The Best Starfield Mods So Far

“The Best Starfield Mods So Far” is a video by GameSpot that explores the modding community’s efforts to enhance the recently released Starfield game. Despite being in early access for only a week, modders have already made significant improvements to the game. While we eagerly await the big mods like land vehicles and Skyrim-inspired planets, there are already plenty of fantastic modifications available that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. If you have the ability to install mods, you’ll want to check out these immediate recommendations from the video. It’s not as daunting as it may seem, and the video provides helpful tips and instructions for installation. From performance enhancements to UI improvements and even gameplay tweaks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in these mods. So, don’t miss out on these exciting additions to Starfield!

It’s worth noting that this video discusses mods that enhance the game without significantly altering its core gameplay. While there are mods that can unlock ship parts or add perk points, this video focuses on modifications that enhance the overall experience. From enhancing graphics presets to optimizing inventory management, the video showcases some of the best mods available so far. Whether you’re an avid Starfield player or just getting started, these mods offer a range of improvements that can make your gameplay even more enjoyable. So, why not give them a try and see how they enhance your Starfield experience?

Graphics Mods

AMD FSR2 Support for Nvidia Cards

One of the best graphics mods available for Starfield is the AMD FSR2 Support for Nvidia Cards. Out of the box, Starfield already supports AMD’s upscaler, FSR2, which improves performance by running the game at a lower resolution and using AI to enhance the image. However, this feature is exclusive to AMD graphics cards. This mod adds support for Nvidia cards, allowing owners to experience the performance boosts provided by FSR2. There are different variations of this mod, including one specifically for DLSS3, for those with Nvidia 40 series cards. By using this mod, you can enjoy smoother gameplay and gain 5 to 10 more frames per second, especially in demanding locations like New Atlantis.

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Performance Optimization Mods

In addition to the AMD FSR2 mod, there are several performance optimization mods available for Starfield. These mods tweak the graphics presets in the game to optimize performance without sacrificing visual quality. They allow you to squeeze out a few additional frames while maintaining near-identical visual parity with the default settings. There are variations of these mods for each graphics preset, whether you prefer low, medium, high, or ultra settings. These mods are great for players who want to maximize their gaming experience without compromising performance.

The Best Starfield Mods So Far

UI and Inventory Mods

Start UI Inventory

One area where Starfield could use some improvement is its inventory management. The Start UI Inventory mod addresses this issue by condensing the size of each item in your inventory and providing more information at a glance. With this mod, you can quickly determine what you need from your items and navigate through the menus more efficiently. It greatly enhances the inventory management experience, making it easier and more convenient for players to organize and access their items.

Customizable HUD

Another aspect of the game that could benefit from modifications is the heads-up display (HUD). Fortunately, there is a mod available that allows you to fully customize the HUD to your liking. You can choose which elements to display, such as enemy health bars, location markers, and XP notifications. With this mod, you can personalize the HUD based on your preferences and playstyle. For example, you can remove enemy health bars and move the placement of location and XP notifications to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, you can install add-ons to further customize the HUD, such as hiding enemy markers on the compass or changing the player health bar’s color based on health status.

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The Best Starfield Mods So Far

Visual Enhancement Mods

Quantum Reshade

For players who want to enhance the visual quality of Starfield, the Quantum Reshade mod is a popular choice. Reshade is a modding tool that acts as a color filter, allowing you to tweak the game’s visuals to your liking. Quantum Reshade specifically provides a custom filter using the reshade tool, adding more contrast and color to compensate for the game’s lack of HDR. Additionally, you have the option to further customize the look by using the full reshade tool. You can add lighting bloom effects, make the game black and white, or even pixelate the image with the click of a button. This mod allows you to enhance the game’s visuals without requiring additional computational power, providing an enhanced image with better colors and contrast.

The Best Starfield Mods So Far

Gameplay Mods

Jetpack Overhaul

One enjoyable gameplay mod for Starfield is the Jetpack Overhaul. Normally, jetpacks deplete a small amount of fuel in a short burst. However, this mod alters the mechanics by allowing you to consume as much fuel as you want by holding down the button. With a quick press, you can get a short burst, and by fully depleting your fuel, you can achieve greater heights. This mod adds more freedom and versatility to the jetpack feature, allowing you to explore the game’s world from new perspectives and reach otherwise inaccessible locations.

Interactable Item Highlighting

In Starfield, it can sometimes be challenging to distinguish interactable items from non-interactable ones. The Interactable Item Highlighting mod aims to solve this issue by highlighting important items like digipex and credit sticks with different colors. For example, you can choose to make these items stand out visually by giving them a coat of white, yellow, or green. This makes them more easily noticeable, ensuring that you don’t miss out on crucial items while exploring the game’s world.

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Craftable Lockpicks and Ammo

One of the challenges in Starfield is the scarcity of resources like lockpicks and specific types of ammunition. The Craftable Lockpicks and Ammo mod addresses this issue by allowing players to craft their own lockpicks and ammo. Instead of struggling to find the specific resources you need, you can use resources you gather throughout the game to create lockpicks and ammunition. This mod strikes a balance between convenience and resource management, providing players with a solution to the frustration of running out of crucial items.

The Best Starfield Mods So Far

Additional Mods

Ongoing Mod Development

The modding community for Starfield is continuously developing new mods to enhance the game even further. New mods are being added regularly, providing players with additional options to customize their gameplay experience. From UI improvements to visual enhancements and gameplay tweaks, there is a wide range of mods available to enhance various aspects of the game. If you’re interested in exploring more mods, you can visit websites like Nexus Mods to find the latest additions. As the modding community continues to grow, there will be even more options for players to modify and tailor their Starfield experience.

The Best Starfield Mods So Far


Despite being in early access for only a week, the modding community for Starfield has already made significant contributions to improving the game. The available mods offer enhancements to graphics, UI, visual effects, and gameplay mechanics, allowing players to personalize their experience and optimize performance. Whether you’re looking for better graphics, smoother gameplay, or improved inventory management, there are mods available to fulfill your needs. The highlighted mods in this article are just a few examples of the excellent modifications currently available for Starfield. As the modding community continues to develop and release new mods, players can expect even more exciting options to enhance their gameplay.

Starfield has only been out in early access for a week at the time of writing, but the modding community has wasted no time in enhancing the game in various ways. Although we may have to be patient for major mods like land vehicles and Skyrim-sized planets, there are already numerous incredible modifications available. If you have the means, these fantastic mods should be installed without delay.