Who has the GUTS to trade for Damian Lillard?! | NBA Today

Step into the world of NBA Today, where hosts Cassidy Hubbarth, Chiney Ogwumike, Marc J. Spears, and Ros Gold-Onwude delve into the captivating question of who will have the guts to trade for Damian Lillard. This video takes you on a journey through Lillard’s timeline, explores why a trade hasn’t happened yet, and discusses potential landing destinations for the prominent NBA player. As you dive deeper into the article, you’ll discover intriguing details, such as Chauncey Billups and Kyle Lowry being seen together at a Colorado game, the uncertainty surrounding Lillard’s future team, and the concerns about the impact on the Blazers if Lillard shows up to camp without being traded. NBA Today provides an engaging analysis of one of the biggest storylines in the NBA, leaving you eager to find out the latest updates and developments surrounding Damian Lillard’s trade.

Who has the GUTS to trade for Damian Lillard?! | NBA Today

Timeline of Damian Lillard’s Career

Lillard’s rise to prominence in the NBA

Damian Lillard’s journey to becoming one of the most prominent NBA players began in 2012 when he was selected as the sixth overall pick by the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA Draft. Lillard wasted no time in making an impact, winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award in his first season. His explosive scoring ability and exceptional leadership skills quickly earned him recognition as one of the league’s rising stars.

Notable achievements and milestones in Lillard’s career

Throughout his career, Lillard has achieved numerous milestones and garnered accolades. He has been named an NBA All-Star six times and has earned All-NBA Team selections multiple times. Lillard is also known for his clutch performances and game-winning shots, earning him the nickname “Dame Time.” His ability to perform under pressure has solidified his reputation as one of the league’s most clutch players.

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Why a Trade for Lillard Hasn’t Happened Yet

Lack of suitable trade offers

One reason why a trade for Damian Lillard has not yet materialized is the lack of suitable trade offers from other teams. Lillard is a high-value player, and any team looking to acquire him would need to provide the Trail Blazers with a compelling package in return. Finding the right combination of players, draft picks, and assets that satisfies both parties can be a challenging task.

The Blazers’ reluctance to trade their franchise player

Another factor contributing to the absence of a Lillard trade is the Portland Trail Blazers’ reluctance to part ways with their franchise player. Lillard has been the face of the franchise for nearly a decade, and the team values his leadership on and off the court. Trading away Lillard would not only have basketball implications but also impact the team’s fanbase and community.

Lillard’s contract and trade value

Damian Lillard’s contract and trade value also play a role in the lack of a trade. Lillard is under contract with the Trail Blazers for several more years, and any team looking to acquire him would need to factor in his salary and long-term commitment. Lillard’s trade value is high, and the Trail Blazers would expect significant assets in return for parting ways with their star player.

Possible Landing Destinations for Lillard

Top trade destinations for Lillard

Several NBA teams have emerged as potential landing destinations for Damian Lillard if a trade were to occur. The Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Los Angeles Lakers have all been mentioned as possible suitors. These teams have the resources, both in terms of players and assets, to make a compelling trade offer for Lillard.

Teams that have expressed interest in acquiring Lillard

In addition to the top trade destinations, other teams have also expressed interest in acquiring Damian Lillard. The Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, and Denver Nuggets are among the teams that have reportedly inquired about Lillard’s availability. Each team would bring a unique set of assets and a potential fit for Lillard’s talents.

Factors to consider for potential trades

When considering potential trades for Damian Lillard, several factors come into play. These include the team’s existing roster, their championship aspirations, and their willingness to part with key players or draft picks. Additionally, the compatibility between Lillard’s playing style and the team’s system would also be a crucial consideration.

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Chauncey Billups and Kyle Lowry at Colorado Game

Speculation surrounding Billups and Lowry’s presence

The presence of Chauncey Billups, the head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers, and Kyle Lowry, the Miami Heat guard, at a Colorado game sparked speculation about their potential involvement in a trade for Damian Lillard. Fans and analysts alike began speculating if their presence indicated the teams’ ongoing discussions or a potential exchange of players.

Analysis of their potential involvement in a Lillard trade

While fans may eagerly connect the dots and assume a connection between Billups, Lowry, and a potential Lillard trade, it is essential to approach the situation with caution. The presence of Billups and Lowry at a game could simply be coincidental, as both individuals have other connections to the event. It is crucial not to jump to conclusions without concrete evidence.

Who has the GUTS to trade for Damian Lillard?! | NBA Today

Lillard’s Trade Request and NBA Memo

Details of Lillard’s trade request

Following a meeting with the Portland Trail Blazers’ front office, Damian Lillard officially requested a trade. The specifics of the trade request are not public knowledge, but it is widely understood that Lillard desires a change of scenery and the opportunity to contend for an NBA championship. Lillard’s trade request sent shockwaves throughout the league.

NBA’s response and memo regarding the trade request

In response to Damian Lillard’s trade request, the NBA released a memo detailing its rules and regulations surrounding player trades. The memo serves as a reminder to teams that they have an obligation to consider trade requests from their players. It also outlines the potential consequences for teams that fail to address legitimate trade requests.

Uncertainty Surrounding Lillard’s Next Team

Teams in the running for Lillard’s signature

Several teams have emerged as potential destinations for Damian Lillard. The Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, and New York Knicks remain strong contenders due to their available assets and championship aspirations. The Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics have also been mentioned as possible landing spots for Lillard.

Factors influencing Lillard’s decision

Many factors may influence Damian Lillard’s decision regarding his next team. The team’s competitive potential, coaching staff, roster makeup, and market appeal are all crucial considerations. Lillard’s desire to contend for an NBA championship and potentially join forces with other star players may heavily influence his decision.

Potential outcomes of the trade saga

The trade saga involving Damian Lillard could unfold in various ways. Lillard may be traded to one of the teams rumored to have interest in him, providing him with a fresh start and an opportunity to contend for a title. Alternatively, Lillard could remain with the Portland Trail Blazers if a suitable trade offer does not materialize. The outcome will ultimately depend on the negotiating skills and decisions of the involved teams.

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Who has the GUTS to trade for Damian Lillard?! | NBA Today

Concerns About Lillard’s Camp Arrival

Awkwardness within the Blazers’ camp

If Damian Lillard arrives at training camp without being traded, it could create a potentially awkward situation within the Portland Trail Blazers’ camp. The underlying tension resulting from Lillard’s trade request could impact team chemistry and morale. It would be crucial for the coaching staff and the front office to address these concerns and ensure open communication.

Effects of Lillard’s presence if he remains with the team

If Damian Lillard remains with the Portland Trail Blazers, his presence could have a significant impact on the team. Lillard is known for his professionalism and dedication, and he is likely to approach each practice and game with the same intensity and focus as before. However, the potential for lingering tensions could affect team dynamics if not appropriately managed.

Analyzing Kyle Lowry’s Presence at the Game

Context and speculation surrounding Lowry’s appearance at the game

Kyle Lowry’s appearance at a Colorado game alongside Chauncey Billups fueled speculation and theories about his potential involvement in a trade for Damian Lillard. Observers suggested that Lowry’s presence might indicate ongoing discussions between the Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers regarding a potential trade.

Potential implications for a trade involving Lowry and Lillard

If Kyle Lowry were to be included in a trade for Damian Lillard, it would significantly impact both teams involved. Lowry brings leadership, playoff experience, and championship pedigree to any team he joins. The inclusion of Lowry in a trade package could potentially sweeten the deal for the Portland Trail Blazers and provide the Miami Heat with another star player alongside Lillard.

Who has the GUTS to trade for Damian Lillard?! | NBA Today

Expectations for Second-Year Players

Breakout season projections for Jalen Suggs

Jalen Suggs, a second-year player, is expected to have a breakout season. Suggs, known for his athleticism and playmaking abilities, has the potential to make a significant impact on both ends of the court. As he gains more experience and familiarizes himself with the NBA game, analysts and fans anticipate Suggs stepping up his game and becoming a key contributor for his team.

Keegan Murray’s potential impact in his second year

Keegan Murray, another second-year player, has generated excitement and anticipation heading into his sophomore season. Murray, known for his versatility and defensive skills, has shown tremendous potential during his rookie year. As he continues to develop his offensive game and build on his defensive prowess, Murray could become a valuable asset for his team and make a tangible impact on the court.

Shaden Sharp’s development and role on the team

Shaden Sharp, a second-year player, is poised to continue developing his skills and carving out a role for himself on his team. As a young player, Sharp has shown promise and potential in various areas of his game. With continued guidance and development, he has the opportunity to establish himself as an integral part of his team’s rotation and contribute to its success.


The trade saga surrounding Damian Lillard continues to captivate NBA fans and analysts alike. As one of the league’s premier players, Lillard’s potential trade has significant implications for both the Portland Trail Blazers and any team he may join. The coming weeks and months will shed light on Lillard’s ultimate destination and the impact his trade will have on the NBA landscape. Until then, fans can only speculate and await the resolution of this captivating saga.

On NBA Today, you will be joined by Cassidy Hubbarth, Chiney Ogwumike, Marc J. Spears, and Ros Gold-Onwude to discuss some of the most significant storylines in the NBA.

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Who has the GUTS to trade for Damian Lillard?! | NBA Today