Why Not Us: Howard Golf

Check out “Why Not Us: Howard Golf”, a captivating video by ESPN premiering on August 21 on ESPN+. Discover how Stephen Curry’s involvement is revolutionizing the game of golf at Howard University. This video provides an inside look at the incredible strides the Howard golf team has made, the challenges they face as they position themselves as a marketing program, and their ultimate goal of qualifying for the NCAA’s. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the determination and talent of the team as they compete against the best and prove that they deserve their shot. Remember, every shot counts, and you only have one chance to make it count.


Introduction to Howard Golf

Welcome to the fascinating world of Howard Golf! Howard University, located in Washington, D.C., is known for its rich history, academic excellence, and a commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. As part of this commitment, the university boasts a highly competitive golf team that has made tremendous strides in recent years. Led by the incredible talent and influence of Stephen Curry, Howard Golf has captivated both the golfing community and sports enthusiasts alike.

Role of Stephen Curry

One cannot discuss Howard Golf without acknowledging the pivotal role played by NBA superstar Stephen Curry. While Curry is widely recognized for his unparalleled skills on the basketball court, his involvement in Howard Golf has been truly game-changing. As a member of the Howard University Board of Trustees, Curry has actively advocated for and supported the revitalization of the golf team. His passion for the sport, dedication to creating equal opportunities, and visionary leadership have propelled the team to new heights.

Premiere on ESPN+

The resurgence of the Howard Golf team did not go unnoticed, and the team’s journey has finally reached a wider audience. Thanks to a groundbreaking partnership with ESPN+, all the thrilling moments, victories, and challenges faced by the team are now available for fans across the nation to witness. This collaboration has not only provided increased exposure for Howard Golf but has also sparked important conversations about diversity and equal opportunities in collegiate sports.

Rebuilding the Team

Challenges faced by the Howard golf team

Like any other endeavor, the Howard golf team faced its fair share of challenges. The team had to overcome the limitations of funding, lack of resources, and the perception that golf was an elite and exclusive sport. Additionally, there was a need to recruit and develop a team of talented golfers who were willing to embrace the uphill journey of rebuilding a program from scratch. Nevertheless, these obstacles did not deter the Howard golf team from pursuing their dream of excellence.

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Bringing the team back to life

Despite the initial challenges, the Howard golf team displayed remarkable resilience and determination. By leveraging the support provided by Stephen Curry, the university community, and passionate golf enthusiasts, the team gradually revitalized their program. Through dedicated coaching, focused training, and an unwavering belief in their abilities, the team transformed from being underdogs to serious contenders on the golf course. The journey was not easy, but the passion burning within each member of the team served as the driving force behind their success.

Making huge strides

In a relatively short span of time, the Howard golf team has made enormous strides in reestablishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in collegiate golf. The team’s commitment to constantly improving their skills, strategizing smartly, and maintaining a positive team dynamic has proven indispensable in their rise to prominence. With each tournament, each swing, they have gotten closer to achieving their goals and have made a lasting impact on the world of collegiate golf.

Why Not Us: Howard Golf

Breaking Stereotypes

Preconceived notions about golfers

Golf is often associated with exclusivity, privilege, and a particular demographic. However, the Howard golf team has been challenging these preconceived notions by showcasing the diversity and inclusivity within the sport. The team comprises individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life, coming together to excel in a game that unifies them. Their presence in the golfing arena proves that talent and determination know no boundaries and can transcend societal stereotypes.

Positioning as a marketing program

Recognizing the unique opportunity they had in their hands, the Howard golf team strategically positioned themselves as more than just a collegiate sports team. They became a marketing program that represented the core values of their university and the collective aspirations of a generation. By embracing their role as ambassadors of change and diversity, they not only broke stereotypes but also inspired others to challenge the status quo and pursue their passion fearlessly.

Opportunities and goals

Breaking stereotypes is not a one-time achievement but an ongoing journey. The Howard golf team aspires to create a legacy of inclusive excellence in the sport. They actively seek opportunities to engage with communities, schools, and aspiring young golfers to share their experiences and encourage participation from all corners of society. Their ultimate goal is to inspire a wave of change that reshapes the future of golf, making it accessible, diverse, and welcoming for everyone.

National Championship Success

Howard’s victory in the National Championship

The pinnacle of Howard Golf’s success came when they clinched the coveted National Championship title. Against all odds, the team came together and delivered a spectacular performance that showcased their immense talent, skill, and mental fortitude. This win not only put an underdog team on the map but also sent shockwaves through the golfing community, igniting a passion for the sport in unexpected places.

Highlighting conference wins

Before conquering the National Championship, the Howard golf team triumphed in various conference competitions, carving out a path towards excellence. Each conference win was a testament to their unwavering commitment and the progress they were making in their journey. These victories not only boosted the team’s confidence but also brought them one step closer to their ultimate goal of competing against the best in collegiate golf.

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The importance of winning at Nationals

Winning the National Championship was not just about securing a trophy. It symbolized the triumph of perseverance, dedication, and the belief that dreams can become a reality. This victory propelled the Howard golf team onto a national stage, where they were able to inspire countless individuals and prove that success is not limited to traditional powerhouses. By winning at Nationals, they opened doors for underrepresented communities, demonstrating that hard work and talent can break down barriers and redefine the face of collegiate sports.

Why Not Us: Howard Golf

Competing Against the Best

Desire to compete against top teams

The Howard golf team didn’t just want to participate in tournaments; they aspired to compete against the best in collegiate golf. Their burning desire to measure themselves against top-ranked teams fueled their determination and commitment to self-improvement. Howard Golf sought out challenges, eagerly embracing opportunities to face off against renowned golf programs, knowing that it was through these experiences that they would grow and elevate their own game.

Earning the chance to prove themselves

Competing against the best is not a privilege that is handed out freely; it must be earned. The Howard golf team understood this and approached each tournament as an opportunity to prove their worth. They worked tirelessly to perfect their swing, refine their strategies, and mentally prepare for the pressure-packed moments that define champions. Through their consistent dedication to improvement, they earned the respect and recognition of their competitors, creating a platform for their abilities to shine.

Importance of deserving the opportunity

In a world where opportunities aren’t always distributed equally, the Howard golf team was acutely aware of the importance of deserving the chance to showcase their talent. They recognized that success wasn’t just about talent but also about dedication, discipline, and a mindset that demanded excellence. By continually pushing the limits of their abilities and displaying unwavering determination, they ensured that every opportunity they received was well-deserved.

Creating Equal Opportunities

No coveted spots for the golf team

Traditionally, collegiate golf teams have had coveted spots that were reserved for players from privileged backgrounds or exclusive golfing networks. However, the Howard golf team shattered this elitist norm by dismantling the barriers that hindered equal opportunities. They recognized that talent could be found among all backgrounds and that the game of golf, like any other sport, should be accessible to everyone.

Providing equal chances for all

In their mission to create equal opportunities, the Howard golf team actively sought out talent that was often overlooked. They scoured the country, identifying hidden gems from diverse communities and offering them a platform to pursue their passion. By breaking the mold and providing equal chances to all individuals regardless of their backgrounds, the team paved the way for a more inclusive and representative future in collegiate golf.

Focusing on fair competition

Fair competition lies at the heart of any successful sporting endeavor, and the Howard golf team made it their top priority. They recognized that true excellence could only be achieved when everyone had an equal chance to showcase their skills. Through their commitment to fair competition, the team not only set an example for others but also demonstrated that a level playing field can yield remarkable results.

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Why Not Us: Howard Golf

The Winning Mentality

Not just participating, but winning

For the Howard golf team, it was never enough to simply participate in tournaments. They ingrained a winning mentality in their ethos, pushing themselves to excel in every aspect of the game. Through each practice session, each swing, and each round played, they were focused on success. This winning mentality inspired them to continually raise the bar and pushed them to achieve greatness when it mattered most.

Value of every shot

In golf, every shot counts, no matter how big or small. The Howard golf team understood the value of this principle and never took a single shot for granted. Each swing was executed with precision and purpose, as they recognized that the outcome of a single shot could determine the course of an entire round. This meticulous attention to detail allowed them to maximize their potential and capitalize on the opportunities presented to them.

Pressure of being watched

Competing in high-stakes tournaments brought with it a unique set of challenges, including the pressure of being watched. The Howard golf team embraced this pressure as an opportunity to showcase their abilities and inspire others. They thrived under the watchful eyes of spectators, knowing that their performance carried the weight of the aspirations and dreams of countless individuals who saw themselves reflected in the team’s journey.

The Ultimate Goal

Qualifying for NCAA tournament

The pinnacle of collegiate golf is the NCAA tournament, an event that showcases the best teams from across the nation. For the Howard golf team, qualifying for this prestigious tournament was the ultimate goal. It was a chance to compete against the crème de la crème of collegiate golf, proving that they belonged among the elite. The team chased this dream relentlessly, fueled by the thirst for recognition and the opportunity to make history.

One shot to make it count

Qualifying for the NCAA tournament is a fiercely competitive process, with only a limited number of spots available. The Howard golf team understood the magnitude of this opportunity and approached it with a sense of urgency and determination. They knew that success hinged on each shot, each stroke, and each decision made on the golf course. With each tournament, they positioned themselves to seize the moment and make it count.

The importance of success

Success in qualifying for the NCAA tournament would not only solidify the standing of the Howard golf team within the collegiate golf community but also pave the way for future generations. It would be a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and breaking down barriers. The team understood that success was not just about personal achievement but about the broader impact it could have, inspiring others to pursue their dreams against all odds.

Why Not Us: Howard Golf


Reflection on the journey

The journey of Howard Golf has been nothing short of remarkable. From facing numerous challenges and overcoming stereotypes to achieving national recognition and success, the team has inspired the world of collegiate sports. Looking back on their journey, the Howard golf team can be proud of their accomplishments and the indelible mark they have left on the sport.

Emphasizing the determination

The determination shown by the Howard golf team throughout their journey cannot be overstated. Their unwavering commitment, passion for the sport, and relentless pursuit of excellence have been the driving forces behind their success. By proving that barriers can be broken and opportunities can be created, they have become beacons of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

The impact of Howard Golf

Howard Golf has transcended its role as just a collegiate sports team. It has become a symbol of change, diversity, and equal opportunity. Through their achievements, the team has reshaped perceptions, broken stereotypes, and opened doors that were once closed. Their impact extends far beyond the golf course, reminding us all that with determination and a collective drive for change, anything is possible.

Take a look into how Stephen Curry is helping change the game of golf at Howard University. Why Not Us: Howard Golf premieres August 21 on ESPN+.

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