Pink Pens Emotional Letter to Late Dad on Anniversary of His Death

Pink, the 43-year-old singer, recently penned an emotional letter to her late father on the second anniversary of his passing. In a touching video shared alongside her heartfelt message, Pink reminisces about her father, Jim Moore, who tragically succumbed to prostate cancer in August 2021 at the age of 75. She reflects on the passage of time and the need for humor as a coping mechanism, emphasizing that on this particular day, there is no humor, only deep sorrow. Pink lovingly mentions how she hopes her father is singing along, making everyone laugh, and feeling the enduring love that she still holds for him. Alongside the letter, she also released a song titled “When I Get There” in honor of her father, illustrating the profound impact his life continues to have on her, even in his absence. The song, accompanied by a tear-jerking lyric video comprising throwback photos and videos of Pink with her dad, serves as both a healing mechanism for her audience and a personal tribute to her late father. As someone who has also experienced the loss of a parent, Pink’s album resonates with the universal truth that life is too short to dwell on insignificant details and that cherishing precious moments with loved ones is paramount.

Pink Pens Emotional Letter to Late Dad on Anniversary of His Death

Pink Pens Emotional Letter to Late Dad on Anniversary of His Death


Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s a parent. The void left by their absence can be difficult to fill, and the pain of their loss can linger for years. For Pink, the second anniversary of her father’s death serves as a reminder of the incredible influence he had on her life and the profound impact his absence continues to have. In a heartfelt tribute, Pink shares a sweet message alongside a video of her late father, expressing her love, gratitude, and longing for his presence. Through her words and the emotions they evoke, Pink invites us into her world of memories, reflection, and healing.

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Pink remembers her father on the second anniversary of his death

On the second anniversary of her father’s death, Pink finds solace in remembering the time they had together. Jim Moore, Pink’s father, passed away in August 2021 at the age of 75 after battling Prostate cancer. Pink takes a moment to reflect on the passage of time and the pain of loss, acknowledging the bittersweet nostalgia that accompanies such anniversaries. Despite the sadness that lingers, Pink expresses gratitude that her father is no longer in pain, finding comfort in the fact that he is at peace.

Pink shares a sweet message alongside a video of her late father

In a touching tribute to her father, Pink shares a heartfelt message alongside a video that captures the essence of their relationship. The video features Pink’s father with her son, Jameson Moon, and his infectious laughter brings comfort and joy to Pink’s heart. It is these moments shared between a grandfather and his grandson that Pink holds dear and treasures in her memory. As she watches the video, she can’t help but feel a sense of warmth and connection to her father that transcends time and space.

Pink Pens Emotional Letter to Late Dad on Anniversary of His Death

Pink reminisces about her father and his sense of humor

One of the fondest memories Pink has of her father is his incredible sense of humor. Throughout her childhood, he had a way of making everyone around him laugh with his jokes and witty remarks. Pink recalls the joy that came from sharing laughter with her father, the special bond they had that no one else could replicate. His humor brought lightness to their lives and created memories that Pink will always cherish.

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Pink expresses how much she and her family miss her dad

The void left behind by Pink’s father’s passing is immeasurable but felt deeply by her and her family. She shares her longing for his presence, the indescribable ache that comes with knowing he’s no longer physically there. Pink’s husband and children also feel the weight of the loss, as they, too, miss the love and wisdom her father brought into their lives. Despite the pain, Pink expresses hope that her father is happy wherever he is and that he continues to sing, making everyone laugh just as he did when he was with them.

Pink Pens Emotional Letter to Late Dad on Anniversary of His Death

Pink reflects on the impact of losing a parent

Losing a parent brings about a profound shift in perspective and a heightened appreciation for what truly matters in life. Pink reflects on the ways in which her father’s passing has distilled her priorities. The well-being and happiness of her children have become paramount, reminding her of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones. Losing a parent has a way of grounding us and prompting us to find meaning and purpose in the wake of their absence.

Pink releases a song in honor of her late father

To commemorate her father’s memory and honor the impact he had on her life, Pink releases a heartfelt song titled “When I Get There.” The single is included on her 2023 album, “Trust Fault,” and serves as a powerful tribute. The release of the song on Valentine’s Day holds symbolic significance, a day traditionally associated with love and connection. Through her music, Pink pays homage to her late father, using her art as a medium for healing, remembrance, and expression.

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Pink Pens Emotional Letter to Late Dad on Anniversary of His Death

The emotional single and its release on Valentine’s Day

“When I Get There” holds deep emotional resonance for Pink and resonates with fans who have experienced loss themselves. The lyrics, infused with raw emotion, capture the complexities of grief, longing, and the journey towards healing. Through her music, Pink creates a profound connection with her audience, offering them solace and understanding in their own experiences of loss. The lyric video release, filled with throwback photos and videos featuring Pink and her father, further intensifies the emotional impact of the song, evoking memories and reminding us of the enduring bond between a parent and child.

Pink’s gratitude for the connection and healing her music brings

Pink expresses her deep gratitude for the connection and healing her music brings, both to herself and her fans. Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions, to bring people together and provide solace during times of pain and loss. Pink acknowledges the reciprocal love affair between herself and her audience, recognizing that their healing journey is intertwined. She cherishes the moments of witnessing her fans find healing through her music, knowing that they, in turn, contribute to her own healing process.

Pink Pens Emotional Letter to Late Dad on Anniversary of His Death


The second anniversary of her father’s death prompts Pink to reflect on the profound impact he had on her life. Through a sweet message and a heartfelt video, she honors her dad’s memory. With deep longing and gratitude, Pink shares her experiences of loss, the significance of her father’s absence, and the enduring love that continues to connect them. In releasing a song dedicated to her late father, Pink provides a space for healing and remembrance, using her art to navigate the complexities of grief. Through her words and music, Pink reminds us of the power of connection and the transformative nature of sharing our experiences.