How the Ladies of ‘The View’ Try to ‘Keep it Cool’ at the Table (Exclusive)

In an exclusive interview, Entertainment Tonight provides an inside look at how the ladies of ‘The View’ manage to keep their cool at the table amidst intense discussions. According to the co-hosts, they have mastered the art of not taking things personally and leaving all the debates and disagreements at the table. With busy lives outside of the show, including families and responsibilities, the co-hosts understand the importance of compartmentalizing their emotions and maintaining a level-headedness. They also emphasize the significance of self-care and taking time for themselves to clear their heads after the debates, ensuring a fresh start for the next day.

Despite the passionate nature of their discussions, the co-hosts highlight that it’s not personal and viewers shouldn’t mistake the heated conversations for animosity. They explain that disagreements stem from a genuine passion for the topics at hand and differing viewpoints. The co-hosts credit their colleagues, Joy and Whoopi, for imparting valuable lessons on leaving everything at the table, ultimately fostering a respectful and collaborative environment amongst them. As they continue into this election year, the co-hosts emphasize the need to focus on mental clarity, self-care, and enjoying the view.

How the Ladies of The View Try to Keep it Cool at the Table (Exclusive)

Maintaining Cool and Calm

Not taking work home

When you step away from ‘The View’ table, it’s important to not take the discussions and debates personally. The ladies of ‘The View’ understand the need to separate the intensity of the show from their personal lives. They recognize that holding on to the emotions and opinions expressed on the show can be detrimental to their mental well-being. By not taking work home, they are able to maintain a sense of composure and prevent themselves from becoming overwhelmed with the topics and discussions that take place on the show.

Having a support system

In order to stay cool and calm, it’s important to have a strong support system. The ladies of ‘The View’ rely on their friends, family, and colleagues to provide them with the emotional support they need. Whether it’s talking through their emotions or finding solace in the comfort of loved ones, having a support system can help them navigate the challenges that come with being a host on the show. This support system allows them to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and understanding environment, helping them to maintain their composure when faced with difficult topics or debates.

Balancing responsibilities

One of the key ways the ladies of ‘The View’ maintain their cool and calm is by balancing their responsibilities. They all have lives outside of the show, with various commitments and obligations. By recognizing the importance of these responsibilities, they are able to put the show into perspective. They understand that ‘The View’ is just one aspect of their lives and that they must prioritize their other commitments as well. By finding a balance between work, family, and personal life, they are able to maintain composure and not let the discussions on the show consume their thoughts and emotions.

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Staying Level-headed in Election Year

Managing personal addiction

In an election year, tensions can run high, and it becomes even more important to stay level-headed. One way the ladies of ‘The View’ achieve this is by managing their personal addictions. They recognize that certain topics and debates can be triggers for strong emotional reactions, and they take steps to prevent these addictions from getting the best of them. By being aware of their own tendencies to become overly invested or passionate about certain issues, they are able to maintain composure and approach discussions with a more level-headed mindset.

Dealing with distractions

Distractions can make it challenging to stay level-headed, especially in the midst of intense discussions. The ladies of ‘The View’ acknowledge this and have found ways to cope with distractions. Whether it’s allowing themselves to use their phones during dinner or finding ways to stay grounded at the table, they understand the importance of keeping their focus on the topic at hand. By managing distractions, they are able to maintain their composure and effectively contribute to the conversation without letting external factors derail them.

Staying grounded at the table

The table of ‘The View’ can be a hotbed of passionate opinions and debates. However, the ladies of the show strive to stay grounded and maintain composure. They attribute their ability to do so to their collaborative nature and upbringing. Coming from big families, they have learned the importance of listening and talking, which helps them navigate through heated moments with grace. By staying grounded at the table, they are able to approach discussions from a place of collaboration and understanding rather than becoming overwhelmed with emotion.

Maintaining Mental Clarity

Daily exercise

Maintaining mental clarity is essential for the ladies of ‘The View’ to effectively contribute to the show. One way they achieve mental clarity is through daily exercise. By incorporating physical activity into their routines, they are able to clear their minds and release any built-up stress or tension. Whether it’s going for a run, practicing yoga, or engaging in any other form of exercise, they recognize the positive impact it has on their mental well-being. Regular exercise helps them maintain a clear mind, enabling them to approach discussions with focus and composure.

Knowing when to unplug

Being a host on ‘The View’ requires constant engagement with current events and news. However, the ladies understand the importance of knowing when to unplug. They recognize that constantly being immersed in the news cycle can be mentally draining and overwhelming. By setting boundaries and giving themselves permission to take a break from the constant influx of information, they are able to recharge and maintain mental clarity. Knowing when to unplug allows them to approach discussions and debates with a fresh perspective and a clear mind.

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Personal time for relaxation

Finding time for relaxation is crucial in maintaining mental clarity. Amidst their demanding schedules, the ladies of ‘The View’ prioritize personal time for relaxation. Whether it’s spending quality time with loved ones, engaging in a hobby, or simply enjoying moments of solitude, they understand the importance of taking breaks to recharge. By dedicating time to activities that bring them joy and relaxation, they can clear their minds and approach the show with a renewed sense of clarity and composure.

Dealing with Heated Moments

Not taking it personally

When conversations become heated, it’s important to not take it personally. The ladies of ‘The View’ have learned to separate their personal feelings from the passionate discussions that take place on the show. They understand that disagreements and heated moments are a natural part of discourse and that it doesn’t reflect on their personal relationships or character. By not taking it personally, they are able to approach discussions with a level head and maintain their composure.

Passion for the topic

One of the reasons heated moments arise on the show is because the ladies are deeply passionate about the topics they discuss. They believe in advocating for their viewpoints and standing up for what they believe in. This passion fuels their ability to stay composed even in the midst of intense conversations. By channeling their passion into constructive dialogue, they are able to navigate through heated moments with grace and professionalism.

Learning from experienced co-hosts

The ladies of ‘The View’ have the advantage of learning from experienced co-hosts who have navigated through numerous heated moments before. They have gained valuable insights from fellow hosts, such as Joy and Whoopi, who have emphasized the importance of leaving everything at the table. By observing their experienced colleagues, they have learned the value of maintaining composure and not allowing heated moments to affect their interactions or relationships. Learning from experienced co-hosts has equipped them with strategies to navigate through intense discussions and maintain a level-headed approach.

How the Ladies of The View Try to Keep it Cool at the Table (Exclusive)

Handling Differences and Debates

Allowing others to defend themselves

Handling differences and debates requires a certain level of respect and understanding. The ladies of ‘The View’ understand the importance of allowing others to defend themselves. They recognize that everyone has their own unique perspectives and experiences, and it’s essential to give them the opportunity to share their viewpoints. By allowing others to defend themselves, they foster a respectful and constructive environment for productive discussions and debates.

Responding calmly

In the midst of differences and debates, it’s crucial to respond calmly. The ladies of ‘The View’ prioritize responding with composure and thoughtfulness rather than reacting impulsively. They understand that responding calmly helps to de-escalate tense situations and allows for more effective communication. By responding calmly, they contribute to a constructive dialogue and maintain a level-headed approach.

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Perspective from the viewers

The viewers’ perspective provides valuable insights for the ladies of ‘The View’. They recognize that the viewers are observing the discussions and debates from an outside perspective. The ladies of the show understand that while discussions may appear heated to viewers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s personal. By considering the viewers’ perspective, they can reflect on their own contributions and approach discussions with empathy and understanding.

The Importance of Leaving it at the Table

Not letting it affect relationships

One of the key reasons the ladies of ‘The View’ emphasize leaving everything at the table is to prevent it from affecting their relationships. They understand that the discussions and debates on the show are separate from their personal relationships with their co-hosts. By compartmentalizing their emotions and opinions, they ensure that their personal relationships remain intact. Not letting it affect their relationships allows them to return to work the next day with a clean slate and continue their professional collaborations.

Separating personal opinions

Another way the ladies of ‘The View’ maintain composure is by separating their personal opinions from the discussions on the show. They recognize that it’s essential to differentiate between their personal beliefs and the viewpoints they present on the show. By approaching discussions from a place of professional objectivity, they avoid becoming overly emotional or defensive. Separating personal opinions allows them to contribute to the discussions with an open mind and a level-headed stance.

Learning from experienced hosts

Learning from experienced hosts plays a significant role in understanding the importance of leaving everything at the table. The ladies of ‘The View’ have observed how their experienced colleagues handle discussions and debates. They have learned from hosts like Joy and Whoopi, who have stressed the importance of not letting the discussions affect their personal lives. By learning from these experienced hosts, they have gained valuable insights and strategies to navigate through difficult conversations and maintain composure.

How the Ladies of The View Try to Keep it Cool at the Table (Exclusive)


Maintaining composure on ‘The View’ requires a delicate balance of passion and professionalism. The ladies of the show understand the importance of leaving heated moments at the table and not letting it affect their personal lives or relationships. By not taking work home, having a strong support system, and balancing their responsibilities, they are able to approach discussions and debates with a cool and calm demeanor.

Staying level-headed in an election year can be particularly challenging, but the ladies of ‘The View’ have learned to manage personal addictions, deal with distractions, and stay grounded at the table. They prioritize their mental well-being by engaging in daily exercise, knowing when to unplug, and dedicating personal time for relaxation.

Handling differences and debates requires respecting others’ viewpoints, responding calmly, and considering the perspective of the viewers. By allowing others to defend themselves, responding with composure, and empathizing with the viewers, the ladies of ‘The View’ ensure that discussions remain constructive and productive.

Leaving everything at the table is of utmost importance to the ladies of ‘The View’. They make a conscious effort to not let discussions affect their personal relationships, separate personal opinions, and learn from the experiences of their colleagues. By doing so, they are able to maintain professionalism and composure while enjoying their time on the show.

In conclusion, the ladies of ‘The View’ strive to maintain composure by balancing their passion and professionalism. They navigate through heated moments and differences with grace, all while leaving everything at the table. By prioritizing mental clarity and not taking things personally, they ensure that ‘The View’ remains an engaging and informative show.