How To Be King Of The Space Pirates In Starfield – A Crimson Fleet Guide

In the exciting world of Starfield, there’s nothing quite like being a space pirate, sailing the cosmos under the flag of the Crimson Fleet. This comprehensive guide by GameSpot will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in this buccaneering lifestyle. From joining the Crimson Fleet Faction to uncovering the best loot locations, and from improving your combat skills to building your own fleet of ships, this guide covers every aspect of being a legendary space pirate. With timestamps provided for different sections of the video guide, you’ll be able to navigate through the content easily and make the most of your adventure in Starfield. So set sail with the Crimson Fleet and embark on a thrilling journey to become the king of the space pirates.

How To Be King Of The Space Pirates In Starfield – A Crimson Fleet Guide

Being a pirate is some of the most fun you can have in Starfield. This guide covers everything you need to know to become a pirate legend, including how to join the Crimson Fleet Faction, where some of the best loot is located, and what to spend your credits on. Joining the Crimson Fleet requires committing a crime in United Colonies space and getting arrested. However, there is also an opportunity to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet through UC sistaf for a full pardon. Let’s dive in and learn the ropes of the pirate life!

Getting Started as a Space Pirate

Once you’ve made the decision to join the Crimson Fleet, it’s important to get to know your fellow pirates. Explore the key and talk to other pirates to build relationships and potentially recruit them to join your crew. Unlike other companions you may come across, the pirates you meet at the key will allow you to act as you wish without getting upset.

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Ship combat is a crucial skill for a successful pirate. Understanding how ship combat works and honing your skills in this area will give you an advantage in battles. Remember to target control systems to disable enemy ships rather than destroying them, as disabling allows you to capture more loot and potentially steal the ship itself.

As a pirate, developing your skills is key to success. Consider leveling up skills such as targeting control systems, piloting, and lock-picking. These skills will enhance your abilities in combat, maneuvering your ship, and accessing valuable loot.

Ship Building and Upgrades

Ship building and upgrades play a significant role in the life of a space pirate. Building the right ship for your needs is crucial, as different situations may require different ships. Invest your credits wisely in the fleet of ships you own, ensuring you have one for combat, one for hauling loot, and one that can do a little bit of both.

When choosing components for your ship, consider your playstyle and objectives. Different components offer various benefits, such as increased firepower, maneuverability, or cargo capacity. It’s important to choose components that align with your goals as a space pirate.

Upgrading weapons and defenses should also be a priority. Equipping shielded cargo holds and scan jammers will help you hide contraband and avoid detection by authorities. By investing in your ship’s armament and defense systems, you increase your chances of success in battles and improve your overall pirate prowess.

How To Be King Of The Space Pirates In Starfield - A Crimson Fleet Guide

Establishing Outposts

Setting up outposts can provide numerous benefits for a space pirate. Outposts serve as a base of operations, allowing you to store loot, harvest valuable minerals, and even hide contraband. Look for habitable planets with a good supply of key minerals, such as aluminum, nickel, and lead. Setting up outposts in locations with multiple veins of these minerals maximizes your harvesting potential.

Securing the outpost location is crucial to protect your operations from rival pirates and other factions. Ensure you choose a strategic location that is not easily accessible to others. Establishing defenses, such as turrets and security systems, will help deter any potential threats.

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Embarking on Missions

Missions are a central part of the pirate life. They offer opportunities to earn credits, gather valuable resources, and gain recognition within the pirate community. There are various types of missions available, including smuggling, raiding, and reconnaissance.

Choosing the most profitable missions is essential for a successful pirate. Look for missions with high rewards and low risks. Collaborating with the Space Explorer group Constellation can also provide unique mission opportunities and potentially lucrative rewards. Explore their headquarters and build relationships with their members to uncover hidden opportunities.

How To Be King Of The Space Pirates In Starfield - A Crimson Fleet Guide

Exploring the Universe

One of the greatest joys of being a space pirate is the freedom to explore the vast universe. Take advantage of this freedom and discover new locations, planets, and systems. Engaging in dogfights with other ships can be thrilling. Remember to apply some tactics, such as getting behind the enemy ship to avoid their weapons and deal damage from a strategic position.

Stealing from other ships is another way to expand your loot collection. If you overpower a scanned ship, they will likely comply with your demands. However, if they think they can defeat you in a dogfight, they may choose to fight back. Improving your targeting control systems and piloting skills will enhance your abilities in both dogfights and theft.

Improving Skills and Abilities

Enhancing your targeting control systems is crucial for precise attacks and disabling enemy ships. Invest in leveling up this skill to increase your locking speed and accuracy. The faster you can lock onto enemy ships, the more effective you will be in combat.

Mastering your piloting skills is essential for flying various types of ships. While your starting ship may be easy to handle, you’ll eventually want to fly more advanced vessels. By investing in your piloting skills, you’ll unlock the ability to fly higher-class ships, which offer better performance and capabilities.

Developing your lock-picking abilities will open up new opportunities for loot acquisition. Many valuable resources and treasures are hidden behind locked doors and containers. By improving your lock-picking skills, you’ll be able to access more secure areas and increase your chances of finding lucrative loot.

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How To Be King Of The Space Pirates In Starfield - A Crimson Fleet Guide

Optimizing Your Fleet

As a space pirate, it’s important to invest your hard-earned credits in your fleet of ships. Having a diverse and capable fleet will allow you to adapt to different scenarios and maximize your efficiency as a pirate. Consider the specific roles each ship plays, such as combat, hauling, or both.

Equipping shielded cargo holds will help you transport contraband without raising suspicion. It provides an added layer of security and ensures your valuable loot remains undetectable during transports. Installing scan jammers is another useful upgrade that prevents authorities or rival pirates from scanning your vessel and discovering illegal cargo.

Finding Lucrative Loot

To thrive as a space pirate, finding lucrative loot is vital. Certain locations offer better potential for valuable resources and treasures. Keep an eye out for planets or systems with a reputation for harboring hidden riches. Denebola 1B, the Alpha Centauri system, and the Altair system are all known to potentially hold incredible loot.

Successful looting requires some strategy. Take advantage of distractions or disturbances in the area to create opportunities for stealing. Collaborating with Walter Stroud, one of the wealthiest individuals in the star systems, can also lead to discovering rare loot and valuable opportunities. Networking with influential figures can provide access to exclusive heists and rewards.

How To Be King Of The Space Pirates In Starfield - A Crimson Fleet Guide


Becoming a legendary space pirate and joining the Crimson Fleet requires commitment, skill, and finesse. By following the tips and advice outlined in this guide, you’ll have a solid foundation to thrive in the pirate lifestyle. Embrace the freedom to explore, engage in thrilling dogfights, and steal from other ships with flair and style. Remember to invest in improving your skills and abilities, optimizing your fleet, and always be on the lookout for lucrative loot. So hoist the Jolly Roger, set sail with the Crimson Fleet, and become the king of the space pirates!


Being the king of the space pirates in Starfield can be an exhilarating experience. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to ascend to the status of a pirate legend. From joining the Crimson Fleet Faction to hunting down the most prized loot, and making wise decisions with your credits, this guide has got you covered.