

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Relief from Potential Consequences

Acknowledgement of the potential consequences

While discussing her broken hand, Selena Gomez expressed relief that her injuries weren’t more severe. She acknowledged that accidents can have serious consequences and recognized the importance of being cautious in everyday life.

The doctor’s comment on not breaking teeth

One of the potential consequences of Selena Gomez’s accident could have been breaking her teeth. However, she shared the reassuring comment from her doctor, which brought some relief. This reminder highlighted the need to prioritize overall health and well-being, as dental health is an essential aspect of one’s overall happiness and confidence.

Overall focus on health and happiness

Selena Gomez emphasized the significance of staying healthy and ensuring the happiness of those she loves. She recognized that, at her age, what truly matters is taking care of oneself and ensuring the well-being of others. This perspective served as a reminder that physical health and emotional well-being should always be prioritized.

How Selena Gomez BROKE Her Hand

Previous Mishaps

Recollection of Selena Gomez’s previous fall on the red carpet

Selena Gomez’s accident was not her first public mishap. She recalled a previous incident when she tripped on the red carpet at the 2022 SAG Awards. Despite the unexpected stumble, she didn’t let it ruin her night. In a moment of spontaneity, Selena bravely took off her high heels and presented an award barefoot on stage. This anecdote showcased her ability to embrace mishaps and move forward with grace and humor.

Going barefoot on stage at the 2022 SAG Awards

Selena Gomez’s decision to go barefoot on stage after her red carpet fall demonstrated her ability to adapt and find humor in unexpected situations. Her spontaneous choice to remove her high heels and continue with the ceremony showed her resilience and ability to overcome obstacles with confidence and a positive attitude.

Excitement for New Music

Selena Gomez’s anticipation for releasing new music

Despite her recent accident, Selena Gomez remained excited about releasing new music. She expressed the joy and anticipation she felt, stating, “It’s been years since I released music, and I can’t wait to tell that through music.” This eagerness to share her experiences with her fans and create meaningful connections through her music showcased her passion and dedication to her craft.

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The significance of the upcoming Girls Night Out jam

Selena Gomez’s upcoming single, “Girls Night Out,” held special significance for her. She described it as an anthem about being comfortable in one’s own skin and loving one’s own company. The song’s message resonated with her personally, and she believed it would strike a chord with her fans as well.

Thanking fans for their patience

Selena Gomez made sure to express her appreciation for her patient fan base, who had eagerly awaited new music from her. She acknowledged the time it took to release new material but assured her fans that the wait would be worth it. By expressing her gratitude, she reinforced the importance of her fans in her career and emphasized the mutual love and support they shared.

How Selena Gomez BROKE Her Hand

Description of the New Song

The message behind the single “soon”

Selena Gomez provided insights into the message conveyed in her upcoming single, “soon.” She explained that the song encourages listeners to embrace themselves and enjoy their own company. The track acts as a reminder that one can find happiness and fulfillment within oneself, regardless of external circumstances. The message resonated with Selena, who believed it was crucial for individuals to prioritize self-love and self-acceptance.

Embracing oneself and enjoying one’s own company

Through her new song, Selena Gomez aimed to empower her listeners to embrace their unique qualities and find joy in their own company. She emphasized the importance of self-confidence and the ability to be comfortable in one’s own skin. By celebrating individuality, she hoped to inspire her fans to love themselves and embrace their true selves unapologetically.

Promoting dancing to the new tune

Selena Gomez enthusiastically encouraged her fans to dance to her new song, “soon.” She believed that dancing could be a form of self-expression and a way to let loose and have fun. By promoting dancing to her catchy tune, she created an inclusive atmosphere where her fans could enjoy themselves and let go of any inhibitions.

Importance of Being Cautious

Reminder to be cautious while dancing to the new song

While encouraging her fans to dance to her new song, Selena Gomez reminded them to prioritize their safety. She advised them to be cautious and mindful of their surroundings, particularly when hitting the dance floor. By sharing this reminder, she aimed to ensure that her fans could enjoy themselves while also staying safe.

Avoiding potential accidents on the dance floor

Selena Gomez’s reminder about being cautious while dancing served as a general precautionary measure for her fans. By urging her fans to stay aware of their surroundings, she hoped to prevent potential accidents on the dance floor. This emphasis on safety added a thoughtful dimension to her message of promoting self-expression through dance.

How Selena Gomez BROKE Her Hand


In conclusion, Selena Gomez’s broken hand incident shed light on her resilience and lighthearted approach to life’s mishaps. She expressed gratitude for her fans’ support and showcased her excitement for releasing new music. The upcoming single, “soon,” carried a meaningful message of self-acceptance and self-love. As fans eagerly anticipated the release of her new music, Selena Gomez encouraged them to dance and enjoy themselves responsibly. Through her words and actions, Selena Gomez exemplified the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness, prioritizing health and happiness, and staying cautious in everyday life.